100 thoughts on “Jim’s Pranks Against Dwight – The Office US

  1. Just finished watching the series. The nickles in the phone handset prank is definitely the best. Genius. And they just needed to tell it to make me cry in laugh. Love this show.

  2. Okay, the warmer/colder joke is a bit…unrealistic. So Jim can tell where Dwight is standing without turning his back or looking at Dwights where entered the kitchen area?????????

  3. Pam enjoyed that Asian jim kiss , I bet. After all they got 2 lovely kids together….look at that photo…lol

  4. 3:50 oh no. Am i the only one that would watch as i, myself, poisoned all the coffee so everyone start feeling sick? XD

  5. These pranks are hilarious and genius. But im pretty sure we can all agree, if we had a coworker like jim in real life he would really just come off like an annoying dick.

  6. The all time best prank is the one with Dwight as the sex predator xD

    It’s a shame it never appeared in this video

  7. I always feel better after watching any episode of The Office, The Last True Great Show of the PRE OPPRESION PC SJW CENSORSHIP BLACKLIST ERA! !

  8. Aladdin’s “Speechless”:

    Total Drama Ezekiel:

    Kim Possible’s Shego:

    Carmen Sandiego and Waldo:

  9. Dwight: “ you know what? Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so I thank you .“

    Jim: *takes our bobble head *


  10. Jim is kind of like how my dad was. He pretty much lived to annoy people, especially at work. He’s still alive now though, but a bit more serious.

  11. So Pam just cheated on him at 9:50. Why has no one ever called her out for that. Who cares if it’s a “prank” or if he is an “actor friend”.

  12. I found the little exchange of looks and Pam's revealing the umbrella whilst trying not to crack up hilarious in the final clip

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