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Thank you so much for joining me today You are former spokesperson for culture and infrastructure in “Ungsvenskarna” AKA the Swedish Democrats youth group But you are mostly known as playing guitar in Jimmy Åkessons band “Bedårande Barn” You are also a close friends with this party leader And you were on the election tour with him and the party last year, correct? Yes, that’s completely right and thank you for having me on How come you started playing in the band “Bedårande Barn” and how did the project get started? That’s a two part question really, let’s start with the project beginning – Our singer Marcus Örn Formerly in Noize And fame factory and other programs He came into contact with Jimmy privately And got invited to Surströmming or something like that And Jimmy happened to have a piano there And they got to jamming to some hits together And that’s when some sort of idea grew To make some sort of single together and They released A solo single before I joined them That was called it was called Fädernas Land, and it actually topped on the swedish itunes list immediatly So they realised quickly that, Wow, this was fun And it was good sound So then all of a sudden, the requests came in for concerts And on that road is was! And I was starting to get to know Marcus Around that same time privately, here in Gothenburg Aannd Got asked pretty soon to play with them on a private event With Jimmy, an acoustic event We had a really good time and it worked really well And it’s just rolled on since then The original plan wasn’t to become a band, but now we have been that for four years – That’s really fun! it sounds very genuine Not artificial but natural exactly That music genre isn’t really whats closest to my heart So… For me it’s more like Well, I play with my friends And we have a consensus on all parts privately Both when it comes to music, other interests, or what have you – You can usually hear that through the music When there is this joy and family behind it And now I forgot, what was the second part of the question? Uhhmm, I think you got it! Oh, that’s good! Let’s see here… You were also on the election tour How was it to be on tour? With Sweden’s now biggest party But they are also one of the most hated How was it? Have the angry mobs calmed? How was it? Hmm, that’s an interesting question To be ON the election tour and see it close-up. And experience everything I think we were in about 52 cities, in one months time, so it was quite hectic First off, it was always a big crowd Regardless of where we were, up north or down south Alot of people but what you Saw in media, which made us react How it was all painted and how it got spun In a way that If there were ten people chanting Waaaay back, that you could barely hear It became what was seen in media But that was not at all what we felt Many times, we hadn’t even seen them until we saw the headlines But it was an awesome experience And I talked a lot with our Co-workers that had been on the previous election tours the two previous tours And they said it’s a completely different situation I think five years ago it It was almost like they couldn’t come through with any meetings like, public meeting Too many protests It was like 50/50 protesters and listeners And last year.. it was maybe 95% were there to listen and 5% to protest and shout – that’s a huge difference Huge difference A little bit more [protesters] in some cities Usually university cities which are usually quite red One thing I get to wondering about are the young people touring schools for the party (Ungsvenskarna) how has it been looking for them better there too? About them… I was in that organization for just a really short period Just as a temporary profile since I was in the pary leaders band So it was more of a “status symbol” to be there rather than me being super active But I know Tobias Andersson, who I know very well Who is He is the head of Ungsvenskarna and also a sitting member of parliament For the Swedish Democrats I have been following him a bit in his [School] debates And it does Get pretty hectic at times but it’s the same there, the climate has gotten better A lot better during the last four years It has gone from like really this distancing yourself, From the general public And the people who want to listen, don’t dare to listen or ask questions But today the view is completely different And it’s the same for me privately When I started playing with Jimmy There were quite a few people who distanced themselves Today it is completely different today everyone want to ask questions and are curious So I think its kind of the red thread through all of it All the situations like with the Ungsvenskarna, the party and privately Or just the public debate – I think that’s something that we all have started to notice in one way or another There has started to be another form of acceptance That’s probably also because we see More and more that what the Swedish Democrats have said Since the beginning isn’t all bhjcrap And isn’t just racism here and there but there is some truth behind it all And hmmm, it kind of goes together with What Tobias Andersson says That its a really hectic environment at the schools for the Ungsvenskarna The youths are still in that mindset And it goes