hey guys it's Alex and welcome back to my youtube channel so today's video is on some outfit ideas with jeans and heels so I really hope you like it and let's get into it sit for my first outfit I'm wearing a white shirt from ASOS it's actually a really flattering cut so I'll leave a link to it down below over the top I'm putting on this sway jacket from All Saints I absolutely love the color of this I think it's so perfect for nearly all year round especially for the spring summer time my jeans are just a light blue pair from a sausage patty collection and then the heels I'm wearing with this outfit are just these leopard print ones from Priscilla thing I love the stiletto heels on these and just take the leopard print add some more details that outfit and goes perfectly with the jacket should start again [Applause] for our fee number two I'm wearing a dark blue shirt from a sauce just off the shoulders and then underneath I have on a pinstripes bralette from pretty little thing my jeans are again from a sauce they fit me really well they're such a staple in my wardrobe my shoes are so cool I love the snakeskin pattern on them and I also think they just look really flattering too especially if you're shorter just because I feel like they make your legs look longer these are from pretty little thing but yeah I just think this alpha is a perfect mix of dressing casual casual with the jeans but dressy with the hills and the brawler I also feel like if you don't want to wear a shirt you could wear a blazer over this and it would look really really good actually for outfit number three I'm wearing a black lace cami from H&M they don't do this exact one anymore so I'll link some similar ones for you in the description then I've just put on my All Saints leather jacket over my shoulders this is such a great jacket I recommend it to anyone who's looking for one just when you buy it make sure you size down because they do stretch I'll link to it down below along with some cheaper alternatives my jeans are just in a mom style from ASOS and then the shoes I've worn with this are a pair from coy Footwear and they're in like a velvet dark red color these look so great with a tan in my fourth outfit I've just got on a black Bardot top from a sauce and I'm just putting on this light blue denim jacket from Topshop on the top my jeans are my favourite Topshop black Brittany Jamie jeans and I'm wearing this gold circle belt from a sauce around my waist so for my heels I've got on these bright yellow lace at once from pretty little thing I think they're just so cool and they add so much color to our nearly all black outfit so for my fifth outfit my top is wrong press little thing I think I can basically call this a jeans and a nice top outfit so my jeans these are so great they were actually from New Look last year so I'll link some similar pairs down below I just love how rich they are I really love the color of these heels are like a rose gold shade is a lace-up effect where they actually just zip up at the back which makes them so easy to put on and then the black heels make them super comfortable too so I'll link some pairs that look just like them down below in the description these honestly just dress up an outfit so much I actually post a lot of my outfits to my Instagram which will be linked in the description down below if you want to check some more of them out finally in outfit six this is a very light creamy white look my jeans are from River Island and they're not see-through which is so good because I find a lot of white skinny jeans you can see straight through them my jumper is from misguided I've shown this quite a few times in my videos now but it's just so versatile and then for my heels I'm wearing a plain nude strappy pair from quiz these are such a good addition to anyone's wardrobe they're so comfortable and you can literally wear them with anything any color maksoon so that is it everyone I really hope you liked it which outfit was your favorite do you prefer black heels or stilettos I personally like the look of stilettos more but the black heels are just so much more comfortable please subscribe if you do like my videos it really helps me out and yeah have a great day and I'll speech you all in my next one bye guys


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  2. i really loved ur all outfits .. it perfectly matches with heels .

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  4. 00:26 to 00:28 was brilliant Fabulous incredible simply unforgettable wow…you certainly turned heads! mine is twirling…
    LOL ………… look so beautiful i also love your accent as well

  5. Block heels are not more comfortable in the way they put pressure on your midfoot and cut off your circulation because of the strap

  6. I am going to show your picture to my gym trainer so that I could get figure like your's๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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