I Won’t Wear A Jacket

You guys are babies. It’s not that cold. I haven’t worn a coat since I was five years old. I got my t-shirt, my backpack, and I’m just fine. You chilly little bitches gonna sit and whine. I strut around campus because you think I’m tough. That guy won’t wear a coat, I bet he’s cool enough. I do this for attention. I can’t pretend Please talk to me, anyone, I have no friends.

100 thoughts on “I Won’t Wear A Jacket

  1. Lyrics: "you guys are baby's it's not that cold I haven't worn a coat sense I was 5 years old. I got my t shirt, my backpack, and I'm just fine, you chilly little bitches gonna sit, and wine. I spread around campus cuz you think I'm tough, that guy won't where a coat I bet he's cool enough. I do this for attention I can't pretend please talk to me, anyone I have no freinds……

  2. I don't wear a coat, but that's just because my fat slab of a body keeps me at around the same temperature as the earths core at all times. Literally if I sweat on a cold day you can see steam coming off of me, I don't know if this is normal or not, help.

  3. Why carry around a heavy coat that you were sweating in for 15 minutes on the bus, when you can just warm up on said bus jacketless, and only have to endure the cold for another 30 or so seconds while walking into the building?

  4. There was this guy at my high school who would wear a black trench coat everyday to school. I remember seeing him once outside of school on the weekend wearing Hawaiian clothes in winter it was hysterical.

  5. All the boys in middle school 😂 once they hit high school they usually man up and admit they’re cold in my experience lol

  6. i think this is just something people from the midwest do just to be able to bring up that they’re from the midwest. “aren’t you cold?” “omg lol no i grew up in michigan so like i’m just used to it!”

  7. As a fellow Wisconsinite, I can attest that our state is FULL of MEN like this. They refuse to wear jackets or always wear shorts or go through the whole fucking winter with nothing but hoodies. Its minus 10 with a negative 30 degree wind-chill and is snowing bro, we know you're cold.

  8. In middle school my friends brother showed up to school, when we just had a 2 hour delay because of a blizzard, in shorts and a T-shirt.

  9. I want u to know I showed this video to my mom and when you dropped the 'please talk to me, anyone, i have no friends' she did a 'oooooooh noooOO!' she felt such genuine empathy for you.

  10. Some of us just run hot and arent doing it for attention. I'd really rather you didn't mention it, constantly, all winter.

  11. A friend sent this to me just now, because I'm sitting outside with coffee and music, but it's exactly freezing out.
    You people just don't understand, it's a lifestyle!

  12. I'm a very warm person and I'm self conscious people are gonna think I'm weird when I'm just wearing a t-shirt and everybody else is in thick coats and jackets

    i sweat okay!!!

  13. All last winter i never wore a jacket, i would say 'its not that cold I'm good" but i just couldnt afford one so ppl probably thought i was just being cringy lol feels bad

  14. You guys are babies, It's not that cold
    I haven't worn a coat since I was five years old
    I got my t-shirt, my backpack, and I'm just fine
    You chilly little bitches gonna sit and whine
    I strut around campus 'cause you think I'm tough
    That guy won't wear a coat, I bet he's cool enough
    I do this for attention, I can't pretend
    Please, talk to me, anyone, I have no friends

  15. i did that, but its because i lost my coat constantly, so instead of keeping track of it i just made not wearing a coat a "Choice" instead of a "I fucked up and this is my consequence". that being said the attention was nice too.

  16. It's funny because I was this kid, but like…I legit didn't wear a jacket because I wasn't cold. I come from somewhere very cold, and I was also slightly pudgy…so…

    I live in california. We'd have people freezing and huddled in jackets at 60 degrees…

  17. I once spent a whole year without wearing a jumper, it was my first longevity test, I survived the cold in only a tshirt

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