I Spent the Night Trapped in a Straight Jacket & Could Not Escape (Straightjacket Challenge)

– Get it off! Get it off! Is it bleeding, is it bleeding? – [Moon] What are you doing? – My bum crack’s chafing. (gasps) – [Moon] No, no don’t just turn off… – Hi, so we’ve got a straight jacket, an actual straight jacket. You can get magician ones
where you can easily break out; this is a legit straight jacket. (crosstalk) – [Moon] H and M – No no no. – [Moon] H and M, U-K. I have to order this from
Germany, I got this from Germany. Look, look at this. It’s got the long sleeves,
it’s got all the straps, all the buckles and
stuff, how cool is that? I’ve never seen a straight
jacket in real life before. That is insane. I’m not gonna put it on just yet. But first, we’re gonna go to the shop, ’cause you know I need my supplies, I’m gonna be wearing that
all night, so I need food, I need drink, I need to survive the night. So we’re going to go to
the shop, buy the supplies, come back and then we’re
gonna put this thing on. I’m gonna stay in there
all night for 12 hours, from dark ’till dusk. – [Moon] What? Okay. From dusk ’till dawn, isn’t it? – Oh yeah (laughs), the other way. It’s gonna be so hard, I
don’t like being stuck, I don’t like being strapped down, I don’t like it, I get
claustrophobic, I can’t even say the word claustrophobic,
I don’t like it. So I might, I don’t like… I’m not looking forward to this. Moon made me do this, Moon! Moon made me do it. – [Moon] Did not. – So after I’ve spent 12 hours
in this we’re going to do like a second video where we do some light challenges
and stuff, trying to do some weird things while wearing the suit. We’re gonna put that over
on the second channel, so make sure that you’ll subscribe to that if you haven’t already. I’m gonna put tomstanniland
in the description below, go check that video out,
it’s online right now, go watch it and subscribe
while you’re there. Go, go go! – [Moon] First watch this one. – Watch this video first
and then go over there. But anyway, let’s go get
the supplies and get; I can’t wait to get into this scene. Come on Moon, let’s go! – [Moon] His straight jacket! – So we’re in the shop,
and we’re trying to look at what I can do, ‘case I’ve got no hands, what can I do to keep me entertained? You know, Moon’s not going
to be there all the time to do stuff, so… – [Moon] Yeah and when I’m there, I’m not gonna help you anyway. I’m just filming, or
it will be way to easy. If you can just dictate
and I do the stuff, it’s way too easy. – Let’s get a magazine, a
book, a thick book, you know. I could get Becoming
Michelle Obama (chuckes). – [Moon] That would be a good
book, I’ve never that before. – We’ve already got it
twice, come on, Moon. Now we’ve got some fruit, we
found this really cool game. I’m not going to explain what it is, it just looks so much
fun, I think it will fit the situation perfect. – [Moon] Yeah, it’s made for it. – It’s made for it,
we’ve got some food here that we need for it, we might have to find some other pieces, I can’t wait. – [Moon] Get some squishy stuff. – This could be a good game. Ah, I’m looking forward
to it, come on Moon. – [Moon] Ah pickles, mmm. – So we’ll need some crisps,
like, you know a nice snack I can get by myself. Now you, if you vanish, we’ve
got some good old crisps. – [Moon] Not even if I
vanish you don’t get it; you’re on your own Thomas. – Oh. – [Moon] You know? – As long as you open
the bag, then I’m good. – [Moon] No. – You’re joking. – [Moon] It’s not a challenge
when I do everything for you. – I’ve got to open the bag? – [Moon] Yes. – Come on, I’ll figure a way– (crosstalk) I’ll figure a way, no. – [Moon] You always get to– – No Moon, I’m gonna do it. Moon, Pringles! It’s like you just pop
the lid off, you’re in! Moon, we’re gonna bake a cake. – [Moon] You’ve never
baked a cake with hands. (laughs) – [Moon] Not in my kitchen please Thomas. (crosstalk) – How funny is that gonna be. And then, at the end of it,
we’ve got the cake to eat. So we’re looking at drinks,
I mean I need to drink without getting it all down there. So the only thing we can
find is these tiny tiny cans, open it, somehow, and then
hold it with your mouth and shot it just like a
shot of Fanta or Coca-Cola. You’ve just gonna have
to shot them, that’s it. – [Moon] Yeah. – Shots. – [Moon] Shots of carbonated drinks. – [Moon] Burp alert! – I’ve got to wipe my bum. – [Moon] We’re not going there, no. – You’re going to have to– – [Moon] I’m serious,
I’m not wiping your bum. – You would have wiped it. – [Moon] Just get like