together Youths and teenagers are a little more leftist and emotional When it comes to these things That’s true. I have to say I haven’t been public about whether or not I am a Swedish Democrat Not even Jimmy knows Even though we know each other quite well For me it’s not super important What party symbol you support Let’s put it this way: Before I joined Bedårande Barn I wasn’t super interested in Swedish politics For me international politics has been the interesting thing From a more wide angle, a more macro angle globally So it’s more like when you have experienced problems close to home That i really started to deep dive into SWE politics And at about the same time I got asked to play in the band with Jimmy And I never second guessed joining But connected to the thing with young people And schools, I think Absolutely like you say Why it is like it is, but also I think it’s so important for young people to fee part of something And if that’s the General thesis that you’re supposed to not like the Swedish Democrats Then… You do it, without really giving it a second thought or why. And then, on the other side there are rebels That don’t want to fit into the thesis And so then it becomes really easy to join the Swedish Democrats So yeah.. It’s a little bit like us that listened to the wrong music and wore the wrong clothes In middle school, high school [roughly translated different system in sweden] I, myself, was a long haired metal head with leather jacket We didn’t really belong within the frame – Yeah, exactly, me too Well, it’s also that… As a young person you are less likely to see things outside of the black and white You want to just paint things as either being good or evil So then it’s like the Swedish democrats and other… Especially the right wing in particular! Around the world, they are the evil Dark force, that we have to fight and defeat And if you don’t, you yourself are evil – A little bit like that, and it’s strange the way of looking at things And how you can’t just debate the issues When speaking about politics Because i mean, If you are on the good side then you should be right? You could assume It would be quite odd if the evil side were right So then you should easily be able to talk about the issues at hand and win with good arguments It’s really sad how it is. But, as stated previously, there has been a huge change And I think it’s really fun because I think its really fun to talk politics Regardless if it is the Swedish Democrats policies or somebody elses Or just societal topics I find it really intresting And I do that now, I think partly because of the Swedish Democrats. Politics in Sweden is not as gray anymore Now there’s a lot of interest surrounding it Just look at the tour we had You have Square meetings and There are thousands of people showing up in small towns That’s pretty rare I think “In this sort of “civilised” climate that we have” – That’s really really good It’s really good that people are starting to get fired up for politics and their country Because I think that it’s what we have been lacking in sweden for a long time Caring about what’s happening around you And that you carry some kind of pride in it – I find it kind of odd You can ask anyone and People will Will be able to point at endless things that they are proud of in Sweden You can lead the life you want to lead, you can own a company easily, You can go to school whatever it may be You can… Or no you can’t actually Love whoever you want I saw in the news… Was it a Social Democrat That wasn’t allowed to be in love with a Swedish Democrat. – Oh yeah you’re right! So yeah maybe you’re not allowed to do that in sweden Not right now anyways But generally speaking there are endless things to be proud of here Without having to be a nationalist or something similar I think its… Like you say, everything is so black and white I think you should be able to be proud Without having the be called a bunch of things And be painted into a corner – Yeah and I also think that Politics for me is often about You want to reach the same goal You want to fight power corruption and poverty for example But you have different approaches for getting there It starts to be a problem when When you just look at it through one dimension and “your opinion is not only WRONG it’s EVIL” And I think.. If we go back to music because I find the topic left wing ideology and music is quite interesting we can see for example in pop-culture that everything within that sphere is really out of a left wing perspective And music has always been.. You can talk about the temperaments A conservative temperament and a liberal temperament And the liberal temperament is more of the creative one And so naturally [pop-culture] has been more left-leaning But before it has been more general terms Music and movies have been in more general terms about Addiction kills, violence bad, rape bad, Depression kills, those types of things But today everything has to be on the nose So it’s really not Creative anymore You paste Donald Trump into everything. and the Swedish democrats and so forth What do you think about this? Well, yeah, I agree It is like you say It’s really disappointing, that music is some sort of weapon For left-wing politics Which it doesn’t need to be Its of course free range for the music industry