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I’m Chase at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, and this
is our Product Spotlight for the Latitude Jacket from Klim. All right, guys.Today, we are talking about the Latitude Jacket
from Klim. Now we all know Klim, these guys are known
for making extremely technical and very durable gear. And if you’re wondering where the Latitude
lives in their lineup, it’s gonna sit just below the Badlands. The Latitude, it’s gonna be a great choice
for guys that are looking for a technical waterproof laminated shell but can live without
some of the features that might be overkill or over the top that you’re getting in that
Badlands. Now, as I walk through and I talk about the
Latitude today, I would love if you would comment below. Leave me your thoughts, your questions, your
feedback on the Latitude. If you have any questions about it, we will
definitely get those answered for ya. Now, as we dive back into this jacket, I’ve
got George here. George is 5 foot 10, 175 pounds. He’s got a 41 to 42-inch chest. He’s wearing a size medium in this jacket. Now the fitment with the Latitude, it’s gonna
be a little bit different than the Badlands. It’s gonna be a little bit more of that touring
style fit. If we look at it, a little bit more adjustability. You’re gonna have waist adjustment straps
in the Latitude. You don’t get those in the Badlands. And just a little bit more of that athletic
fit. But Badlands is more of that adventure cut,
a little bit boxier, a little bit more room on the inside. Now keep in mind, with the Latitude as well,
this is very important. This is a GORE-TEX 2-layer performance shell
so there are no insulated liners on the inside, so you need to have your own base layer. Just keep that in mind. But if you look at it again, I like the fit. I like the overall cut. And you are gonna have added length in the
back, which is nice, so if you are sitting down on the motorcycle, you’re not gonna have
a jacket riding up on you. Now, when we look at it and we talk about
construction, because this is what Klim is really known for is making extremely durable
bombproof gear. So the main construction the jacket is gonna
be of Misano fabric. And what I like about it is it’s gonna keep
the jacket lightweight. That’s a big difference you’d want to consider
if you’re looking at the Latitude versus the Badlands and you’re trying to make up your
mind, the weight factor is gonna be a big deciding point here, though. The weight on the Latitude is gonna be a lot
less than the Badlands, and they keep it lightweight using that Misano fabric. And then in your high abrasion zones, you’re
gonna get 840D CORDURA on the shoulders and the elbows, and you’re gonna have full D30
molecular armor throughout this entire jacket as well. Now if we look at it, we start up here at
the top. You’re gonna have a nice Neoprene or micro-fleece
collar up here at the top, which is nice. It’s not gonna chafe you. You’re gonna have that around the inside as
well. Up here on the top you’re gonna have this
collar here. I like it. You are gonna have a snap to keep it shut. If you do wanna have that open, this is actually
just gonna fold back and it’s gonna fold down on itself. So that’s a nice touch so you have that out
of the way and get a lot of venting there if you wanna choose that route. So, George, do a quarter turn for me. So here on the top, again, there’s that 840D
CORDURA that we talked about before. That’s gonna be in those high abrasion zones. And underneath that is that D30 molecular
armor. Now let’s backtrack a little bit. Let’s talk about protection real quick. I’ve actually got a piece right here. So you’re getting D30 T5 EVO armor in the
shoulders and the elbows. And again, that Viper Stealth 1 back pad as
well. It’s all gonna be CE rated. If you’re not familiar with D30 armor, well
what it is, it’s soft, it’s flexible, it’s very comfortable. But how it works and what’s so nice about
it is when shock or an impact is introduced into this, it’ll actually bind up. The molecules bind together and it disperses
energy extremely well. So that’s what you’re getting here in the
Latitude. So again, working our way down, 840D CORDURA,
nice pops of reflectivity throughout this entire jacket. Now, Klim, these guys do a lot of research
and they wanna make sure you’re protected. A cool feature about the reflectivity here,
you’re gonna have it on the chest, on the arms, and in the back. As they’ve designed it so that when headlights
hit you when somebody’s looking at you when you’re on your motorcycle, it’s gonna help
them know that you are an actual human, not just some object that is in the road. So that’s a cool feature there. So again, working our way down. Two pops of reflectivity here. Right in the middle, that’s gonna be that
Misano fabric that we talked about. And if you work your way down the elbow, again,
840D CORDURA all the way down to the wrist. And George, face back to me again. So right here on the front, you are gonna
have an ID pocket on the front with an AquaGuard waterproof zipper. And one thing I will point out right now is
that all the zippers on this jacket are YKK, and a nice touch is they do have TPR pulls
as well. Now, adjustability, you’re gonna have an adjustment
strap on the forearm and then down here at the cuff, a velcro closure. I would have liked to have maybe seen them
do a zipper here or a little bit more adjustability as far as getting that to open up a little
bit bigger. If you do wear a big gauntlet glove, you might
have a little bit harder time getting that over the top, but it’s not gonna be the worst
in the world, but you are gonna have velcro closure there. So, George, face all the way away from me,
