hey what is up YouTube welcome back to my channel so today's video has been a video that you guys have been waiting for even though I told you guys I was PMSing and bloating and cramping like a mother you guys don't wanted to see this video this week so I'm here with my gym clothes haul from everything that I ordered from Black Friday and took a while just because one of my packages took forever to get here and then they misplaced it and but it arrived yesterday so I have all my packages here and I am excited to do this video I have quite a bit of stuff so let's go ahead and get right into it I think I'm gonna start with alpha Lee's I actually don't even remember what I got from every place just because it's so long I got a bracelet alfe elite athlete them are you gonna pay me okay I got the red revival shorts in medium I'm a little nervous about these red isn't my best color but I really loved these I figured if I got them in shorts it would be okay it wouldn't be like too much fun anyway I got the ALF elite premium joggers in Orchard petal orchid orchid or orchid petals in a lot so I coulda sworn I got a matching bra I typically get a bra with my pants because I like to mash so that's weird I don't look at my order but I'm gonna try these two bees on okay shockers first and foremost they feel like absolute butter these are the softest pair of joggers or anything that I've ever put on however I do think that I should have gotten a darker color I don't think that this color is very flattering for someone who's not smooth all over their legs ie like cellulite or something but I probably wear these out of the house for that and because there's way too much fabric here for me I went up in a large because I needed it to fit here which it does is pretty perfect and tight here but it's just too much material right here so I don't know I love the pants but definitely should have gotten a different color I just don't think that these are flattering for me so which kind of sucks but these will be perfect lounge pants and I mean the booty look good so here are the shorts I am so pale is my best color but I do love how bright and like vibrant these are I will say these aren't as soft as like the obsolete revival leggings which is kind of a bummer I thought they would be like an exact replica but in short form I do like that they're high-waisted though I put on no-show underwear bag put on like a pretty vibrant pair so but yeah I'm nice I'm pretty cute okay so I'm going to do a buff bunny next I only got one item from there just because a lot of her stuff wasn't that great of a cell and everything that was just like I really wanted to try just her simple black leggings those who were already sold out I don't even think that they were stocked them in every size because I mean I was on that site like ready to go but I got some joggers from there too and I really liked the look of these joggers so I'm excited to try them on I got them and mean iam I think oh no extra large that's right cuz her sizing looks weird so I got these in an extra-large these are so so soft oh I can't wait to put these on okay absolutely love these definitely think I could have gotten a large her sizing for my measurement said extra-large so that's what I got but it definitely could have gotten a large so next time I'll just get a size smaller but I love how these feel and yeah they're so soft so I'm here for it okay so now I'm gonna try on muscle nation I got some shorts and a shirt to go with it so I'm gonna try these on okay so oh these look so small and tight I'm a little nervous about this part right here just because of how compressed this bottom part is I'm afraid it's not gonna fit my size what size did I get I got a large I think that's all they go largerr I don't think they have extra larges I'm a little nervous about these these shorts are not going to work I wish I would have known that they were compressed at the bottom because I wouldn't have gotten them it's just it will never work for me like when the girl on the video with Anna's girl in the video on their Instagram wearing these shorts they didn't look compressed and maybe she just has some small ass size and that her butt just looked big with the angles but this is this will never work they don't that clearly don't have big thigh women modelling their clothes this will never ever ever work oh jesus take the wheel um I had to pull these up because I just like how does this work how does this become a thing I love the top part the top part of this the band like the camel I love the aspect I just don't understand this part like why why why would anybody do that I just oh no I don't know I mean that I'm never gonna be able to wear these I don't know how to work with this I don't know if you can see it on camera how it's like cutting off my circulation I'm scared I just yeah I'm not gonna work and this shirts okay I mean it's it's not the color green I thought it was when I ordered it so overall I'm not too happy about this purchase I mean the shirts basic it's just a basic shirt there's nothing really special about it and these shorts are just a no-go so yeah we're gonna move on okay so my next purchase is from love fitness apparel think they're based out in Hawaii oh my god I got three things um so I got the short these kind of pocket and lard let's just say what they are on the package I got the matching sports bra and then I got a cropped shirt which I totally could have gotten in a medium but this is a little long but I got a large in it so I'm gonna try these on real quick okay so here is the set matching set that I got from love fitness apparel it has pockets on both sides so I really like that I really like the shorts I'm glad I got a large in these and then yeah I mean they're just simple shorts but the materials really soft I really like the material and the bra I probably could have gotten a medium in the raw I don't quite fill out the large just because the way my Tatas are set up so but I do love it I don't think there's a lot of yeah I won't be like doing the Zumba or anything in the sports bra but it's cute I like the look of it a lot so happy about this purchase here so let me try on this shirt this is the shirt it is definitely a little too big I could have gotten away with the medium but I know now for future reference I might cut it again one more time down here and I'll probably like roll up the sleeves when I wear it but I love the color of it so overall happy with love fitness so that was a good comeback after the