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  1. HI! What was your favorite look?! For FRENCH subtitles cliquer sur l'icon cc 🙂 LOVE YOU! Also update video and vlogs coming soon 💖 thanks for watching!

  2. I’m going as female heath ledger joker! I’m really excited cause it’s my first ever Halloween costume(my country doesn’t really do Halloween lol) but I’m also nervous that I won’t do it justice.

  3. I LOVE THEM ALL😱😍 i’ven wacthing A LOT of videos for halloween costumes but nothing insteresting
    But you, you’re queen girl♥️

  4. I'm dressing up as Robert smith but also my other costume is gonna have just eyes. Eyes on my face. Eyes on my face. Eyes on my shoulders. Hehe

  5. One of the best video I've seen about halloween !! i love the cover of wicked game and the fact that's someone is yelling the song

  6. I plan on going as the countess from AHS. It’s easy, you can «gore it up», it’s a great excuse for being glam and diva af and being sexy and scary at the same time.

  7. this was so cool! i’m being lydia deetz this year, i’m just wearing a black dress with lace sleeves and neckline and some black lace tights and boots. it’s not exactly like anything she wears but i think the feel of the outfit has many lydia vibes. 🖤

  8. Before I even saw this my best friend and I were carrie and nancy this year!! Every time I try to look at costume ideas, this is what I wanna see. I love this video so much

  9. As soon as i see that Mask look and yellow coat i started laughing remembering all hilarious scenes aaand then it hit me, i have yellow coat and no make up talent whatsoever soo in short you saved me!Thanks! Subscribed :*

  10. My friend is absolutely obsessed with the Craft so I HAD to send this to her (even tho she's going as JD from Heathers lol). As for me, I'm going as Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice!

  11. Superbe vidéo !! Je m'abonne direct 🙂 on a sûrement du te poser la question pleins de fois mais comment ca se fait que tu parles en anglais mals que les titres et barres d'infos soient en francais ?

  12. Im so sad. Ive been so sickk and tired to even attend this halloween party i ACTUALLY had to pay for ugh. And im just out of it. Thus, i ended up becoming a bored sexytary zombie. Lame ass

    But these are reallllyy good ideas i wanna try again omg. Also the editing?!?!💯💯👀

  13. i'm going to a halloween party tonight, and i had really struggled to find a costume, and after dozens of makeup looks i decided on bob ross! all you need is a blue shirt, some jeans , curly hair + a beard, and then you'll need a paintbrush and pallete for props! super fun and SUPER easy!

  14. I would really love to go as a dope ass movie character like this, but my uncultured friends don’t know any vintage classics :/

  15. This video is so cool, I absolutely love the songs, the pictures, the way you edited it, everything ! And also did anyone found the title of the first song ?

  16. I haven’t seen a fashion video on YouTube tht is genuinely good, well shot, and has personality In forever. This was great, checking out channel now lol

  17. I own nothing even close to the clothes in this vids. Just like with every Halloween costume vid ever.

    The video itself is good though

  18. This is the first video I have ever seen of yours and I'm dying!

    The first look was awesome. Recognisable but not exact which I like. People change clothes. The Mask was good but you forgot to do something with your ears. (Paint green or do a bald cap over the ears and paint it green). Still good tho. (( and I'm dying from the explanation about the smoke bomb because I was wondering about the expression of absolute terror and lack of movement. I thought there was a deleted scene from that movie I missed).
    And bless your heart with that Carrie look….edible does not = contact safe.

    My favourite was Cruella. With an honorable mention to Carrie. I'm definitely gonna check out your channel content now that I've seen this one.

    Happy Halloween.

    Final note: I never check when a video was released and the YouTube algorithm has been recommending things from 2015 so if this is an old video… I still hope you have a good Halloween!!

  19. This is legit really cool, I’m weaving fairy lights through a poncho to make a bit of an excessively glowy anglerfish, and also using vines and stuff to go as Mother Nature for my other costume 🙂

  20. I went as Rose Mary one year (had the short hair and pixie face) and got horrible looks for being so pregnant and drinking….heavily.

    Best Cruella costume had a skinned puppy as her companion costume…

  21. I'm going as eleven from stranger things I love the show so much though I'm also gonna look for look for some clothes that are Nancy Downs' clothes idk

  22. i am so happy you did this, many people just try on costumes that look like lingerie from fashion nova or put on cat ears with a black swimsuit (no slut shaming or judging 'slutty' costumes, but it kinda gets old) so this feels like a breath of fresh air, thankyou <3

  23. I actually recreated Nancy Downs’ look when she goes to the party! But I’ll be dressing as Lydia Deetz for Halloween (:

  24. Your depiction as nancy makes my heart stops for a while because goddd you're so gorgeous??? And I love your editing skills?? Ugh queen 😍🥺

  25. This is by far the best costumes video I have seen and damn the editing is just so different from everything you see on yt!

  26. 6:20 where can i get this silver thick chain/necklace around your neck? i don't know what its called and i've been looking for it for ages <3

  27. Really love how you mixed the clips from cult movies with iconic music and your own outfit ideas. Great way to do this, much more interesting than most!

  28. Ahhhh love this!!! I decided to go to a halloween party last minute, and I went as Carrie, it was super easy and almost everything I used I thrifted. I had so much fun, and I ended up winning my first costume contest!!🌹

    Hope everyone is enjoying sp00py szn!! 🎃🔮👻

  29. You had rosemarys baby in your intro and really wanted to see your version 😭 though I was just rosemary and it is a super easy diy costume!

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