100 thoughts on “Make Your Own Genderbent Link – DIY Costume Squad

  1. could you make a diy iron man it would be so cool my kids as so into him but costumes are so cheaply detailed and after watching you guys videos you are awesome in everything from keeping things low cost to high detail

  2. You guys should make Clementine's costume of tell tales the walking dead season 4 (tip: use a dark blue baseball cap with no hole at the end)

  3. There are so many things wrong you guys said about link I won’t list them but it’s an overall great video (and none of the things are because the person who created the costume is female.)

  4. I don’t understand why you needed to cut up the shirt. In most instances link where’s the long sleeved shirt under his green tunic without the sleeves cut.

  5. I threw my phone at a wall when she said link is an elf and I had to go to a mental asylum for 7 years until my rage has died out

  6. Someone should make a parody of mr sandman but mr cardboard man and the send it to me in the reply.

  7. 1. This is a shitty slut link costume.
    2. It is an insult to the zelda games
    3. Fo 70$ i could make way better zelda AND link cosplay
    4. The sword and shield looks like it was made by a retarted indian kid.
    5. Nothing else to say its just garbage.

  8. Why did stop making diy costume squad and diy prop shop videos???
    YouTube has felt so empty to me with no more new videos from you guys

  9. Glue dudes? This shit is amatuer. Please give up and quit trying to influence people from mak7ng shitty, shoddy, haloween bullshit money maker costume.

    An assembly line isn't proud of you, this costume is pathetic. Please, please, stop posting your tutorials like a poser, you're inflicting damage of the community, cheap shit sucks, and good materials arentsucky orcheap.

    This id a dollar store elementary demonstration of an ettempt to make a proper cosplay.

    Your channel is ajoke <3 <3 <3

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