Inside Out Fear Costume!

It’s okay fear, Joy is here. Welcome to Pins and Things. Today we’re going to be making this fear costume from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. To start off we’re going to have black shoes that are just plain black dress shoes Then some blue dress pants. Next we have a checkered vest And they’re very easy to make if you pick up a pattern you can do it that way or you can check out local thrift stores, and that’s very easy to get. Underneath that we have a light blue striped shirt then a red bow tie. Then for the glasses we have the eyeballs are attached to some novelty glasses that we got at a dollar store and just popped out the lenses, you can see the purple Attached to that we have hot glued these cutouts of felt, one is bigger than the other and then we made sure to have holes here so that he can see Attached to the back of the white for the eyes, we have two plastic cups that are see-through and then felt cut out in the shape of eyebrows on the top of that also, glued down. Then because they’re a little bit hard to stay on his face with the weight in the front We’ve attached some pipe cleaners that are black with hot glue That he can twist at the back of his head to hold the glasses on. For the top of his head, he has a little black pipe cleaner in the shape of a question mark and we’ve just attached that to a black headband, and it’s very simple So I hope you liked this video. Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Also, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or you can follow me at The Beach House on my Daily Vlogging Channel

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