hi everyone, welcome to my video from paris we are in the appartment in paris this is the view we are very high my husband works in paris and we have this appartment through his work dapper already feels at home here its a bit different then at academy bartels as you know, my dog Dapper was a stray dog and in her new life she traveled ecross europe and she already met some chique french dogs on my instagram I asked you what you would like to see in paris so immidiatly I got answeres like seeing a shopvlog i understand this ofcourse because paris is the city of fashion i have to confess…I am not a big fan of shopping i rarely buy something so embarrissing .. if i buy something, i prefer good quality or something special with a story i do not like fast food fashion i thought i also worked as a model a very long time ago…because i am very old i believe it is something like 20 years ago i worked as a model but i can show you some of my portfolio photos i can explain what modeling is in the past…i dont know how it works today, but in the past you got scouted then you were a “choosen one” with the right measurements and look then you start working for an agency and go around to castings with your portfolio and living in an appartement with other models in a fashion city then it is the meaning you try to get jobs, like getting a editorial in Vogue etc.. Vogue is a big fish but this type of jobs..also commercial jobs i most admit something…i was a very bad model i was super short and my skin was not clear and i was super insecure today i have more confidence then when i had that age but it was a super cool experience i started as a model in Milan and this was also the first time in my life flying in an airplane that was super scary..but also super adventurous it was a super fun time at all the castings i went i was always the smallest model but i got some nice jobs but the runway i loved the most and to get a lot of runway calls, I was too small if you have a good lengt for runway you can get much more jobs we are in the shopping center galerie lafayette and Dapper is with me so beautifull thos details and colors here you can go on the picture there is an overfew if it had something to do with horses i would have went there nice idea for a helmet stella mccartney does not use animal leather i wanted to see what is here but dapper does not want to come. she got scared arriana grande is vegan this is the lable safe the duck they do not use animal filler what do you think my little street hero? you like it here? in paris you can eat easyly vegan. lot of vegan options here i got cappucino di soya nice we are in an other vegan restaurant its called ‘so nat its very populair this is it. and here are pita wraps i finish this video. hope you liked to be with me in paris dont forgot to like and subscribe


  1. vorig jaar ben ik ook in Parijs geweest en waar jij langs bent geweest!
    en ook boven in galerie de lafayette geweest, echt een aanrader!

  2. Dit is echt een leuk kanaal!!!!!!!!!🐎🐎🐎🐴🦄 Ik vind dat Jolanda goed dressuur kan rijden ik wil ook wel naar Parijs!!!!!!😍😍😂😂🤗🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐴🐴🐴🐴🐎🐎

  3. Mijn echte naam is ook Italiaans😊 mijn naam is kratjella. Ben gewoon in Nederland geboren, alleen sommige mensen zeggen dat ik iets van een Italiaan weg heb🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
    Terwel ik dat niet vind 🤪

  4. Leuk om eens een andere kant van jouw leven te zien. Prachtige foto's, en je hebt een mooie stijl. Weer eens wat anders dan de paardrijkleding 😉 
    Fijn om via het werk van je man zo af en toe naar Parijs te kunnen gaan, het is een fantastische stad!

  5. Super leuke video! Love Parijs! Ik vind Season altijd een heel leuk eettentje daar. Hebben ze ook veel vegan dingetjes ☺️

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