Lining Jean Jacket, Easy Method!

This is the before of my jacket, it’s
just a simple jean jacket, and what I’m going to do with it is, I’m going to line
it — because I like to wear it as a coat. Haha, hi! Okay, I like to wear it as a coat
but it’s not very warm, so I’m gonna take a cardigan I’m gonna turn it inside-out.
Then I’m going to want to take the cardigan and turn it inside-out and
then I’m going to sew it to the inside, so that instead of just this thin jean fabric
it will actually be, it will actually be like warm and that you can actually wear
for winter. Don’t mind Robert he’s just exercising. Jacket! I feel like you’re lying [to Robert]. The first thing I’m going to do is put on this cardigan inside-out,
like this, and then I’m going to take this jacket and put the jacket on right
side out. I’m going to make sure that the seams line up on my jacket and on the cardigan like that.
Take a pin, very carefully not to stab yourself in the hip. There comes my cat — NOT my cat. Hi cat! Okay so it’s important to note right here, narration voice, that my
brother is more interested in lighting a candle and burning his fingers with it
then he is in actually recording the bad lighting that is in front of him. I blame
this part on him… not really. These are the buttons that I’m going to
want, so just these snap buttons. I’ll just grab a couple — ugh! I got paint on my hands!
I guess I’ll have to redo this shot. Okay so here’s the snaps that we want again, left
hand, much better. Alright so what I’m going to do is just cut out the lining
to fit the jacket really well and by pinning it to make
sure it’s perfect and turning the raw edges in. Make sure that your thread matches your
fabric really well, so that you won’t be able to see the
seams when they are finished. Okay, when you’re sewing through jean fabric you
have to be really careful and go really really slow and it’s preferable if you
have a needle that’s meant for it. Just take it very slow and keep in mind
that in some places there will be six or seven layers of fabric altogether and
that in these areas especially you might want to stop sewing with the petal
altogether and instead use whatever the thing — this on the side — and just go up
and down with it very, very, very slowly so that you don’t break your needle. Okay,
so here’s a time lapse to show that I actually sewed it and another time lapse
but up close this time and out of focus. This is the finished part of the initial
part lining, this is what it looks like on the inside and some places I did
double. From the outside this is what the stitching looks like you can’t
really see it unless you look really close. It’s having trouble focusing. Right there the blue
line is the stitching. Flipping the sleeves inside out so that I can pin it.
It’s important that your sleeves match the same length so in the pin it they
match up perfectly. I was lucky to have this cardigan which just went really
well with the size of this jacket. Now you may not have something that’s so
perfectly sized but you could probably go to Goodwill and find something just
make sure you’re trying it on with the jacket and making sure that the sleeves
are good. So now the entire inside of the jacket has been done and now I’m going
to attach a removable hood to the top part right along here. This is the hoodie
that came with the cardigan and when I cut it off, it’s
got a pretty good sewn edge already there’s a little bit of raw right there,
but I cut it close enough that you can- it’s not really gonna affect it very
much and so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take this hoodie (and my
hand’s in the way) take this hoodie and these guys, okay. I have four of them, I’m gonna put
them along top but they have to be hand sewn. So hand sewing takes forever but
not at sixteen times the speed. Okay so and now it’s finished I have these
snaps on the inside here on the jacket and then I have the snaps over here on
the hood you just take the snaps on the hood put this one here, one here, one here,
this one here, and then I’m going to do is I’m going to put this logo back in
here and I know it’s just Levi’s but I really like it and don’t
let make it look professional and I love this logo. Look at how good it is though, Robert! [Robert: I’m Recording] Okay, so this is the finished jacket, the inside
is the the changed part and then there’s the hood and the hood which is also removable,
so give me a second I’ll take it off. This is the jacket without the hood on
it, it’s really really easy to put the hood on and off and because of the way that I did the
sleeves you can still — there’s still stretch right there. Then you can just button it, or unbutton it. And so, yeah, that’s the whole thing. [awkwardly whistles]

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