Jacket Cooling Water System

The engine has two cooling water systems
one high-temperature jacket water system and one low temperature system only the
high temperature system would be described here the high temperature
system is a freshwater cooling system during operation or just after the
engine has been stopped most of the engine will be hot touching the engine
parts may cause burns in this system be especially aware of the following parts
cooling water pipes may get up to 90 degrees Celsius the operator should
always be aware of the high water temperature when working with parts of
the cooling water system pay attention to how the additives are stored the
additives to the cooling water may involve a health risk especially when
highly concentrated the operators are responsible for keeping updated with the
producers warnings on the containers or data sheets parts of the engine to be
cooled by the jacket water system is a cylinder block the cylinder liners the
cylinder heads and the turbocharger control of cooling water quality is very
important to prevent corrosion sediments and surface growth in the jacket water
cooling system it is important to use inhibitors in the jacket water both for
fresh water and for distilled water when using inhibitors the service
instructions have to be followed very carefully with respect to the water
quality supplement volume treatment and storage changing high temperature
cooling water empty and flush the cooling system thoroughly before
commencing treatment to remove as much sludge and rest as possible if the
system is exceptionally rusty it is advisable to repeat this procedure
after the first week or two of treatment click the components for further
information the jacket water pump is an engine-driven centrifugal pump type it
delivers water for cooling the turbocharger and the high-temperature
section of charge air cooler for engines equipped with two stage charge air
cooler the roller bearings are lubricated by the main lube oil system do not operate without proper water
supply this will destroy the pump if observing lubricating oil or water
coming through the telltale hole replace both sealing rings to ensure
satisfactory sealing the heater module consists of an electric pump with
electric element the purpose of the heater module is to keep the engine
temperature at approximately 50 degrees Celsius while the engine is in standby
mode never operate without proper water supply because that will destroy the
ceramic seals in the pump immediately the purpose of the regulating valve is
to adjust the jacket water flow rate the jacket water cooler removes heat from
the jacket water and transfers it to the raw seawater system the plate heat
exchanger consists of edge clamped frames within which a number of plates
and gaskets are compressed it is of great importance to inspect the
high temperature water cooler during the running in period in order to gain
experience to determine the correct intervals for cleaning when the call is
out of operation for a longer period empty it open it and clean it cleaning
of the plates is important to restrict corrosion and to keep the heat transfer
rate at a maximum level plate exchangers should be inspected and cleaned at
regular intervals

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