to be left leaning, fair enough So be it But it can’t be a weapon, to shut down other opinions I don’t know just look at any form of gala Or program, award show and the like that involves music Then they will try to force some sort of political message into it Me and Marcus, the lead singer in Bedårande Barn, We were at the “Peter Guld” Gala Some years ago and tried to make it through It was a little hard because Because it quickly became… Boring And it was a little more of the same at At the behind the scenes party for the artists It became so clear what That you have to Join the red side, or whatever you may call it You have to be a part of that or you can’t join them It’s really clear in the music industry But… Well, in pop music at least, Pop-culture let’s say. Within rock and metal, were I personally mostly belong It’s a little, a liiittle different climate But I think that’s a little bit because In the metal genre, It’s often a little more You have gone your own way to get there You don’t play metal to become “popular” then it’s pop or something other.. You should be doing I think it’s a little bit about being able to stand your ground and do what you enjoy Then it will also reflect into politics – Hmm, yeah that’s an exciting analysis that I haven’t thought of before Well, that’s probably how it is From my experience at least But at the same time, I have encountered strange situations connected to metal folks too That I know personally, or known rather up until I started playing with Jimmy That really distanced themselves from me So there are those as well But on the other hand I have gotten to know People in the industry that I hadn’t if it wasn’t for me being in the band with Jimmy So there are both sides You are starting to touch on my next question here which is Has your political association With Jimmy and the Swedish Democrats has helped or “ruined” well, ruining is a strong word but prohibited you in you musical career Now I have the luxury of having Other side jobs so I don’t economically depend on just the music So I have been able to make these choices Without having to think of eventual consequences It’s obvious that I have lost some oppurtunities because I played with Jimmy, for sure And uhmm I have been a little bit silenced I have had lawyers come at me I had to remove music from like Youtube or Spotify Because people don’t want to be associated with me So it is on that level, established musicians So there is that side But on the other hand, I feel everyday that I have done the right choice because I now play with friends Whom I know are friends regardless of what I think Even if it isn’t music that I don’t particurlarly like listening to I think it’s really fun to play, and I would chose that any day of the week Ahead of crawling to please the masses And not stand for what I think – Yeah and there is a deeper connection then too Absolutely! To stand together through dissent When it’s so much thrown your way in media Or has done, at least It strengthens the bond between people If you go through that together – I agree But you have your own project now? So you’re not only playing with the band, you are also doing a “single project” or solo- project as it’s called Do you wanna tell us about that? Yes, of course! It’s called Landin Like my last name, is the artist name [Ironically] That’s how creative I was Well the thing is When I was studying university Eight years ago, soon, maybe more I released a music project In cooperation with the school And I did get some song to spin on the radio And then there somewhere for some reason, I didn’t continue, I instead Started doing other things And then I think it might be thanks to Bedårande Barn that I got started with music again And I also had some side projects going And then I turned 30 and was like Should I release something of my own Then it’s now I need to do it, or else it wont get done And I do have some music in my backpocket At the same time that I write new music all the time So then 2019 I released the first two singles Rivers still flow and Light And there are two more on the way that I hope to be released before new years And it will continue to flow It’s super fun I have to say! – Where can we find this music then? Mainly Spotify, under the name Landin or on Facebook Search for Landin there There’s some on Youtube as well But Spotify is probably the easiest That’s cool I want to really thank you for joining me today Is there anything more you’d like to add? Nahh, but yeah, super fun to be on here I think you have a really interesting channel That brings up good questions, with good angles And I think its important for for people in young adulthood, That both you and I are that there is a voice that dares I think that’s really good – Thank you so so much!! Thank you all so much for listening And watched this interview Jesper Landins music and Youtube Channel will be linked in the description of this video. If you liked this video you are very welcome to click like and comment what you think I have a twitter where I am very active and talk about my political opinions and thoughts If you want to support me, I have Swish and Paypal Your donations mean so much to me And they make it so that I can spend more time with my youtube and up the quality of my videos Thank you so much . Bye