please. Now lift your elbow up. So if we look underneath here, again, going
down, there’s that Misano fabric, a nice big waist adjuster here. Again, that’s one thing I’ve talked about. You’re not gonna see that with the Badlands. You’re getting that big waist adjuster, so
if George wants, he can really cinch that thing down and take away some of that excess
material. Working all way down to the bottom, this is
a nice touch I like they do with Latitude. You have a snap down here at the bottom. They’ve actually incorporated this bit gusset. So if you open this up, if you wanna to have
additional room down here at the bottom, you can zip that up. It’s really just gonna open up the bottom
there and give you that extra room. So if you are packing a lot of base layers
underneath, that’s gonna give you some added room there as well. So, George, face back to the front for me. Now if we talk about venting, because that’s
what you need an adventure or touring jacket to do extremely well. You’re gonna get four vents here on the front
of this jacket. So on each arm you’re gonna have these vents
along the top here. Again, AquaGuard zipper. Now what’s nice about these, when you’re in
that riding position, that’s gonna allow a lot of airflow to come in, and then also to
complement that, right here on the chest on each side, if I unzip that, there’s gonna
be your second chest vent here as well. And we’ll show you the exhaust vent in the
back here in just a second. So again, you have those on both sides. There’s your pops of reflectivity up here
on the top. Working our way down. You’re gonna have five external pockets here. So you’re gonna have two up here on the upper
chest, one is gonna be right here. Open that up and show ya. So there’s your internal pocket up here in
the chest. Big handwarmer pockets down here at the bottom. And then again, you’re gonna have that ID
pocket here on your left forearm. So, George, turn all the way around for me. So if we look at the back, you’re gonna have
a cinch cord up here. Again, that’s gonna help cinch down that collar
and give that fit that you’re looking for. Working our way down, 840D CORDURA up here
along the top of the back, big pop of reflectivity. And then right here, this is gonna be that
big exhaust vent that comes all the way across. Unzip that. You can open that up. Again, you’re gonna get the airflow through
the jacket and that’s gonna allow it to escape out the back. What’s a nice touch about this is they’ve
put this exhaust vent in a location where if George wanted to while he was actually
riding the motorcycle, he could reach around and grab one of these zippers to either open
or close it. So that’s a nice touch there. And again, there’s your big waist adjuster
strap. Working our way all the way down to the bottom. Again, there’s that added length when you’re
sitting on the bike. And again, that’s that Misano fabric keeping
it nice and lightweight. So, George, face back to the front for me. So next, we’re gonna pop open this jacket,
take a look at what’s going on the inside here. Open it all the way up. Now your main zipper on this jacket’s not
gonna be waterproof, that’s why you have these big nice tabs here with that velcro closure. That’s to make sure no water’s gonna get in. Open it back up. So here’s your napolean pocket
on the inside. That is gonna be a waterproof pocket with
that AquaGuard zipper. And then here’s your big beefy YKK zipper
in the front. Now if we open it all the way up. George, hold that open for me. So now if we look at the inside, you’re gonna
have a mesh liner. No thrills, no surprises there. Again, you’re getting that GORE-TEX laminated
shell, so the waterproofing is gonna be baked into the shell itself, so no removable liners. Remember, keep that in mind. But you are gonna have some internal mesh
pockets on the inside. You do have a secret stash pocket. That’s gonna be around the backside, so if
you wanna put your identification or money, you can put it there in the back. But again, no surprises. You’re just getting that mesh interior liner
here on the inside. On the back, you do have a jacket-to-pant
zipper combination, a nice touch. You can go ahead and close that up for me
George. A nice touch about this jacket that Klim does
with all their jackets, they standardized the zippers. So if you have an older jacket with a newer
pant or a newer pant with an older jacket, you’re gonna be able to zip the two together. You’re not gonna have any issues there. So that’s a nice touch. So again, this is the Latitude Jacket from
Klim. Premium GORE-TEX 2-layer performance shell. Guaranteed to keep you dry and guaranteed
for life. Here, if you want any more protection than
what you’re getting with the Latitude, I hear if you would step up to something like the
Badlands, which is just absolutely insane when it comes to protection and durability. And then from there, you move onto the Rally
Air, which is just completely out of this world. But if this is the jacket that you’re interested
in, make sure you head over to our website, rockymountainatvmc.com. Read the product copy. Check out rider reviews. And again, if you do have any questions, we
will make sure we get those answered for ya. Now one thing I did not mention earlier, I
gotta pop this in. Is we have our fit guarantee. We know with any jacket, any piece of apparel,
if you’re happy with the sizing, you can send it back to us in brand new, unworn condition
and we will make sure you get the right size. We’ll give you free shipping on your first
exchange. I’m Chase here at Rocky Mountain, and we’ll
see you on the trails.

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