Klim Keweenaw Jacket (2020)

If you’re looking for a very warm durable trail jacket for this riding season stay tuned up north sports has got you covered Hey everybody matt here with up north sports today. We’re checking out the brand new redesigned Klim keweenaw jacket, This jacket has been a staple in the klim lineup for quite a few years now They completely redesigned it from the ground up you’re going to find five new color options. I’m wearing the red colorway here today And for a point of reference of about five ten hundred eighty-five pounds, I’m comfortably wearing a size large now, this is a jacket if you were looking for something to keep you warm on the trails and at high speeds This is gonna be a great jacket for you Not only with 200 grams insulation is gonna keep you plenty warm But with the gore-tex the waterproof windproof that you’re gonna get out of this it’s gonna be great in all elements Definitely, I wear this here in Minnesota in sub-zero temps. No problem So I’m going to show you some of the cool things that klim has done Not only have they added some colors when I actually have a matching bibs on to so your going to see a bunch of new colors but they added a removable vest out of here, which is not Been in the last few models, so we’re going to take a look at that But starting on the exterior, we do have some nice adjustments at the wrists here You do have the wrist gator in there is you so choose to use that. We have some 3m reflective material on here as well and two nice hand pockets that are water sealed they do have some nice rib vents as well So you’re gonna have vents on both sides and then also a back event down here Which is really nice. So no hood on the Keweenaw so something to keep in mind as well You have a nice storm flap over the zipper They do a really good job putting that chunky main zip around there So let’s look at the inside cuz this is where it gets interesting here. Now that we got this open This is a fleece removable vest and that’s really cool because it’s actually wearable too It’s a really nice included thing, so it’s a polar fleece passing you’ll see that it’s a really nice Klim logo on there So you can zip that out and wear that obviously you don’t have to wear this in the jacket It’s just a nice included thing that came with you can obviously wear this casually or keep it in the jacket with 200 grams insulation in the Klim keweenaw and then you’ll see once you zip out this vast portion You do have the headphone port and an initial zipper in there as well You also have a snow skirt as well if you so choose to use that. That’s a nice feature But you can certainly use and the nice thing about this is that she snaps back into the jacket, too So if you don’t want to use that you hardly know it’s there you’re able to snap that back in underneath that cup there So you do have the removable Fleece vest. Like I said, it’s a pretty unique thing that you’re going to see this year its got the red logo on there too, like the jacket. So 200 grams insulation to keep you plenty warm with all those elements They’ve done a great job with this keweenaw this year If you’re looking for something that’s gonna keep you warm Like I said in sub-zero temps high trail speeds you’re looking for something with phenomenal Waterproofing with gore-tex in it the Klim keweenaw is definitely gonna be a jacket I would consider and with the bibs, you’re gonna have a hard time ever gettin cold this piece Klim has done a great job of rebuilding this from the ground up and they’ve done a great job by adding a bunch of versatility not Only in the jacket but also the fit so make sure you check that out upnorthsports.com for available sizes and colors check out all the brand new Klim review videos at Youtube.com and check out the up north sports channel on there for you too. And also with the latest in grades updates Check out our facebook page and also you can find us at upnorthsports.com

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