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  1. Är det en protestera t-shirt du har på dig? Jag är före detta vänsterpunkare så tycker jag känner igen loggan. Det va ett utav mina favoritband i tonåren.

  2. Great video, I'm always interested to see the pop culture with young people today, in the US we have Nicholas J. Fuentes as a rising star on the conservative side of politics, he is a very hot YouTube personality right now. Thanks for the interesting content!

  3. Good Morning jellybean, great interview. I have always loved the arts. I had a rock band as a teen and now retired I sculpt.
    Possible content for a future youtube video:
    What do you think of Kanye's recent album? Do the swedish young people have an opinion on Kanye?

  4. Yay! English subs on a 20min video right out-of-the-gate. Thanks very much! (I know that takes a fair bit of time to do.)

    Edit: It's also fun for me to pause sometimes to listen to the pronunciations of words. From an English-speaker's point-of-view, the Scandanavian languages are really tricky with the phonetics, even moreso than Slavic ones, so it's actually fun to see how wrong my guesses at pronunciation are or would be. (It kinda makes me want to learn Swedish, though at 30 that'd be quite the effort.)

    Edit again: Hi from Canada! (After that video where you said a ton of Canadians were watching now, I feel like we should send some maple syrup or something as thanks.)

  5. Jag är så glad att jag upptäckt dig, Jellybean! Att du skapar sådana här nyanserade samtal är onekligen vad som behövs i dagens samhälle! Du är en förebild för en underrepresenterad sida som ständigt tystas ner. Personligen vågar jag knappt säga något längre då jag märker att konsekvenserna gör att det kostar mer än det smakar…

    Va stark och stå på dig! <3

  6. I love listening to your interviews while working… but only in English… please… upload more English content. thanks 😉

  7. Det är ju oerhört tragiskt om man inte får älska den man faktiskt älskar oavsett vad den personen har för politiska läggning. Det som står absolut överst på listan av frihet är friheten att älska den man älskar, kan snart tänka mig se en artikel som läser "Per Bolund tvingas avgå från regeringen då Aftonbladet lyckats avslöja att ett av hans barn har lyssnat på Fädernasland på spotify vid upprepade tillfällen." det är helt absurt och befängt.

    Det som är sä väldigt absurt i allt det här är att skillnaden mellan höger och vänster är att skillnaden mellan dom båda är bara att dom ser på samma problem men från olika håll, inget av hållen är helt rätt och inget är helt fel. Om vi ska ta invandring som ett exempel, vänstern ser alla stackars människor som kommer från fattiga länder och bara vill få leva ett bra liv, högern ser dom dåliga personerna som kommer med i den strömmen också för med invandringen så får vi båda sakerna. Så frågan är väl snarare vars balansen skall gå. Om vi ska se på dom statliga bidragen vänstern ser stackars människor som lever fattigt, och högern ser dom som bara mjölkar systemet för att dom är lata. Med statliga bidrag så får vi såklart båda.

  8. Great interview JellyBean Gen and Landin! It's sad to see people try to silence musicians, comedians etc and friends turning their back because of politics. That does not encourage freedom and openess but.. it does show you your true friends. As always, Well done Jellybean Gen!

  9. hello from usa. you have good channel. my favorite Swedish band is Ghost, these guys rock!!! btw we need more english political commentary.

  10. Jag talar inte bra Svensk, men jag licka ockso Sverige Demokraterna. I love hearing the Swedish language videos. They help me with much needed practice for Pratt pa Svenska. It's refreshing to see alternate political opinions and views. Looks like there is hope for my (rip) grandmother's old homeland. She is the main reason I became infatuated with Sweden.

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