something that like eat stuff that like constipates you. – I don’t want to make myself
constipated, you can wipe– – [Moon] I’m not wiping your bottom. I love you, but I’m not wiping it, no. – All right, I feel that
we’ve got everything, there’s not a lot I can get, I mean it’s going to be
difficult with no hands. So anyway, I’m looking forward
to this, let’s just go. Let’s get into this straight jacket. Let’s go get it and spend
the night, here we go! All right, here we are,
we’re back at home, we’ve got all the goods,
we’ve got the straight jacket. Digby’s running around
like a mad man, so just… You know, if you hear he’s
stuck, just ignore him. All right, so we’re gonna
put the straight jacket on, and once it’s on I will not be getting out ’till the morning. I’ve never, this is literally
the first time I’m ever putting this one on, or
any, I’ve never put one on– – [Moon] Why, why should
you, why should you? – Do you put it on like a normal jacket? It’s got that smell like, old dusty smell. – [Moon] Is it too small for you? – It’s a bit tight. Oh, I’m in. – [Moon] Look at the arms. – Whoa! – [Moon] Do you got the arm the right way? Oh yeah yeah yeah, yeah. – Is it? – [Moon] All right, yeah. That needs to go on top. – And then we need to grab this and this. – [Moon] Get in tight. (crosstalk) – In together through there. This is the bit that has
to go here underneath. – [Moon] That goes underneath. – So I can’t get out of it. All right, we’re going
to try and film this. So I’ve put my arms through
this piece, like this. Right, and then my arms
go round here like this. – [Moon] I feel like
performing a magic trick. (giggles) It’s like, put this intense music in. – All right. (intense music) I’m in, Moon! It’s frightening between the sack. – [Moon] Don’t, what? – It’s trapping them. Shall we like ultimate test you? – [Moon] We have to, we have to. (crosstalk) – [Moon] You’re not suppose to get out. – All right, three, two one. (soft dramatic music) – [Moon] Shall I tell you
what I think the trick is? – To put your arm over the– – [Moon] Yeah. – That bit there stuck
and it go over my head. – [Moon] Yeah. – I think if that one wasn’t
there, I could like maybe.. I don’t like it! Moon, no! All right, Moon has just
done some adjustments and this left arm came loose before, it wouldn’t even come loose now, I can’t even flap that arm over that one. So I’m completely trapped now. What do I do now? – [Moon] Let’s start the show. – Does it start? – [Moon] Now, go. – Go! – [Moon] Go show it for
me then, do Y-M-C-A. ♪ It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A ♪ ♪ It’s fun to stay at the Y ♪ Down there it looks wrong. – Digby, come here. Come boy, come on! I can’t stroke you, oh good boy, good boy. (crosstalk) Good boy! I can’t stroke my own dog. I don’t like this Moon! Get me out! – [Moon] Look at him, sitting there with his straight jacket. Pathetic. – [Moon] Thomas. Thomas – What? – [Moon] Did you hear about
that new restaurant Karma? – No – [Moon] You don’t have a menu, you just get what you deserve. (chuckles) Why do you tell extras to
break their legs Thomas? – Please no, Moon. – [Moon] Thomas, because
every play has a cast. Get it? (laughs) You get this Digby, you get it. – No Moon! – [Moon] And when The Penguin
was in the straight jacket and he went– – No! – [Moon] Thomas, no don’t, no! No don’t just turn off, I’ve
prepared them every time! – Moon! – [Moon] What? – I’m so bored How long has it been? – [Moon] Half an hour Thomas. It’s been half an hour
since we’ve put it on. – How long really, an hour and a half? – [Moon] No. – It’s been half an hour, are you joking? – [Moon] No, it’s just half an hour. – No Moon, take it off now. – [Moon] I can give you a
little challenge if you want. Something that gets your mind off a bit. – Yes please. – [Moon] You ready? Are you ready for the challenge? (laughing) – Yes, yes. – [Moon] Watch out! Go on, sit here then, near to this. – Yes. – [Moon] Build me Hermione. Go! – You what? – [Moon] Go! Go! Well that was a good move that. – Get them out of the box. – [Moon] No, you have to do it all. – Can you at least open the box please? And then I’ll build the Lego thing. – [Moon] First, it’s a
box you know when to talk, and you please wear the straight jacket, it’s gonna go like this. (laughing) – How many pieces is it? Oh no, quick before Digby gets here. – I’m doing it, yes! – [Moon] You’ve got quite, skills. – Oh look at me, I’m really good. – [Moon] It’s cute but
