24 thoughts on “Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake – Superbowl Halftime Show 2004 [DVD RIP | HD]

  1. American's are really quite insane when it comes to sexuality. This whole presentation is nothing but sex, sex and more sex. And everyone is 100% perfectly cool with it. Let you children watch it no problem. But show a woman's breast and it's — "OH MY GOD!!!!!" Oh that was horrible!!! Like no one's ever seen a breast before.

  2. The worst is you can really see neither of them meant for that to happen, Janet is alarmed and Justin is stunned like "wait what". But of course Janet took all the blame.

  3. I so wish this would happened today and people would actually stand for Janet instead of blaming her after Justin fucking ripped her clothes off on purpose. That’s crazy.

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