Klim Badlands Jacket Review for ATV & Sports Touring

♪ [music] ♪ – [Matt] Hey guys, Matt and Seth
here at Up North Sports. Today we have today the Klim
Badlands jacket. Now, this jacket provides
phenomenal protection for you ATV and Sport Touring guys. And if you’re looking
for a jacket that provides great protection, waterproof, breathability,
but most importantly it’s going to keep us safe on the roads, around the back roads,
this is the jacket for you. Now a few things. Sizes small through XXXL
very common in a lot of the Klim products. Three different colored ways, Hi-Vis,
black and at www.upnorthsports.com you’ll find the gray jacket as well. There is the
zipper to jacket system, so you can get the pants and zip that to this jacket as
well, and I’ll get some close-up photos for you as well.
Now there is so many features on this jacket guys, and we’re going to get some
close-up photos because it’s going to be hard to do it justice without some
close-up photos. We really want to get that abrasion resistant material for you
to see, as well as some of the armor. Because this has some additional features
that you don’t see on the Apex or the Induction, some of the other Klim ATV
jackets. So, let’s start off. Gore-Tex three-layer
system, Seth, and as well as the D30 Armor. There’s more D30 Armor in this
jacket than you’ll see in some of the other jackets, as well as the abrasion
resistance. They’ve really beefed up the abrasion resistance on this jacket, guys.
And we hope nobody ever gets in an accident or takes a spill, but if you do,
you’ll hardly ever know, because this jacket is going to look brand new.
So, Seth, let’s talk a little bit more about that. – [Seth] Thanks, Matt. And guys, Klim
products, of course we are dealing with GORE-TEX throughout. Now, this is a three
layer GORE-TEX membrane system, 100% waterproof, 100% windproof,
and it’s going to breath extraordinarily well. And what’s one really nice feature,
as well, speaking of the GORE-TEX, is the GORE-TEX three-layer talisman
system on the shoulders, the elbows and down the forearms. This stuff is amazing
guys. Again, we’re going to get some close-ups for you, so you can actually see
what this looks like and it’s not going to do it justice even because the feel of
this is unbelievable. You’re bashing through the trees, maybe you take a spill
off the bike, this stuff is going to keep you protected. Now, it’s also been
included with the Armacor Panels on the chest, four panels down the chest, as well
as, a main one down the back. Again, we’ll get some close-ups of this material as
well. Because not only is it beautiful, but it is very functional. It is very
abrasion resistant. That mixed with the Cordia 840D on this jacket, this thing is
meant to be ripped through, guys, I’m telling you. It is built tough and it is
flexible as well. Now, along with that there’s going to be D30 Armor you’re going
to find throughout this beast. You’re going to have it in the elbows, in the
shoulders, down the back, and it’s even been included on the chest of this jacket,
guys. So, you’ve got 360 degree protection. This jacket is going to offer
you great functionality, as well as, versatility. – And as well as any of the other
jackets, guys, the armor is removable, there is adjustable straps on the forearm,
which is really, really nice as well. And I just want to point out too, if you’re
looking for storage space this jacket has it. Not only the huge pocket on the back,
where you can fit your wallet, cell phone, extra gloves, anything you need,
it’s huge, but there’s so many other pockets on here as well. Waterproof
pockets for registration, your phone, extra keys, those kind of things.
Phenomenal extra storage on this jacket. Now, let’s also talk about the ventilation
ports, because I know that’s one thing that you say, “Well with all the features
on this jacket, it feels like it’s going to be a really heavy jacket and I’m going
to get hot.” I’ve read reviews on guys using this in 80
to 90 degrees, guys, and with 10 ventilation ports, and I did say 10,
they’re staying cool. Especially at highway speeds, 10 ventilation ports and
removable, on padding as well, so if you feel it’s weighing you down a little bit,
you can remove that armor as well. So let’s talk a little about the 10
ventilation ports and let’s show those as well. And we’ll get close-ups
for you as well. – Absolutely, so guys, again, as
Matt mentioned there are 10 ventilation ports, so the versatility and the
breathability out of this jacket is certainly there. You’re going to find them
at the forearm, you’re going to find them near the pit on the bicep, you’re also
going to find them down the chest, as well as, straight down beneath the pit and I’m
turning Matt around one more time here and you’re going to find them down the back as
well. Now, he did mention that stowable pocket, since we have him turned around
I’m just going to show that to you, guys. It’s a great, very, very, spacious pocket,
again you can fit an additional pair of gloves or maybe some other personal
effects you decide you want to bring with you. And when you notice as I had him
turned around it also had a very, very aggressive scooped cut. That’s going to be
very nice depending on the conditions and the way each rider rides his bike. – And just a few other features,
guys, as well as on all the other Klim jackets, 3M Scotchlite visibility
throughout. Another cool feature that I know a lot of riders like too, is this
snap-back collar, which you should be able to see, be able to fold that back and
actually snap that to the jacket, as well. I know sometimes it gets a little hot up
there, that additional breathability factor as well. Now, guys, if you have any
more questions about this jacket we’d love to be able to help you and be able to
compare jackets too, because I know sometimes it’s..well, especially with the
higher price points, how do we define some of these features and what’s right for me?
So, if you have any questions call Matt or Seth here at Up North Sports, we’d love to
help you. Now, this Badlands jacket, I’m telling you, if you’re looking for a
jacket with maximum protection, the versatility, the breathability, the
waterproofness, and the abrasion resistance on this Badlands jacket is next
to none, guys. You’re going to stay very, very safe, which is most important when
we’re on our bike. If you have any questions call Seth or I up here at Up
North Sports, we’d love to help you, 866-335-8500 or shop us at

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