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hi I'm Meghan Mattoon I don't have an intro get over it so I wanted to do a video where I challenged myself to buy things I hate online and then try and make them cute and I'm gonna be very unbiased I'm not getting things I think I can make you I'm getting things I would never wear and before anyone is mad about anything I'm going to donate everything that don't keep maybe I like something but probably not we're going to forever21 calm I buy stuff from forever21 every day at midnight let's go sale first what about these denim over-the-knee boots you should I could I like denim over the knee boots is this fashion Madlib lace fit-and-flare dress when's the last time I wore a dress my first communion this latter caught out jumpsuit I will look like the Michelin Man with my thighs through this gross gross gross org continuing hello oh my gosh I saw him not like that satin bustier cami dress oh it's bad mom pink leopard I feel like I ate eclairs and got food poisoning oh my god I hate it no I'm seeing some lace-up suspender leggings oh my god this this would make me look like an actual parachute now let's go through the entire cart and just pick five outfits oh my god this cart is terrified these are the worst parents I've ever seen in my life so we're getting those we have our final five this is the furthest thing from anything that I would wear the rules of the game are I'm going to try and style each piece until I'm happy and would leave the house in it and I don't know if I'm gonna get there with this satin pink dress let's try all right best of luck me we officially have what we don't like but we're gonna make it something we do life totally forgot I got this skirt oh wow it's it's a whole thing we also have every shirt that every person on The Bachelorette wore to their audition you guessed it can you imagine me wagon is this flies off the racks during cruise ship sales we have oh I'm scared I'm actually scared of this name any scary movie and this is more scary than that to me Wow at least it's padded somebody's got my back and my front Wow it's very short we have a satin club goer dress it's like a leotard tank leotard with a bunch of slits in it this is where my leg is not gonna want to go my leg is gonna go in each of these it's gonna look like a Thanksgiving dinner with all the rolls happening oh I feel like my mom doesn't even want me to wear these still chained suspender pants with a gaping hole in the side all the way up to the top so you can't really wear underwear what's this for why is it so long oh I think it's cuz if you're thicker you have to open it up a little bit so yeah we have some slack over here this is if Avril Lavigne wanted to like get back at somebody my materials are here I'm going to style each of these in five separate outfit so that I don't hate in whichever one I actually think I like I'm gonna go out in public in good luck me we're in for a treat throw it up and whichever one I catch the one I'm styling first okay we're gonna do the chills – I'm getting it yeah so it's all about the legs what's the point of this it looked like half the answer and then half you shouldn't be in this part of town what could make this cool and wonder if I should go like boobs where I could do converse I feel like that's too dancey I think I'm figuring out this could be a little bit grungy yeah this is ugly I need like a really really large shirt what if it's this like also at best what's super hard about this is all of it and what is happening down there this is like a linear mullet instead of it being around it's like goo goo goo what happened it's almost like a dress you know help ha ha always helps this isn't that bad the more things I put on is getting better meeting the morning with makeup you're gonna give me like a slow turn and look behind I should probably not be doing this on a pole with these promises can't pick the next one okay is that that that was easy do you want to get in it nope I'm you like I'm gonna get in trouble if I wear that could we ever do it dare sure I do think it's too much for wrapped up if I wore a tight tank and those it's like Oh coming this isn't terrible but this would be cute for this outfit of course great so here's what's going on I can't get my leg through it I've never been more expose my life have you seen yourself in the mirror know what I know I do you five foot four of grouse I feel so bad about what I'm gonna go with a platform sure to make it a little bit earlier I think I'm on the verge of doing a good job I just need a little more help it's better so I topped it in a little bit but since you can't take it in here I just like French tucked it this is so much better I added more necklaces I abroad underneath the pants are not good foot of RA maybe just a quick little bag but what backpack would be better do I have a tiny back this is the weirdest thing I've ever been a part of and I don't feel comfortable in it and I do hate myself if right now there was an earthquake and we had to get out of the house I would go put my glasses on so that I can't see myself does it look like I'm trying to be somebody that I'm not yeah what about now no let's go the next one you know what I think I have an idea hang on I think I have it are you ready I hope this works it doesn't Oh crumbs is reading a return to love I put it with these fresh socks these Oxford's because so much is happening in the skirt wow this is like thank you okay we should take a picture with lavalier because she's one I picked this so we have two left these are I think the hardest ones to do oh my god so now we have the cruise ship tank top in the thing is I probably know a million people who wear this it is cute on them but me me a lot happy everybody screenshot your screens never happen again yeah and why let's take a look at what I got I guess maybe like a black jeans edge it up a bit too black is like a business I look like the maid of honor that wants to be cool this plus like something else a little bit edgier this would be really pretty but where am I going my pinstripe and gingham I feel like this goes a little bit better this is like you're trying to make a statement which is every time I wear ginghams tuck this in think if I put the Hat like this I just always have hats this might be something yeah I think it's it what do you rate this this was a to the shirt alone and he made it a two point one you know what time it is you want the dark side this is the dress you wear when you want to be older so I've transported myself back to the ninth grade my towels are bigger than this my hand towel what if I undo the corset this is already better let's go with shoes first I feel first of all very uncomfortable I feel like someone put me in like a maxim shoot without me knowing I feel like a discount Barbie who already Spears yeah this is weird okay the top half is definitely bad but let's work with this to make it work Oh still so much lag I'm not getting up I don't know what to do but I'm not giving up what did you like the weirdest thing to add we've got something now there's a little London girl it looks like I'm playing dress-up this is bad this is the weirdest thing I've ever won in my life okay oh god I'm so embarrassed I don't like it I still think I like the docks the best two jackets on four has different pairs of shoes on each foot go partridge in a pear tree okay I got rid of this big jacket and went for something a little bit more relaxed and rockery it's not finished but maybe it just you can't help it this isn't the worst I'm okay with this hey you gotta get comfortable sometimes it's not for you and to make something work you have to go inside and be like I gotta stay true to myself I've done it we did the first half of it which was styling all the effects now I'm going to put one on and go out into the world in it let's see what I come out with the corset strength is now a cat toy he's flossing I don't like the color pink or skirts but I'm kind of like okay here I am out in public you know those girls that are like that this is what I feel like go cuz I got you why I've been so loud around you

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  1. For the pink dress, I would tuck it into black jeans and wear heels and make it more of a ‘I’m going clubbing but I don’t wanna get laid’ look.

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