53 thoughts on “John Cena weighs in on Evan Mack’s Halloween costume: WWE’s The Bump, Oct. 30, 2019

  1. Everytime I see the Bump show up in my notifications. I think about those 9 months prior to when my son was born.

  2. I’ll take the four years of stone cold run over the over 15 years of John Cena run any day
    Ratings went up was stone cold so that’s why he’s better

  3. All yall saying "cEnA sUcKs hE rUiNeD ThE rAtInGs" Bruh didn't he carry wwe? 2006-2016 the ratings were pretty good their were bad shows here and there but mostly it was good.. Cm punk and cena literally carried wwe.

  4. How is John Cena the goat if he didn’t win 3 rumbles like Stone Cold? How many matches has he won at WM like undertaker? I think Stone cold and Undertaker are the greatest of all time

  5. this guy should be someones manager or wrestle, they have him on youtube for the past few months and hes pretty entertaining

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