Is Harry Styles better without One Direction?

Harry Styles is back with new music! He became
famous thanks to being a part of the biggest boyband on the planet aka One Direction. So
now let’s have a throwback to how it all started for him! What was he like before his
life changed? What’s his way of dealing with popularity? Who’s on the list of his
winter girlfriends? It’s Marky Mark and stay with me to find out all the details of
Harry Styles’ solo venture and who inspires his songs!
Harry Edward Styles was born on February 1, 1994, in Redditch, UK. He is the second child
to Desmond Styles and Anne Cox and he has an older sister, Gemma. When he was little,
he moved with his family to a small town, Holmes Chapel, where he grew up, went to school,
and developed his interest in music. Did you know he was a baker? I mean, he worked in
a bakery, but if you know what I mean, you know. When he was 7 years old, his parents
divorced. His mother remarried to Robin Twist, who unfortunately passed away in 2017 after
a battle with cancer. How did that affect Harry? I’ll tell you about it in a moment.
Harry’s childhood wasn’t very different from that of his friends. It’s just that
he had a great love for music. Styles has always loved singing and showed a huge talent,
performing songs of Elvis Presley that his dad introduced to him. Did you know he kinda
dropped his previous band to be in One Direction? Because when he was a teenager, Styles was
the lead singer of the band White Eskimo. They even won a few local competitions. When
he was in One Direction, Harry learned to play the guitar, and the piano.
But how do you go from being in a local band to a group that half of the world is obsessed
with? It was all because his mom persuaded the 16-year-old Styles to audition for the
seventh season of the British X Factor. He admitted that he’d planned to do it before,
but he was too young. So in April 2010 he performed Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely,”
the judges liked it and he went to bootcamp. But that’s where his journey was supposed
to end. Four other boys from his group also didn’t
make it through bootcamp because the judges decided that Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson,
Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan weren’t good enough to make it solo! Really? Can you
imagine that when you think of where they are right now?! But everything happens for
a reason! According to Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger, the boys were too good to let
them go so they came up with an idea to put them into a group. Well, wasn’t that a great
decision? Simon’s bank account without a doubt approves of it too!
So this is how One Direction was created, and the name of the group was actually invented
by Styles. While on The X Factor the band quickly gained popularity in the UK. They
got to the final of the show, but finished third, behind Rebecca Ferguson and the winner,
Matt Cardle. But the third place wasn’t the last of One
Direction and soon the whole world went crazy over these five boys. So they were the winners
anyway, with several million views of each video posted on Youtube. Their first single
What Makes You Beautiful got more than 1 billion views! It really was a huge milestone for
them! Unfortunately, in August 2015, the band announced
a hiatus because the boys needed to rest and wanted to focus on solo projects. During the
five very busy years of the band’s activity, they released 5 albums, sold an impressive
number of over 70 million records worldwide, and their 2014 tour was and still is the highest
grossing tour of all time by a vocal group. Over those years, the band had won literally
every award they were nominated for. Doesn’t it say a lot about their fans? Because of
that, Harry has multiple important music trophies, including the BRITs, American Music Awards,
Billboard Music Awards and many, many others. Their singles, which were played by radio
stations almost all around the world, will also go down in history.
Harry Styles, who was the youngest member of One Direction, co-wrote the group’s songs
and also helped other artists with their music. For instance, he wrote “Just a Little Bit
of Your Heart” for Ariana Grande. He is also the co-writer of the soundtrack to the movie
“Love, Simon”. Styles debuted with his solo music in May
2017 with an album simply titled Harry Styles. The promo single “Sign of the Times” on the
day of the release reached the top of the iTunes charts in over 84 countries! And Styles’
album became the best selling debut album by a male British artist. His first solo tour
sold out in just a few minutes but what else could you expect with a fanbase like that?!
Harry wrote all the songs on his debut album himself and then mastered them with his producers
in a studio in Jamaica. Did you know that he wrote his biggest solo hit in just an hour!
I guess he had a lot of practice in One Direction when they had to write their albums in two
weeks? But Styles is not an artist who explains the
lyrics of his songs. He prefers when people interpret them how they want, and take what
they want from them. In addition, this guy who likes reading said that one of his favorite
authors is Charles Bukowski, and apparently, the writer’s works were what inspired the
songs “Woman” and “Only Angel”. But that’s not all! Harry tried something
different and in 2017, he made his debut as an actor! And it was quite a successful start
in the new industry. He starred in the movie “Dunkirk” about World War II. Have you guys
seen it? The production got positive reviews from the
critics and became one of the highest-grossing movies of summer 2018. Will he star in another
movie again? Who knows, right now Harry definitely sticks to music.
But he was even considered as one of the candidates for the role of Prince Eric in Disney’s
Little Mermaid, but Styles turned down the offer. There were also rumors that the singer
was supposed to play Elvis Presley in the upcoming biographical movie about the rock