muscle nation Fiasco that I had so next I'm gonna try on my do you even stuff I got two packages cuz I went back and ordered a sports bra after I ordered my first stuff so I'm most excited for these right here and I'm like praying that they look good and it's not a fail like the muscle nation because this is the one I was most excited to get stuff from I've got the light blue seamless leggings and a large I got the gray shorts and a large I got the matching grey a sports bra and a large and then I got the light purple seamless leggings and a large and then I got the matching sports bra for these purple ones they were out of the blue ones in my size unfortunately so as I got these just because again I've never tried this brand so I know they came out with a bunch of new colors but the older colors were the cheapest during the sale so if I love bees and I'll definitely be ordering the new colors because I love the new colors so I'm excited to try this but shouldn't try out first I'll try on the purple the purple scent okay so I love this outfit I am in love with this color I'm so happy definitely think I could have gotten a medium in the sports bra but the large and the pants are absolutely perfect I was so nervous because it's like so much contouring right but there's the leggings are so nice like materialized and I'm just yeah I'm very happy with these again I love the material there's like nothing I can really complain about I won't be doing too much these cuz there's not that much support but I think again if I got the media that might change let me squat knees again I don't normally wear underwear when I workout though so I'm just doing the squat test for y'all cuz I don't really care yeah I love these okay yeah I have nothing bad to say about this so I'm gonna try on the blue pants and then I'll try on the grey set because it's a different style from them I actually might like I'm wearing the gym shirt what I'm in love with it yes I am I love this color I'm so happy that my package was found and delivered because I'm in love so here are the blue ones I so wish I would have been able to get the matching bra because I love this color blue and it's just so gorgeous but I think it looks really nice with the purple bra so yeah love these love their seamless line so I will definitely be ordering more of these and they're newer colors and then let me try on their I don't know what oh this is the XL style I really liked this bra so I'm hoping that it fits and I'm gonna try this set on right now I love this color I love this line oh my gosh I think it is just beautiful it feels really good like I love the material of this stuff okay who's Chinese this is the Excel set I love this cut right here this took a bit to get on the way the strap works so yeah couldn't use my husband's help I don't like that the rest of the bra of of this party here isn't stretchy because it kind of cuts into my fat a little bit and the shorts are like the greatest material ever and it's kind of great because in the back here there's like this little rubber strip I think to help keep the shorts from falling down oh right here don't know if you can see it there there honestly this is gonna be like a weird complaint but I wish the pants weren't so long the shorts long lengthwise on the bucks I feel like they kind of sit weird on my thighs I kind of pulled them up a bit cuz they go like all the way down there and I don't really but they stretched really well and they're very high waisted so overall I do really like this set just like this part I'm gonna have to work out that part of my back somehow oh so they do roll quite a bit so that doesn't really bother me but if you hate going down your shorts all the time then these definitely yeah they are definitely rollers so the last company that I have here is last set crop top literally every shirt that I got was this green color apparently I was going through something I guess I felt like I needed some army green or whatever things definitely should have gotten a medium and this oh wait is a medium why is it so large okay this is a medium but it's pretty long so I'll probably cut it and it's not a full length so that kind of makes me worried a little bit because I got another crop I got the cropped hoodie but I got this in a large because I was worried about the sleeve part I'm worried it's gonna be too no this is much shorter okay interesting let me put this on really quick though I love this my hair in the back let's see so this is a large I love this sweater I'm like I told you guys in my favourites video that I'm like into cropped things right now and I've been cropping my own t-shirts even though I bought you but I'm not comfortable cropping my sweaters just because I typically need my full-length sweaters but yeah I'm in love with this I love the length is perfect – the arms are perfect – right where I want them I kind of like them like over my hands a bit I thought the mediums would be more like here and I wasn't I'm not a fan of that so this is perfect absolutely love love the sweater and I think it'll go perfect with these leggings I'm gonna try on the shirt now ok so here is my last shirt it's pretty long it fits like a full length shirt kind of I could've sworn I got in the crop top I'll need to check but I kind of like it tied up so that's not really a problem I really love the color so overall I'm happy with pretty much everything that is all that I got the only thing I'm not happy with is muscle nation I probably won't be ordering from them again just because I don't know how the pants are gonna fit and they're not that cheap of a brand so probably we'll get rid of that outfit but yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you liked it please remember to give it a thumbs up if you knew I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribe to my channel and I hope you all have an amazing weekend I love you all so much bye guys


  1. Hi! 😊
    I was wondering about the lovefitness shorts. I like a very snug fit in leggings/shorts since I run a lot and they tend to not stay in place, so I usually go a size down. I’m normally a large and I was wondering if the shorts you bought were tight on you or if you could have gone with a medium. Thank you xxx
    (By the way, booty goals ✨)

  2. Hi! How did you find the sizing for love fitness? I'm usually a medium in leggings but this saying I'd be a large. I'm roughly your size so how did you find the waist band of the shorts?

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