London Fashion Show at Aadnevik with Praya ปูไปรยา

Hello Everyone. I’m Sang Kristian is like my mentor in London I’m on my way to Aadnevik Fashion show I will be helping in backstage And will be filming what’s it like To be at backstage So let’s now go to the backstage This is Royal Horse Guard Every season Aadnevik showcase it here I came little early They are now getting ready overthere This is the front stage Model will be walking here Before the show Kristian takes all the photos before the show So after the photoshoot When the show begins There will be show photos and backstage photos Praya is very famous actress in Thailand What’s your name? Praya Do you have a nickname? Are you from Thailand? Half Thai Swedish Half Swedish Do you have any hobby? Yoga What’s your favourite sports? Soccer Favourite movie? An affair to Remember Favourite colour? Blue Still or Sparkling? Sparkling Red or White? White Mum or Dad Mum Love or Career? Love Where would you like to go after this interview? Home To my bed!

6 thoughts on “London Fashion Show at Aadnevik with Praya ปูไปรยา

  1. 배경음악이 영상에 너무 잘 어울려서
    모델들을 더 멋져보이게 하네요👍
    영상편집도 정말 수준급이고….
    새로운 세계를 보여주어서 감사해요^^

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