Klim Storm Jacket (2020)

You’re about to check out the newest
Storm Parka by Klim stay tuned Up North Sports has gotcha Covered Hey guys, Seth here at Up North Sports I’m about to break down the newly redesigned Klim Storm Parka some really cool
things this year guys and that’s gonna be removable hood to start with but
before we dive into two many of features and benefits in this let’s
break down the size I’m 5 foot 9 175 pounds I’m featuring this video wearing
a size large in the Storm Parka it’s a little on the big side for me guys I’m
finding it just be a little bit too generous so I could make it work even
with additional layering though I do believe I would jump in this size medium
for this one so keep that in mind I’m 5′ 9″ 175 pounds than the medium is the
way I would go but this is a great parka guys
it is a Gortex piece at 100% wind proof 100% waterproof but the
material on this thing this year is unbelievably flexible while still
feeling very abrasion resistant we got to test this thing out west with Klim
this year and it performed beautifully now starting at the top guys awesome
hood option on this thing now this is a removable hood that’s a great feature that Klim has added to the Storm Parka this year so nice for on and off the machine
use again this is a gore-tex piece 100% wind proof 100% waterproof and this is
an uninsulated piece so you will need the additional layering if you happen to
wear this in the Midwest but we hear a lot more sports around Bemidji Minnesota
and love to use uninsulated gear with the proper layer and even here in the
Midwest so great options by Klim on all the layering from the base layer all the
way to the mid layer to the exterior piece now going down the front of this
guy’s awesome YKK zipper glove friendly pull got a nice water seal chest pocket
on this thing gonna have a really nice goggle cloth in there as well so a good
addition on that by Klim now it’s good to have good venting on this guys again
water sealed zip this glove from the pulls great pit bed up there
I’m gonna make for awesome intake coming down the main body to good hand
pockets on this as well all with water sealed zips all YKK zippers they gave
100% wind proof 100% waterproof gore-tex piece here, now opening up on the
inside nice snow skirt in there that’s gonna be a great option but what Klim
has actually done is they’ve allowed you to unzip the snow skirt if you don’t
like snow skirt so great versatility out of this piece this is a 2019 Storm parka
you can find it at UpNorthSports.com all the other incredible Klim products
we are the number one snow dealer in Klim here in the U.S. and we do love our
customers that’s why we do these videos so if you ever have questions please
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