Interview With Fashion Designer Joseph Altuzarra | Neiman Marcus

[MUSIC PLAYING] I really respond to the
idea of ease and pragmatism. And this idea that women
today who travel, who work, and who need their
wardrobe to be versatile, they don’t want to be bogged
down by their wardrobe. They want their wardrobe
to work for them. [MUSIC PLAYING] I start with what I’m
most inspired by, working on the essence of the
collection and the heart of it almost, and then sort
of building around it. And I throw it on the paper. I draw a lot, and then put things
on the wall, start editing down. I think that there is an emotional
response to something that you can see, and that you can touch, and you can
feel the hand of the person who made it. Here’s the craft. I mean that idea that things
that are actually hand applied. We developed these really beautiful–
they were meant to look like ceramic. They’re actually metal,
but then they’re painted to look like they’re a ceramic button. And I think it’s such an important
part now of how we make clothes and what customers relate to, is
sort of seeing the hand of the maker. So we did a lot of this kind of
embroidery on these broderie angalise, like eyelet fabrics, and I
really wanted to do it on cotton. And this is actually this really
interesting mix of hand painting, bleaching, dip-dyeing, and tie-dye. The idea behind a lot
of the trims was that I wanted to go back to something that
felt really natural to this idea of sort of the twine. I liked in the color palette as well,
there was almost kind of a terra cotta brick and more kind of red-faced brown
that I thought had a real beauty to it. A lot of the colors came
from the Basque landscape and there’s an earthiness I think. This pant is really a
cornerstone of our silhouette. Fit in the thigh, it’s a
little flared on the bottom. I really enjoy the process. I really love– I love to draw, I
love to work with the factories, I love to work with incredible
tailors, incredible pattern makers, incredible sewers. And I think it makes me also a better
designer in the end of the day.

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