Korean Style Green Chili Pepper Pickles (Gochu-jangajji: 고추장아찌)

(cheerful music) Hello everybody! Look at this! Korean gochu, green chili peppers. These days, summer is ending and fall is coming, so this is the peak season for Korean green chili peppers. Price is cheap and REALLY abundant in Korean grocery stores Yesterday, I got this for a really really good deal. So I had to buy this and today, I’m making this gochu-jangajji, Korean style green chili pepper pickles. And also yesterday, I got this, look at this. It’s red chili, Korean red chili pepper. And, I made some decorations. This morning, I posted on Facebook. Many people loved really this one, it’s a beautiful color. Two types of green chili pepper I bought this. Why? This large green chili pepper, this guy is huge, very crispy. Crispy green chili pepper, but not very spicy. And. This guy is sold in Korean grocery stores. They say it’s from country, Chile. So, chili from Chile. Small. Small green chili pepper is so spicy. Sometimes I love to eat spicy food, especially gochu-jangajji. Really, I love spicy because the flavor and I love the heat. I’m going to mix this non-spicy crispy green chili pepper, and spicy chili pepper from Chile, and I’m making some jangajji, gochu-jangajji. So one pound, mixed with small spicy and large crispy green chili peppers. I’ll make one pound one ounce because I’m going to cut it off, this stem part. First, let’s make brine. So, this is three and half cups water. Soy sauce, half cup. Quarter cup salt. White vinegar, quarter cup. And then sugar, three tablespoons. Just mix. And then, let’s boil. Medium high heat, let’s boil. Just leave around half inch, this stem and then, cut it. Like this. Now, the spicy chili pepper. I’m using this glass jar, eight cup glass jar. You can use any jar. I’m going to stuff them in here. Tiny hole, so that these green chili peppers will absorb delicious brine. And then small one, the between. My brine is really boiling, but I need to keep boiling around a couple of minutes more longer. Really hot. So when this green chili pepper will turn into really green, bright green color. We didn’t fill it up really on top, because we are going to use this heavy stuff, pebbles. Cover this, and let it sit on your kitchen counter, not in the refrigerator for one day, twenty-four hours. Yesterday, at this time, I made this. Spicy one and this non spicy crispy one. Its color changed. I’m going to show you. Look at that. Pour out all brine, so using your hand like this. And then, boil this. So around fifteen minutes, I just boiled this. Cool down quickly! That’s done. So, I’m going to cover this and keep this in the refrigerator for at least one week. Welcome back, everybody! Exactly the one week ago, this time I just made this, my gochu-jangajji, and kept in the refrigerator. So let’s see what it look like! Wow, this rock. The first way how to serve, just by itself with rice. And, sesame seeds, that’s on top. Isn’t it simple? Delicious this is. Second way, you like to mix with seasoning? Then you can do this. Garlic. This is hot pepper flakes. And some soy sauce. Jin-ganjang, Korean jin-ganjang. Soy sauce. Sesame oil. And this is mulyeot, the rice syrup, makes it shiny and well preserved. This is olive oil, but you can add some vegetable oil. Smell really good. So through the hole, always, the brine is coming out. Especially this mixed with seasonings. Just a little squeezed out. Well mix this, and then the juice come out, a little bit juice come out. And then this sauce is a little juicy looking and that’s it, done. And then, last touch, sesame seeds~ And then, keep in container, airtight container like this. And it’ll never good bad. So in the refrigerator and then whenever you eat and take it out. And then, my third one is that I’m going to [use] the leftover, the seasoning sauce, the same seasoning sauce. Look at that. It’s like an olive green color, really pretty. I love it. Okay, and then, brine will come out. Chop into small pieces. Let’s do one more. Let’s use a small one this time. And then well mix. I’ll roast my gim/kim, seaweed paper, until very crispy, both sides. My rice. Just a little bit. And sesame seeds. I’ll add more sesame oil. And mix. Mmm And then this one, I’ll show you how to eat it. Mmm Aaugh Spicy. I got the small one, mmm. Okay, I’ll taste the next one. So I’m going to show you. From here, you’ll have to eat. Delicious. Crispy, sweet, sour, and with rice, it makes a really good side dish. Always keep in the refrigerator, and then you can preserve it for, you know, a long time. Today, we made gochu-jangajji, Korean style green chili pepper pickles. Then, we served this in three different ways. Seasoned, not seasoned, and chopped and seasoned and you usually this one is mixed with rice, warm rice. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Byeee~!

100 thoughts on “Korean Style Green Chili Pepper Pickles (Gochu-jangajji: 고추장아찌)

  1. awww this is one of my favorite side dishes. i live in sidney in Canada. it is hard to find fresh korean veggies..your dishes make me home sick. thanks for all the recipes

  2. maanchi is the best it's got me so hungry watching her cooking I'm sat here eating a large bag of bbq doritos

  3. Hi Maangchi, love the video! I just have a question….can i use another green chili if i cannot get korean green chilies? Love from Singapore!

  4. Maangchi, what does the second boiling of the brine change in the final product? Just spliting hair for curiosity. Thank you so much for widening my cooking range with your unbeatable ways and bringing all that deliciousness into our life. Come in Belgium!

  5. At the H Mart here in Houston there is a food court stall named Daddy and Daughter that makes the most comforting and delicious neck bone soup I have ever tried! This is crazy good!!!

  6. I bought a two pound bag of these peppers awhile ago but due to my heavy schedule I haven't been able to do much with them, I'm pretty stoked that they won't go to waste now! I just put them in the jars with the brine and tomorrow I'll try to boil the brine again when I get home, thanks Maangchi!

  7. 쉽게쉽게 잘하십니다.올 여름도 한 두어박스 담궈야겠네요.작년에 1박스학넌 벌써 거의 바닥을보이기시작하고…

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  9. I love watching you cooking, you make it so easy and simple to follow step by step.
    I have a question, can I use Jalapeno pepper (Mexican pepper) instead?

  10. Hi Maangchi. I love watching your videos but hardly ever make anything b'cos Korean ingredients are not available in India. But this green chilli pickle I'll definitely try. It is the season for ripe green chillis in my part of the country. And this hot, sour, slightly sweet pickle appeals to my Indian palate. Thanks for the recipe.

  11. I love this recipe – done it twice already – and I'm doing this again this year (with my own crop) Also, I love You Maangchi! As a a thank you I'll translate this, and add subtitles in yet another language 😉

  12. Hi Maangchi, if I have to make kimchi same way then I must use that pepper spice mix. Here in the small town where I am living I could not really find it. Is it this paste named as “Daesang Sunchang Gochujang (Paprika Paste) “. Can I use that instead?

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  15. Maangchi, I made this using Serrano peppers 😣😂. Its a tad too spicy and it has to pickle for a little while longer bc the skin is super thick. I also put whole garlic cloves in it. 😊

  16. delicious delicious delicious..i am hooked on your cooking love it love it love it..you are so nice and sweet..keep it up..love you

  17. I made a large batch of this Gochu-jangajji a month ago and it has been so delicious to have as a side dish to go with rice, chicken, fish, anything! Sometimes i just eat them whole as a snack because it's just so tasty. I just ran out yesterday so I am making a new batch tonight, I always have a jar of this in my fridge now. Thank you Maangchi for sharing this recipe with us.

  18. Delicioso…
    Realmente no puede faltar en la mesa ala hora de comer al estilo Koreano..!!!!
    Muchas gracias por todos los videos….
    Cada receta es sumamente interesante y riquisssssima!!!

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