We gotta go. This is gonna be really fun. Now I’m so excited. uh-huh now let’s go. I don’t wanna go I’m afraid. Why are you afraid? Because they don’t like it when people see me like this in public. So we all got up really early today to work on these dresses because we didn’t get a chance to do them last night. Since we’re so busy shopping for supplies. It’s early. It’s actually nine o’clock right now. Just so everybody knows what time it is. And we’re getting ready to make the joy dress right now. Got all the supplies out got the camera set up. And there’s sadness holding Charlie. Is it gonna be annoying if I call you sadness all day? You’re so amazing. Making waffles for everybody. Hey, it’s tradition. We have to have waffles for general conference. So we’re just getting ready to watch general conference. This whole morning we’ve been working on shooting the inside out costumes. General conference is starting and everybody’s in the room watching General Conference. But here’s Becca’s mom making waffles for everyone. Yeah and I need to do the dishes. This is it’s just we always have waffles for general conference. We cannot not have waffles. Yeah You ready for General Conference? Waffles almost done. The plant’s almost dead we need water it. Sad day, yeah. I’m not even meaning to. I need red for the shoes. Good morning. This is peaches, strawberries, whipped cream. No blueberries this year sorry. Okay. I’m getting sucked into the vortex. Seriously though we’re in Hobby Lobby. I think this store is like a giant candy store for me right now. There’s just so much so many projects things. I don’t know. I’m just following you. This is so cool though. This store. You’re gonna go down every single aisle and go oh, we could have used that. I was right. We’re looking at t-shirts to make a t-shirt dress. 30% Off. Cool. I feel so much better. We got all of this like cotton material to make dresses from scratch. Like make your own pattern make your own dress. And it was starting to get just so complicated and I was starting to get like worried. I when I do my tutorials I really want to keep them as simple as possible. So that anyone can make them and figure it out. If I can teach Michael how to do it then I know that anyone can figure it out, right? You said that earlier. I did. It is true. If I can figure how to do that. I think anybody should be able to. It was getting too complicated. And I just always get this pit in my stomach when I get to that point and I’ve gotten to that point a lot. Where I just it’s like okay now. There’s too many steps, and there’s too many things to have to get and it’s getting complicated. We got to that point and then I realized we just needed to make it simpler, so we got some t-shirts. We’re gonna make them out of t-shirts a t-shirt dress, and it’s gonna look really good. Isn’t it ? Yes. I was starting to get really discouraged too. So this is good. It’s gonna be really good. This joy dress is coming along really really well. Working on disgust dress? Yes. I like that for one actually yeah Got our factory workers. I’m just watching, just watching. I’m taking care of the baby. Baby boy… Actually I’ve been taking care of the baby too. So give yourself some credit. Check out this cool thing that Ryan did. This is the stencil yeah. So all I did was I cut this thing in half and then just carved into it. So it just left that part. And left deeper on the rest of it. You’ve been doing this cool little stencils. Oh Becca! Don’t move. I want you to do it. Jessica you look like a smurf. Can I open my eyes? Yes you can. Can I see it? It’s so perfect, look. Oh my goodness! Jessica you look so great. She’s like I’m not supposed to be Joy I’m supposed to be sadness. But you can’t help not to smile. Yeah, I guess. Who is that Gideon? I love it! It turned out great. Costume time. Jessica is looking good and… It look great anger. I don’t think Ryan needs makeup. He’s got all red now. I’m eating a potato. Are you recording me? I don’t have it. You’re recording me aren’t you? You don’t wanna be on camera? Well you guys look great. These costumes are coming along really great There’s one thing about Rebecca’s house you will always be able to find these a baked potatoes. She always had big potatoes and worcestershire sauce growing up. Oh I look awful. You look great Ryan. I know. Hi. I feel like so rushed. Like I gotta this on my face right now. Look who is that? It’s fear. Don’t touch. I love you except I can’t touch you. Hug each other. We gotta go. This is gonna be really fun. Now I’m so excited. uh-huh now let’s go. I don’t wanna go I’m afraid. Why are you afraid? Because they don’t like it when people see me like this in public. Selfie hashtag hi! Guys let’s go. Do I look crazy though? It does look really crazy. I just rub it out of my face and look at the mirror. I was like… It looks so frightening. Really yeah, she looks super chill. Just like hanging out. I love how she like fold her legs like this. You know, like she’s relaxed. That’s so funny. Hey Grandpa hey. They won’t come out. It’s on my collar. Oh it’s coming off. But it’s gone on my collar. Could you imagine me going to church like this? Like that? I’m just kidding. I would not do that. Are you mad if I use this? Because it’s soft. Yeah do it. Actually if you use the wipes and wipe it off you can reuse it and rinse it off. Do I look scary? You look scary. You look really super scary. Oh. Yeah, that’s good Andrew. I like that. This is when afraid is not afraid anymore. We did get kicked out of Walmart. But it was funny because as soon as we got kicked out of Walmart. Ryan who was Anger turned into Fear. So we were in Walmart and then Becca. Well, we got kicked out of Walmart. There’s this guy he’s like, no beggar out. Like that. And then Becca’s like you must be related to him and she pointed to me. I was like… And it scared me and I was like, let’s get out of here. I kind of turned into Andrew’s character. The whole time I was like Andrew should’ve been anger and Ryan should have been fear. Because Andrew was saying stuff like oh that guy was so rude. And he really said I worked for Walmart for many years. Your true emotions come out. He should have been fear and Andrew should have been anger. So as we were walking out, so we were driving home from McDonald’s or from Walmart? And I was like we should go to McDonald’s cuz we were all griping and mad about how I got kicked out. I was like let’s go to McDonald’s and everybody’s like yeah, let’s go, and so we went in there. And then we like got our ice cream cone and somebody wanted a picture. It was just really cool, and [then] as we were leaving I was like… You know what? Let’s go back to Walmart and everybody was like no… That’s so funny. It’s weird. I keep looking at myself like that’s not me. I have blue eyebrows. What’s going on with my life? You’re really creepy. I would not want to run into you. Really? Do I look really scary? Yeah I cleaned myself up, look at this, all this. This doesn’t look good either. You look really creepy. Hi sir… We had so much fun dressing up and hanging out. It really took all day. I was surprised how long it actually took but it was so much fun being able to go to Walmart. So many people wanting to get pictures with these guys and we’ve actually got a lot better footage. I have another video coming up on pins and things later this month of the entire experience at Walmart. I’m excited for you guys to be able to see the inside out costumes. Those are going to be going live on pins and things this next week starting on Monday. so stay tuned for that. They’re going to be really good. I hope that you guys absolutely love them as always. Thanks for watching be sure to subscribe if this is your first time watching the Beach House. Also you can check out yesterday’s vlog if you missed it and be sure to follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram if you haven’t yet. See you guys next time.

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