Karlie Kloss Judges Jimmy’s Past Red Carpet Fashion Faux Pas

-Let’s talk about
“Project Runway.” You’re back.
You’re a great host. But also this year,
you’re also judging a little. -Yeah.
I got tough this time around. This was my second time
as host of “Project Runway.” And I had so much fun. It’s back on
this Thursday night. -This Thursday night, Bravo.
-So everybody tune in on Bravo. -Set your DVR.
Set your TiVos. -Yes.
But it is so much fun. The competition is fierce. -Yeah.
-There is so much talent. The designers were — They really brought it
to the next level. And there’s a lot of drama. -There is, right?
-Yeah. -That’s what I love.
That’s why we watch these shows. -That’s why we watch ’em. -Is it hard for you
to get tough as a judge? -You know, I grew up, like,
being taught to be polite and, like, say your please
and thank-yous. So, like, to be tough and, like,
you know, fashion is critical. So I got tough
this time around, guys. No more nice Karlie. I got tough this time around.
-That’s right. Well, I was thinking
if you could — I have a couple looks
from red carpets… -Oh, boy.
-…that I have been down. I just wondered if you could
judge these looks. -As you are a supermodel, you
have walked many red carpets. This is true.
-This is gonna be the most embarrassing show
I’ve ever done. -Okay.
-Oh, gosh. -All right. Bring it on.
Come on. -The Grammy Awards,
February 2003. This is what I wore
to the Grammy Awards. -Wow. Wow.
Okay. Okay, okay. All right, all right. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -Oh, my gosh. -Guys, it was 2003. I think we all know
what we wore in 2003. But to be honest, like,
I’m into the cufflinks. No, no, no.
I’m into the cufflinks. -All right.
Thank you. Yeah. -But you kind of look
like you’re auditioning for “Big Bang Theory.” [ Laughter ] -You know what?
No, no. I try to start — ‘Cause I knew
it was a big night of fashion. And I wanted to try a new thing
where I did high-water sleeves. -Okay, okay. -So I had my sleeves tailored. -Is that what that is?
-Yeah. I tried to start
a new fashion trend. -Oh, okay. -And then I got some
blinged-out cufflinks. -You were ahead of your time.
-Oh, gosh. All right, we only have time
to do no more. No. This one’s the “Awesome” — I shot that Beastie Boys
New York City premiere. -Oh, wow.
-This was 2006. -You a big fan?
-I am a big Beastie fan, yeah. -Okay. Then listen, I don’t want
to knock you too hard because you’re — [ Laughter ] I feel like we need the whole — Guys, what do you think
of this look? -This is not bad.
Look at that guy. -You know what I think? [ Laughter ] You guys know that scene
in “Love Actually” where Keira Knightley is,
like, wearing that hat? -Yeah.
-You look like you mugged her. [ Laughter ] -Look like I mugged — Yeah. -Otherwise, I like the, like,
double-breasted suit. -Thank you. -Just could have left the hat
at home. -What is this one?
Oh, my gosh. -Oh, wow. -I don’t remember this guy. Oh, I don’t remember
what this is. -Guys, get excited. -It was a PlayStation 2
and Guy Oseary event at the VMAs 2003. I do not even know
who this guy is at all. Oh, my gosh. [ Cheers and applause ] Hey, come back. Come back.
Come back. Tariq, come back.
You got to — Tariq, you can’t walk off. Things have changed. Things have changed. -We are looking at
a fashion icon. [ Cheering ] -This is so embarrassing. I don’t know wh–
I don’t remember this. I don’t remember the party. I don’t know why I would
choose that thing. It is just honestly — It looks like someone
threw up on my shirt. [ Laughter ] I like Skid Row.
I like the band. The whole thing makes no sense. I’d rather this dude.
This is what I’m talking about. He’s back. Thank you for that. I want to show a clip
of your judging of the real people
on “Project Runway.” Here’s Karlie Kloss.
Take a look. -Designers, we are changing
things up a little bit. If your mentor,
Mr. Christian Siriano, feels that
an eliminated designer deserves a second chance, they’ll re-enter
the competition. We like to call it
the Siriano Save. A little lifeline. Something to keep in the back
of your mind. -Karlie Kloss, everybody! “Project Runway” premieres
Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on Bravo.

46 thoughts on “Karlie Kloss Judges Jimmy’s Past Red Carpet Fashion Faux Pas

  1. Blah! Why does she have to be the host of Project Runway again…she is horrible. Sorry. I'm entitled my opinion and my opinion is she sucks on that show.

  2. she is not that pretty. I dont understand how can she be a "top model". Her personality is good but thats all. Average body, small boobies, small ass, not perfect skin. Meh.

  3. Last season of Project Runway's winner was so well deserved and the drama was minimal but this season idk. Have to wait and see ig

  4. Jimmy no. Say you didn't wear those things – say it! Who held you hostage Jimmy? Was there a ransom? Oh no Jimbo!

  5. It’s never mentioned how she’s married to Jared Kushner’s brother – not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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