and roll king. In the end, Austin Butler, aka Vanessa Hudgens’ boyfriend will play
the legendary singer. And while Harry’s fans from all over the world
follow his career, Styles prefers to keep his private life as secret as possible and
doesn’t want to reveal any details of it. It isn’t that surprising when you have millions
of fans who want to know your every move and some of them are basically like detectives.
Do you think it’s a good thing that protecting privacy is a priority for him? You can see
it on his Instagram account, which is currently followed by almost 25 million people. Recently
he finally posted something there, after more than a year of silence! The post announced
the release of his new music. And things related to his professional life with robotic captions
are the only things he shares online, nothing more!
Of course, when you’re a worldwide famous star, there is no way that tabloids and fans
won’t be interested in your personal life. The list of women Harry’s been linked to
is quite long since during his time in One Direction he’s been a bit of a player, and
among the singer’s relationships, there are many unconfirmed rumors. How is it that a
guy who has been ranked among the sexiest men in the world can’t settle down with
anyone? His most controversial relationship was with
the British presenter Caroline Flack. They met when she was the host on the X-Factor
and they were together for a short time at the end of 2011. The thing that was problematic
in their relationship was the age difference of 14 years. She was 32 and he hadn’t even
turned 18 yet! Later Styles was seen with the model Emma
Ostilly, who appeared in One Direction’s music video for “Gotta Be You”.
Now I’m gonna tell you about the list of his “winter girlfriends” who were given
that name by his fans. Why were they called that? Because this guy would stay single for
the whole year but every November he was out with a new fling and then he dropped them
in February. His most public relationships were with Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.
He was spotted with the pop star in 2012 and they spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve
together. He even took her to his hometown! It’s quite possible that several of Taylor’s
songs from her album 1989 refer to this relationship. Just check out the lyrics to Style and Out
of the Woods. Then, at the end of 2013, he was out at dinner with Kendall Jenner. It’s
very likely that these two just hooked up. They have mutual friends and they were seen
together many times again in the following years. Oh and obviously I couldn’t forget
that yacht holiday around the New Year at the end of 2015.
To round up the list of his “winter flings” in 2014 ha was rumored to have had affairs
with other Victoria’s Secret models, Nadine Leopold and Sara Sampaio. Don’t you think
Harry has a type? Well, Harry’s last “official” relationship
was in 2017 with the French model Camille Rowe. Even though the relationship seemed
pretty serious, they broke up in 2018. It seems that they really were in love and remained
friends because after the breakup they were still seen together. Then it was rumored that
Styles started dating the model Kiko Mizuhara and they even spent his 25th birthday together.
Despite that, she claimed that she never met him! Do you think she was trying to protect
herself from his… very dedicated fans? Despite his numerous affairs with models,
the media also focus on Styles’ sexual orientation but he has repeatedly refused to label it.
As he says, everyone should be just who they want to be. On the other hand, why do people
ask him such personal questions? Styles confessed that he never felt the need to talk about
it publicly and label his sexuality. Harry also revealed that he is quite old-fashioned
when it comes to relationships. He likes to take his dates for dinner, where they can
talk and get to know each other. And the image of him as a ladiesman created by the media
is not real. It’s because he grew up around his mother and sister, so he has a lot of
respect for women. He said that he hates being called a womanizer and doesn’t like it when
people say that he’s into older women. Anyway, music is the most important thing
for him at the moment. It’s crazy how in just a few years, Harry Styles went from an
ordinary teenager to a huge popstar. His fortune is currently valued at $72 million! This makes
Harry the richest member of One Direction. However, he assures that despite the fame
and money, he managed to stay relatively normal. He says he has good friends and family around
him, so that helped him to stay grounded. What’s more, Harry is known for his charity
work. When he was in One Direction, he and his friends did a lot to help others. And
he still continues to do so, mainly supporting organizations that provide care for adults
and children with cancer. It seems that he chose this cause because it was the illness
that took his stepfather. Styles also supports various social movements. He has been a supporter
of the LGBT community and of gender equality. At almost every show he waves a rainbow flag
on stage. He also advocates for ending gun violence in the United States. How do we know
that? He put a sticker with a slogan on his guitar.
And just very recently Harry released the first single from his new album which is coming
out in December. The song titled Lights Up, like all the previous ones, was well received
by fans. But it was the music video that literally made them lose their minds. Why? Take a look…
So Harry’s new music is finally here! Are you excited for his new album? Do you think
it will be as good as the previous one? Or maybe you think that it will be even better?
And what do you think about Harry Styles? Do you think he will join One Direction if
they decide to make a comeback? Let’s talk about it in the comments and don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel to become a part of the CurioSips family! See you next time!

