Iced Out Watches – Are Bustdown Diamond Pieces Going Out Of Style?

This video, we’re gonna be talking about bustdown
watches. Has the iced out trend finally started to
melt? This video is sponsored by Ferrari of Fort
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Ferrari of Long Island, in the link below. [opening music] So bust down watches or “iced out watches,”
however it is that you like to call it had been very popular for the last twenty years,
or maybe better yet, maybe like 15. However, there’s been a history throughout
this trend and I’m gonna go over first of how it started and where we are at right now. So in the beginning, there was only thirty
six millimeter Presidentials iced out. These go back all the way to No Limit with
Master P all the way to Birdman and the whole Cast Money Squad. That’s what really started off with the bustdown
watches. So after the 36 millimeter Presis, the next
phase was when people wanted the watches bigger. It went to a complete different opposite from
the small 36 to these large case 48 mm Breitling Super Avengers and Franck Mullers. Even then they have aftermarket bands, back
then for those Super Avengers to make them as rocky as possible. I’m not gonna lie, they looked pretty good
in those rap videos back them. I mean, it wasn’t my favorite watch in any
way, shape or form, but that’s when the real flooding of the watches occurred. After that, the next trend right after that
was stainless steel 42-millimeter Offshores. That’s when they really started to break out
and say, “Wow, wait a minute!” Now they’re starting to ice out really fine
watches, you know? It was a little bit ballsy and brave at that
moment to get a stainless steel AP 42, drill holes in it and ice it out. Now, these trends go through a wave and they
go getting bigger and bigger till the top of the wave, right after that, they said,
“Hey,” Presidentials 41 millimeters, those are the next ones that started getting drilled
out and all iced out. Let’s not forget the Yacht-Masters with their
size also became a very popular watch to ice out in that time. So now comes the part when things really started
to get crazy. From there, the iced out phase started moving
into the 41-millimeter AP, both chrono, non-chrono, both steel and golds. And that’s when I really started to worry
and I said, “What are they gonna do next? They’re gonna start busting down Pateks?” Sure enough! Patek Nautiluses, everywhere started to get
bust down. That’s when it really started to get crazy
in my opinion, and I think at the end it’s still gonna be the height of this whole trend. Wasn’t long after that till someone finally
did a Richard Mille in rose gold and then followed by one in titanium. Now, one thing I wanna point out too is that
this is what I call the “First Stage” of this whole trend because all of these watches
were iced out with the traditional fashion where all the diamonds are in rows, all in
rows, then comes into the flower. Now you hear this all the time, whether they
call it flower or honeycomb or whatever name they want to put it. Pretty much what happens is these diamond
setters then start using a new style of setting, which is pretty much pave, where what happens
is there’s less metal, more diamonds. Everything is more close together. Instead of being these rows where it used
to be before, with more like symmetrical rows, they started flooding the area, with as many
diamonds as possible. This Patek that I have here actually has that
flower honeycomb structure. That completely changed the whole game because
then it started all over again, back from the Presi all the way to the RM that we just
discussed, but now with flower and honeycomb. So everyone started trading in their traditional
old settings for the new flower settings, so on and so forth, which then leads us to
where we are now. So like any trend, it starts escalating and
escalating. It started off first with traditional settings,
then it moved to flowered settings, which leads us to where we are now, into the baguettes,
or like Khalid says, “the Chandeliers,” or whatever you wanna call them. Now we’re in the new wave of baguettes everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s the watches or the
grills. I mean, these guys everybody wants baguettes. It’s the newest phase in the trend, which
leads me to believe now, have we gotten to the final stage in this trend where things
will perhaps melt? It’s tough to say. The one thing that I could tell you is the
older style, traditional settings are becoming a little bit harder to sell and people don’t
want them. However, it is a perfect opportunity for somebody
that wants to pick up a diamond out watch at a really good price, traditional setting
will be right for you, which let’s face it, not everybody knows these difference and in
the club the watch is still gonna look like a million dollars. So the question is, now with the baguettes
being out and reigning supreme, is the ice age over? I mean, it’s tough to know. I would say that right now the baguettes are
booming and we’re gonna have to wait and see what happens with these watches. I mean, some of the work that these guys are
coming up with is pretty much incredible. Have you looked at those RMs full blow baguettes? I mean, I don’t know who’s the one that’s
sitting in there and actually making these, but I’ve seen a couple in person and the craftsmanship
is incredible. So that being said, I feel like nowadays the
latest trend has been very much separated. Now it goes from either all out baguettes
or plain Jane, something like this. As of now, the baguette game is super strong. It flashes like hell and we’ll have to see
what happens. I mean, I just don’t see where else this could
go from here. So it’s safe to say, it’s not going anywhere. People are always gonna wanna stand out and
be extra flashy. The question that I wanted to raise that now
that we’ve gone to that top of the wave being the baguettes, where does it go from there? Maybe there’s a whole new fancy, new setting
that we haven’t seen for baguettes perhaps. We’ll have to wait and see. I mean, overall people wanna stand out and
they always want something different. So feel free to comment below how you feel
about the ice age and if it’s still going strong and don’t forget to hit the notifications
bell till it looks like this. And if you liked this video, pleas like and
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92 thoughts on “Iced Out Watches – Are Bustdown Diamond Pieces Going Out Of Style?

