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– Happy Halloween! And welcome to
“Junk Drawer Magic,” where we teach you magic tricks with the things you find
in your junk drawer. – Happy Halloween, everyone. – What is this? – I dressed as my
favorite holiday. I’m a Thanksgiving turkey. – That’s a chicken costume. – No, it’s not! The guy said that this
was a turkey costume. I even got it at a discount… (screams) It is a chicken. – Oh, don’t worry, Walker. Costumes are pretty easy to fix. With a little bit of magic. – How are you gonna
get a good costume from this piece of cardboard? – Don’t be so doubtful. All I have to do is give it a
little wave of my hand, and… a mask with a whole costume. – Whoa, I want to try. Nothing’s happening. – Well, maybe I should
teach you the trick first. We’ll show you how to
do this trick right now. Let’s go to the junk drawer. For this trick, you’ll need: a werewolf Halloween costume,
a piece of strong cardboard, thread, a safety pin, tape,
a black shirt, a flannel, two magnets, and a glue gun. To start, pull out
a piece of string around two feet and cut it. Grab a piece of
double-sided tape and wrap your string around it. Place it in the corner
of your cardboard and secure it with packing tape. Now do the same with the
other side of your string. You want the string to
hang down about an inch. Next, put double-stick
tape on your magnet, tape it to the string, and
wrap Scotch tape all around it. Now draw the outline of a head
and write “Place Head Here.” Flip your cardboard
over, like this. Draw the shape of a wolf. And write “Instant
Halloween Costume.” Now we’re gonna put a
magnet inside our mask. Use hot glue to secure
your magnet inside towards the top of the forehead. Now I’m just gonna go real quick and put the rest
of my costume on. That’s better. Now we’re gonna
build our fake shirt. Grab your black shirt
and cut out the front. You’re gonna cut
along here and here. Then, pin your shirt to the
top left inside your flannel. And that’s all the prep. Now for the trick. Start with your cardboard
here, hiding the mask. Once your audience has seen
the PLACE HEAD HERE sign, put your cardboard
down on the table, showing them the INSTANT
HALLOWEEN COSTUME. Pick up your cardboard like this and take the mask as you go. Make sure you don’t
flash the audience with the werewolf mask. Once you have it like this,
put the mask on your head. Hold the forehead of
the mask like this and pull your cardboard
to release the magnets. Once you’re sure the mask is on, move the cardboard
to reveal your face. While your face is revealed, cover your shirt and
pull it like this. Flap your flannel to
make sure it tucks away. Then reveal your full costume. And that’s the trick. – Cool. I’m gonna try. (intense music) Bawk! Thanks for watching
“Junk Drawer Magic.” – So you’re sticking
with chicken. – Oh, I’m no mere chicken. I’m Bawker, the Magical Chicken. Bawk, bawk! Would you like to
see a magic trick? – That is the worst costume
idea I have ever heard. I mean, it’s just so,
what does it even mean? Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk. Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk. Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk,
bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk.

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