Joy in Clothes – Custom T-Shirt Neck Tag with Transfer Paper

This is Andy with Joy in Clothes here and
today I wanted to invite you to check out one of my processes I do when I make my t-shirts.
Today I had the good fortune to wake up and create something that I really love. This
was something that I made in a short amount of time but I really love how it turned out.
I found this cool design program called “Affinity Designer” and I highly recommend it for Mac.
It’s like photoshop but it’s got a little bit of different features. there’s
a lot of stuff I really like about it, so anyways.. I woke up this morning and I knew
that I was jumping into screen printing so I wanted to have a professional looking neck
tag for my label and my clothing design. So I have here, the actual label that I designed
this morning and I’d like to share that with you now. So here it is.. without further ado..
Joy in Clothes, “When Dressed, We’ve Blessed” And so basically what I do here is you know
I have the cotton, 100% cotton t-shirts and they’re really great and it’s printed
right here in the U.S.A. And I have the website there so people, you know, when I give out
t-shirts as a promo people can, you know, visit the website and check us out. And it’s
got the instructions right there on it. So now, I printed this out, the only thing I’m
worried about is it might be a lil’ too big for smaller shirts, but let’s take a test
run, let’s print this out and actually transfer it onto a shirt and see how it looks. So I
printed out four of the tags onto a single sheet of the red grid transfer paper and had
my Silhouette Cameo cut out the tags. So perfectly cut! The press is hot, and we are ready! What
we’re gonna go ahead and do now is we are going to put our printed image with the neck
tag on the transfer paper and we’re going to apply it to the shirt right where we’d
want our neck tag to be. So, in order to do that, what we need to do first is we need
to get all the moisture out of the t-shirt, and so to do that we press the shirt for about
5-6 maybe even 10 seconds. It’s a little tricky, but what we do here is we actually have to
turn the shirt inside out to get to the back of the neck tag. Okay, so now we gotta line
up our shirt and get it so there are no creases on the platen. So now what we do, is we take
our paper, it’s printed in reverse so that when we put the image down and it transfers
it will be right side up. So then we can just line it up, nice and good. That looks pretty
good there. Cover it with your silicone sheet. And then you just follow the basic guidelines
for pressing. This one is 190 celsius at about 30 seconds. This is a hot peel, so I’m gonna
grab the camera here so we can actually see it when it peels. Alright, I’m gonna peel
this hot. Hoooeee! There you have it folks, give it a lil’ tug. So.. yea! That turned
out pretty good, that was pretty cool. Guys, thanks for watching checking out the process
how we do a neck tag with transfer paper. Again, that was just for fun to see how the
design was going to look as a neck tag but I’m actually going to be burning that into
a silk screen for when I get my screen printing equipment, and so.. yea! I just wanted to
test it out with this t-shirt to see how it looks and how it came out on the transfer
paper and I think it turned out pretty good. Thank you for checking out this video, thank
you for watching. Please subscribe and like and share, I could really use the help right
now getting started with this business. It’s something that I love to do if you don’t know
much about it, I really believe that it’s what I want to do for my future and I really
could take any support, you know if you know anybody that needs a t-shirt made I’ve been
doing this for quite a while and I really put my all into it and it doesn’t matter if
it’s one shirt, 10 shirts, or a million shirts, I always put my best effort into every single
one and make sure they’re always a professional quality. So guys, thanks again for checking
it out. Please stop back and stay tuned, like my Joy in Clothes page on Facebook, and again
you can always call me, email, or even hit me up on Facebook and give me a message let
me know you need a t-shirt or anything. So please feel free and I’ll see you soon!

14 thoughts on “Joy in Clothes – Custom T-Shirt Neck Tag with Transfer Paper

  1. Great Video!!! My question is, Does the transfer paper leave a clear film once its completely pulled off after heat pressed? That transfer that you did looks awesome!!

  2. Andy, digging the Family Fresh hat! That's a pretty sweet heat press setup you've got there. I can't wait to see your ministry/company grow and see where God leads you. Stay blessed, brother.

  3. Hello, was wondering what type of printer and transfer paper you are using to print these labels. Also, were you able to figure out how to transfer labels on dark shirts? Thanks for you help

  4. What heat press are you using and do you have a link?. Also is this just regular transfer paper? Thank you for the video!

  5. Very cool. Thanks for the videos. I have been slowly doing research on how to begin printing shirts from home and your videos have been very helpful.

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