  1. Is the ice trend on its way out? Dear God I hope so and why was it ever a thing in the first place? Enjoy your videos!

  2. Not sure if they're going out of style or not, but if it was up to me, I'd certainly hope so! 😉 Great video by the way!

  3. I never got the whole iced out thing. It's like drowning amazing food in mayo, ketchup, mustard, or ranch dressing. You are no longer seeing or enjoying the essence of what you are buying in the first place…and then you are paying a crazy amount of money on top to have that pleasure taken from you. Lose-lose situation. Just wear an iced out piece of jewelry, like a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring if you feel the need for ice…but mixing watches with diamonds never made sense to me.

  4. I just don't like it if I see a 5711 aftermarket or a RO I could just cry. This has nothing to do with the mechanical masterpices.
    But just my opinion

  5. I just think it’s pointless having a iced out watch!!! Where will u wear it ? I struggle buying a normal watch!!! I think only the rich can have a iced out watch! As there’s waiting lists on Rolex etc too. So yeah I hope it melts

  6. Good i hope they go out of style!!! Stop drilling in precious pieces. Also super beta male for men to wear diamond watches

  7. Enjoyed looking at the ice out watches. I think they're art. However I don't think I would wear them. The wife would!😎

  8. Everyone has different styles, BUT Even if I was a millionaire I wouldn’t buy one. I am more of a purist. I like the plain Jane Rolex

  9. how likely is it for one of these iced out watches, specially older ones, to have a diamond fall off? anyone with experience that can chime??

  10. It's funny all the people who are crying in the comments about "how could you this to a RM or a PP/AP" I bet 90% of them aren't even the position to buy a plain jane RM/PP/RO let lone an iced one. Celebrities and whoever will do what they do, I just like seeing the trends in the hobby.

  11. I ❤️ global warming, let’s kick this stupid ice age!!
    Leave the watches factory, if you want a diamond Patek the only way to go is factory setting imo

  12. Mmmmm, iced out really sucks,🤮,,I’m too embarrassed to wear my day-date fully iced out,😔😔 I now wear a patek nautilus rose gold,😇 and my 5 carat diamond ring 💎 on the pinkie of my other hand,, not forgetting my diamond Cartier bracelet,,I I think I can just about get away with that,,without looking like a Christmas tree 🎄👍👍🇬🇧

  13. Actually I had an AP Navy partially iced out. Look it up on insta M-thusiast4life. However…I sold it because the new RLX Seadweller (43mm) got me and after a while the Diamonds doesn't gave me the certain kick anymore.

  14. You say this is a trend, but is it? I mean I’ve never seen a watch like this iced out in real life except for a jewellery store, so is it a trend or just something in a particular subculture?

  15. Emerald cut stones are like baguettes but have more facets. So everyone is switching. Quavo has an emerald cut grill already lol

  16. My two cents Eric is that diamonds and rare watches will always be admired for it's aesthetic and statements, but like with everything else (myspace and facebook) people will continue to move forward and shift towards something that appeals to them… their attention is valuable, and only genuine creativity will never let a trend die. Catch me in couple years, learning how to use Cad 3d for jewelry and I have a lot of ideas for watches and jewelry

  17. Emerald/Baguette/Princess cut MIx, I think we're ways away from those days as we haven't seen princess cut or emerald cuts yet. It will for sure come out of Ben ballers if&co or from Greg Yunas Chapter II I don't think any other jeweler has what it takes no offense crm.

  18. I mean but alot of company's are making factory watches with begets already trying to keep up. I think once this trend is over it will be something stupid. Like pear shaped diamonds lol. Or maybe they'll switch to colored diamonds…

  19. I really hope so. Not because I care what others rock but because so many limited Pateks and APs are being irreversibly ruined with aftermarket stones. This can drive up the prices of stock examples in mint condition.

    If someone offered me an iced out 5711 for 30k I wouldn’t even consider it. These watches already make enough of a statement plain Jane.

  20. Gotta admit, I'm am older dude and generally value understatement more. I really just had an overall question that I think you already answered: Is this an across the room statement? Or do these guys care about the quality of their pieces when they're louped by someone who'd know?

  21. Diamonds are a girls best friend the watch you have on is so much classier guys that where those watches just want to be seen leave the diamonds for the ladies

  22. My brother bought an iced out watch in like '09 but ended up selling it for way less than what he paid for it lol.. so from there, I never wanted one. They do look nice but I rather just have gold if I wanted to be flashy, which I don't want anyways. Women think they'll get more out of you and that gets annoying real quick

  23. Love your videos mate… they're definitely the 1 I most look forward to seeing when a new 1 drops… Keep them coming bro much appreciated From the Gold Coast, Australia.

  24. I love diamond watches. I also love rap music. But only Factory ice earns my respect. Yeah I get it there's a cost factor bla bla……but if you're gonna brag about how rich you are then factory ice is the real flex.

  25. iced out watches are just ugly show off pieces that in the end butchers your watch and it's value, it is just shinning garbage of watches that adds nothing but fake value of expensive stones.

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