Korean Style Seasoned Fresh Oysters (Gul-muchim: 굴무침)

(upbeat music) – Hello everybody! It’s so windy today! I’m in front of Chelsea
Market in New York City. All my hair is going every
direction because it’s so windy. And cold. So today I’m going to make
a really delicious side dish. My favorite side dish
made with fresh oysters. Where can I find fresh oyster? I need to find somebody
who can shuck oysters. This Chelsea Market, there
is a fish market that’s like always full of tourists
but that’s where I go. I like to buy really fresh oysters. I will take them home
and then I will just mix with my Korean seasoning sauce. It will turn into really
delicious side dish. It’s called Gulmuchim, seasoned oysters. Let’s go into the market! (lively music) Where is it from? – New Brunswick. – From Canada? – Canada, yeah. – There you go. I am home! I’ve brought this. Let’s make Gulmuchim. This is lemon and sauce. I don’t need this guy because
I’m making Korean side dish with really fresh oysters. I don’t have to wash even, because it’s already clean. The oyster shucker, the guy cleaned. Let’s take out this oyster. I just all take out from
the 24 small oysters. This is only four ounces. A little more than four ounces. And I’ll use one green onion. And one garlic. Hot pepper flakes, just one tablespoon. Soy sauce, one tablespoon, same amount. And sugar, quarter
teaspoon, just a little bit. And sesame oil, two teaspoons. Sesame seeds, also around two teaspoon. Look at that! It looks already delicious, isn’t it? All delicious sesame seeds,
sesame oil inside, and garlic, this mixture combination
is really really good. And just mix, like this. Isn’t it easy? Already one side dish I made it. I’m making Doenjang-jjigae here. And then, I’ll just eat it. Today’s special side
dish is this Gulmuchim. Seasoned fresh oysters and with rice, Doenjang-jjigae. And also I needed some green, so I made this Chrysanthemum greens. It’s Ssukgaht in Korean, Ssukgaht-namul. Kimchi, Ojingeojeot, fermented squid, and this is pickled perilla leaves. This is kind of my table setting. Rice, mm, rice looks so good. Yummy. Very fresh. It smells like ocean, wow. Doenjang-jjigae. Kkaennip-jangajji. This year I grew my
Kkaennip, perilla leaves. I made pickled perilla leaves. This is awesome taste. Like this, Make a pouch with my chopsticks. Little like this, scoop it. Make a little Bibimbap like this. Then eat. It’s savory and sweet and kind of soft, when you break the oysters, Sweetness comes out. If you love fresh oysters, you’ll love this. I used to make this all the
time when I lived in Korea. I was raised in a harbor city, so there were a lot of abundant seafood. Today, we made Gulmuchim, seasoned oysters, Korean side dish. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Bye! (upbeat music)

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  1. Chinese (China) and Bosnian captions are up now thanks to our volunteer translators!
    Their credits are in the description box.

  2. Hi Maangchi…just love your personalty and presentation…and of cos your recipes…its easy and hassle free…keep up the good work and your super smile…my son loves your smile…

  3. Maangchi, i have watched you from the very beginning. From when you used to submit all your videos on iTunes back in 2009. I have all your videos saved from back then. I then did not have a Mac computer and could not watch your videos. For a long time i wondered if you made videos. Then Youtube came along and I would look for you. I found that you jumped the YT wagon and so glad that you're channel had become a hit. I have tried many of your recipes. You should put a channel with all your old videos. Much success to your channel and your vision to share Korean food with the rest of the world…Aloha and mahalo

  4. 첼시마켓 반가워요~~ 저는 올 2월 여행 다녀왔었는데 이렇게 보니 너무 반가워요!!그차나두 영상에서 가끔 뉴욕 동네 모습 보여줄때마다 친근감있고 좋았어요저 망치님 요리책도 직구로 주문해서 아주 잘보구 있어요~~ 항상 화이팅예염 !!!

  5. Oh my goodness. I live in Seattle and this would be so easy to get and make. My mouth is watering just thinking about it :9

  6. I love all your videos I live in Korea right now and your videos have helped me to make my favorite dishes from here 😊

  7. Wow, you look so good in that outfit! The hat, the coat, and the sweater… lovely!
    I really love your videos and your recipes 🙂 I've only tasted raw simple oysters with just a little squeeze of lemon, so I'd love to try this version!

  8. Hi sorry I would love to make this for my mom but she's usually abit touchy about raw food, is there a way to make this recipe with cooked oysters? And if so how do I cook them without ruining it? Help please!

  9. OMG!!! It is looks so good.
    I am from Korea. I am always watching your video interestingly.
    I am living in Manila. I want to be like you.
    I can not speak English well.
    I want to be good at English, and cooking.
    I am going to discribe you. Thank you!!

  10. Hi maangchi! I went to Korea last year & tried 'kimchi octopus' as our side dish. I dont really know the real namd. May I request for that recipe? Thank you. 😊

  11. I already cooked this dish following your recipe. It was awesome. Can you teach us salted oyster mitbanchan for saving in Freeze?

  12. Maangchi I have a question. When working with fish and other food that has strong smell what do you do to remove the smell off your hands? Do you have any method? 🙂

  13. Hi Maangchi…annyeong… im a Filipino but i loved korean cuisines…. i stumbled upon your channel while looking how to make kimchi and from then on i become one of your avid subscriber and viewer,..i even watch almost all of your videos… im living in Dubai, UAE and i hope i can find Korean supermarket near my place..

  14. 오늘 망치님 굴무침 레시피 고대로 만들었는데 너무 맛있었어요. ~~~!^^ 영상 너무 잘보고있습니다. ㅎㅎ

  15. 망치는 한국의전통을 특별하게해주시는 소중한사람이에요 ! 망치씨의레시피로 모두가 좋아해요 감사하고사랑해요—

  16. Hi Maangchi I am 4 months pregnant with my second baby. My children are half Korean and I crave Korean food everyday. I love this recipe and i want to eat it so bad. I love watching your videos and I make your kimbap for my daughter and she loves it.

  17. My favorite part in every Maangchi videos (except the cutting and chopping, which I also really like) is when she tastes the food she cooks and drinks beer.. so refreshing and mouth watering hehe

  18. Were these oysters pre-cooked or can you actually eat oysters raw? I might have missed from the beginning.

  19. 회사원님 보고 왔습니다^^ 자취하기도 하는데 영어공부도, 요리공부도 할게용!!!!

  20. 망치님 추석 잘 보내셨나요🤗 겨울이 다가오니 신선한 굴로 무침을 해서 밥상에 올려보려구요😊 항상 좋은 영상 감사합니다❣

  21. 우왕 맛있겠땅 굴제철!!저도시도해볼게요!!요즘너무재밌게잘보고있어요 이채널을 이제야찾았는지ㅜㅠ감사합니다 같은한국임에 감사해요

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  23. 목포사람인데 서울올라와서 맛있는 생굴무침을 한번도 못먹어봐서 스트레스받는데 만드는 법은 모르고 ㅠ 넘감사해요

  24. Italian caption is up now! One of my viewers submitted the caption for those who speak Italian! Thank you so much! https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?msg=5&v=IMZXVZIhGsk

  25. Malayalam caption was submitted by Anjana UB (YouTube)! Thank you so much! https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?msg=5&v=IMZXVZIhGsk

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