31 thoughts on “Is Harry Styles better without One Direction?

  1. I think Harry has excelled from being on his own because his musical tastes are different and I think the image 1D created is not who he is now. I love seeing him being free. You're taking the same old rumors and rehashing them. You keep saying "it was rumored. it was rumored" He has been photographed with and "rumored" to be with a lot of women and given this label as a player and that is totally created by the media. And people wonder why he's so private.

  2. harry was amazing in one direction but i have to say i feel like hes better off without one direction only because i feel like he gets to express himself more which makes his music his own so… ya I LOVE YOU HARRY NO MATTER WHAT

  3. Personally I think this is dumb! why does Harry have to 'choose' lots of big artists in the past have done solo stuff and still done stuff with their respective bands, Robbie Williams often does his own thing, but then he will still do stuff with Take That, Freddie Mercury did some solo stuff but still did Queen and there are loads of other examples, He can only be his biggest and best by embracing everything.
    All those boys need to do is stop arguing and sort it the hell out.

  4. Hell yes he is! He is the reason I paid attention to them and I did like them but he was IT. I knew they’d split and when they did I was very happy because I knew Harry would finally do something for himself and we’d get to see just him. I knew he’d be incredible. I’m so proud of that man and how far he has come. Also, you said Gemma wrong.

  5. they all are. niall and zayn both have really good solo careers too. i still think theyll have a reunion eventually though

  6. I think the band was a good way for all of the boys to find their niche if you get what I mean, they were young yes but to become who they are today they needed that band experience and it's made them wonderful young men. I'm glad to see them all flourishing and doing what makes them happy ?

  7. all the boys – (MEN NOW) are doing great things with their solo careers – they are all individually talented and have such a different vibe from each other, it's interesting to watch them flourish on their own. I'm glad they had the five years together – it was a huge global success that they went through together and I bet none of them would change that for anything. I bet one day they will have a reunion of one type or another… probably for some kind of charity event

  8. This video was honestly not a good depiction of Harry at all. It’s so annoying that everyone asks this question when he has said before that he loved being in the band and it made him who he is today. He needed one direction, it was perfect for him at the time. Yes, he is more of a rockstar type now and all the boys are doing something completely different which makes it hard to imagine them back together, but they love their fans and want to make them happy. Right now is not a good time for them to get back together, but the time will come and they will come back on their own terms and have a say in what they do unlike before. They need their contract to end before they come back so they can leave their old management and record label. The reason they are happier solo right now is not because of the fans, their band mates, or even necessarily the music. It’s because of who was in charge of them, but no one talks about how awful that part was for them the media just makes videos like this to make Harry seem selfish even though they all went solo and make it seem like he carried the band. The true fans are the ones who made their careers, and we know that they’re all equal

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