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Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer
Decorates. This video is all about decorating day so stay tuned. Decorating day is here again. We’ve got this
adorable house behind me. We’re waiting on the guys to get here
because we had to win a big U-Haul truck for this job. When you first enter the home, the dining
room is what greets you. This is a beautiful open dining room. We kept
things pretty simple. If you look at the light fixture, it’s a black iron light
fixture. Very soft and soothing. Of course you know I’m gonna have to have some
drapes in every design and we hung them high up on the window. We also chose a
black rod that kind of mimics the black that is in the light fixture. Now these
are just stationary but yet the colors are absolutely beautiful and they match
the chairs. Our clients found this table. They had to find a unique size to fit in
this room but we added the chairs. We have a grey striped chair and I love the
chairs on the end to be a little bit taller. These have a plus because they also roll.
To me, this barn art is the absolute wow factor
in the entire room. Not only can people see it as they’re entering the house,
this is a 60 by 40 piece of art that’s made of wood. It’s absolutely stunning
and again some of the black also mimics the black that we have in the curtain
iron as well as the light fixture. So it took some searching but because we
wanted to find a piece that would fit in this area that wasn’t too wide and
the depth wasn’t coming out too far. This was a perfect one. We placed a mirror on
top which just highlights the light fixture but the other thing I like is it
allows another place for us to have lighting because just overhead lighting
does not create that really warm and cozy feeling. So this is an open floor concept in this
home. I love an open concept. The living room kind of looks over into the
kitchen and eating area. Come on in and let me show you a few things. We got to
start with a completely blank palette which I absolutely loved. One thing
we did was, we had a custom couch made that fit perfectly into this space. Then
we decided what would be beautiful was to have two mirrors that hang above the couch and
again that mimics the light fixtures that’s in the kitchen and that’s more
light in the entire area. So in the living area, after we figured out the
right size for the sectional, I found a coffee table that was just the right
size that wasn’t overpowering in the room but what helped it fit in the area and
not become visually crowded was that the bottom of the coffee table is open. Then
we just placed an in table on the other side of the sectional again, adding more
ambient lighting. We placed two chairs in here and we made sure they were swivel
because when you have an open concept, maybe you want to talk to somebody on the
couch, maybe you want a holler over to somebody in the kitchen. So swivels are the
perfect choice for an open-concept floor plan. The other thing we did was we added
drapes into the room. They have these neat light fixtures that were above the
windows so instead of taking the rod all the way across the wall, we cut down the
rod and mounted it on the left side of this window and then
on the other window we mimicked the same thing except mounting it on the right
side. This is a happy kitchen I’m all about having a happy kitchen. We spend so
much time in the kitchen with friends and the family. We found a round table that
fit in his space perfectly. It’s 48 inches round. Now my client did some
shopping on her own as well and we’ve worked together and she was fabulous at
finding things. She found these antique chairs that she painted black and they
really looked beautiful with this white distressed table. On the top, I just put
a bowl with some green apples. I love adding a little bit of a pop of green to my design and
this makes it really easy to clear the table off whether you gonna play games
for eat. I’m going to show you the master bedroom. I have to
tell you the cutest thing my client said when she saw this room was she was so
excited to have a grown-up bedroom. So come on in and let me show you. We did a
simple tufted headboard, some beautiful bedding, added two nightstands on the end
with two matching lamps. I’m kind of all about having matching lamps on each side
and then of course- drapes. Very beautiful soft drapes that we hung high up on the
ceiling. You guys have met Cole before. So, Cole
other than working with me what was your favorite thing about this design really?
The client loved all the natural elements of the farmhouse style and
I loved that we implemented that with all the galvanized and natural woods and
the whitewashed finishes but you also brought in a lot of warm textures in the
linens and the drapes and in the rugs and the pillows and it really warmed up
the space. Kind of kept it timeless. It’s got a style but it’s still kind of timeless. It’s
timeless and classic. We had a great time. Well this was a job that took us all day
long but we absolutely loved it and I want to thank my clients for letting us
film this and sharing it with you. I hope you found something that maybe you can
implement in your own design. Be sure to subscribe to my channel. Hit that bell
because that’s going to notify you when I have a new video out. Have a wonderful day!

46 thoughts on “Interior Design| Modern Farmhouse Style

  1. Can I get the information on the custom couch? I am looking for the same thing here in Canada. I love that style and shape of the couch.

  2. Beautiful as always, I like the modern take on the farmhouse decor. Next, they need to work on hiding the cords from the TV.

  3. Beautiful! Great job. Question, the galvanized oil lamp in kitchen area, where can that be purchased. I โค๏ธ it. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. What a lovely home! You did a wonderful job of decorating it. Can you please tell me the source for the watering can lamp?

  5. This home looks beautiful. I agree, that it really has a timelessness to it. Great job! I really like the barn picture in the dining room. Would you share where you purchased it, please?

  6. I don't understand why you don't have the drapes able to close when they are that close to the road. Anyone driving by can just see in

  7. I love the bedside lamps, I feel like I should buy a pair of second hand lamps and give them a distresssed paint effect. Also the night stands look so country, I'm sure I could get this look myself with some paint and a bit of hard work.. Thank you Jennifer, this home looks beautiful.

  8. Jennifer… you went to the wrong house !!! I think ALL OF THAT was to come to Central New York to me !

    I can not say one thing I would make different! I think I just witness the perfect layout… colors…. room size… furniture design….EVERYTHING … LOVE LOVE LOVE !!

    How I love everything you touch lady!! AND THAT BARN PICTURE! My heart stopped! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ


  9. Beautiful but just one thing , lack of window treatments, are they in a neighborhood and it doesn't look like one could pull the living room treatments closed ? I love everything ..

  10. Love the decor in this home. Everything is so warm and cozy. The furniture pieces go together perfectly

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