I don’t wanna touch it after you’ve done it. – How is it not clicking on? Ahh! (Moon laughing) Get it off, get it off! Get it off! Ahh, is it bleeding? – [Moon] No, its– – Is it bleeding, is it bleeding? No turn the camera off. – [Moon] You’re you doing? It starts looking like her. You’ve done that all. – Yeah, she’s looking good? – [Moon] Yeah. – I need to poo. – [Moon] What? – I need to poo. – [Moon] Put that out of our mouth. – I need to poo! – [Moon] What are we doing then? – I don’t know ’cause
it’s strapped around me. – [Moon] I’m not gonna wipe it. – We’ve sorted the poo
situation, don’t ask. – [Moon] Don’t, don’t tell them. – I’m gonna chip me tooth. – [Moon] You can use
your elbow or something. Yeah. – Ahh! – [Moon] Yeah! But what, when you get, what
if it gets lower down the tube? – It’s a bit dry. – [Moon] It’s crisps. – We’ve got some dip? – [Moon] I think we’ve got salsa in there. Thomas if you drop that jar. Thomas, I’ll get you some
other snacks, come on. – Yes please. – [Moon] Come on. It will be easier, something
a bit easier than that. (laughing) Wait, wait, it’s not started yet. – What do you mean started? – [Moon] Go down a bit. (lively music) (laughing) Thomas, that’s the best game in the world. Oh yeah! – I’ll be quick, can it (mumbles)! – [Moon] Game rating, out of 10. – Solid 10. (laughing) I’ve eaten them all. – [Moon] Can I fill it back up? I’m going to go and fill it back up. – No, don’t fill it back up. – [Moon] What, I’m gonna
fill it back up Thomas. It don’t take me long. No! No! No! – Thank you Moon. No. – [Moon] Sorry. I wasn’t concentrating. Ow! Thomas you can’t play like that. (electronic beep sounds) – Ah yes. Because of all the free
stuff we’ve got on that Amazon thing, we bought a PlayStation. – [Moon] How are you going to play? You have to turn telly on now. – I just need a minute. I’m a bit out of breath. (gaming music) – Ah I can’t press both. – [Moon] Thomas. Come on, let’s watch something. – Ahh! – [Moon] I just can’t watch it anymore. – I want you on. – [Moon] Actually, just
any that you can click. What happened? – I’m so hot! My bum crack’s chafing. – [Moon] What are you doing? Thomas. – I’ve got a permanent wedgie. – [Moon] Just sit down and
relax a bit, lay on your side. We can just chill. No, I can’t film this Thomas. – Moon, come here. I need a drink. – [Moon] Toast. What? – Compliment – [Moon] Yeah go on then, cheers. – Can you open it please? – [Moon] No I can’t, I
have already helped you way too much anyway. Shall I hold it? – Yes please. (gasps) – That’s better, why didn’t
we do that the first time? – [Moon] I’m not suppose to help you. It’s already empty. (laughing) You said you wanted to
bake a cake earlier on. – Oh yeah, let’s do that cake. – [Moon] Oh no, I
shouldn’t have said that. – Now Moon Moon, get me stuff,
come on, let’s bake a cake! Come on! I love cake. – [Moon] 100 ml vegetable oil. Just write 100 ml oil. I’ll take a screenshot. I bet you can’t have cake. – I haven’t made it yet. – [Moon] Anything touched by your mouth. 275 grammes, uh-uh, don’t hold it there. It’s gonna rip, it’s
gonna rip, it’s gonna rip. No! Not too much baking
power or it just folds. No that’s too much, too much,
too much, too much, there. That’s it, that’s it, good. There we go. There we go. – What next, come on Moon? – [Moon] 200 g sugar. Okay, close. You look like Popeye! Say uh-uh! – Uh-Uh! – [Moon] Just a dash of lemon juice. What you’re doing? It’s lemon juice! What you’re doing? No you don’t doing this, you’re not, no. No you’re not doing that. No. – What next? – [Moon] 100 ml oil. – Oh you’re joking. – [Moon] Getting there, aren’t we? – Moon helped a little. We both really just want cake. (laughing) – [Moon] It looks better than I thought. – Beauty! Oh, it’s beautiful. – [Moon] Is it nice? – Whoa! – [Moon] And I had to bough this. When we went shopping,
Thomas didn’t see it yet. And I want to make Thomas a tiger now. You’re gonna be a tiger now. – No, no! – [Moon] No, Thomas! – No! – [Moon] Thomas. – What is it? – [Moon] It’s gonna make it funny. Come on, Thomas! No! – No! – [Moon] (mumbles) now! – Get if off me! – [Moon] Now I need practise. – Get off! – [Moon] Thomas, you’re gonna, no! No! Go on, show it. Show it. – I’m not! – [Moon] Growl for me one then. – You could shove off! You could shove– – [Moon] What no (crosstalk) – Trying to wash this off, now. – I think I’ve press record, I’m not too sure if it’s working. I’m aching everywhere. I’m aching so much, this
shoulder is in agony. I think it’s ’cause
it’s slightly higher up, and it’s pulling down. It feels like my shoulder is dislocated. My wrists are aching, my back is killing. Not lying, I can’t move. I keep panicking every now and again, I just wanted to break out,
but this thing work so good. I’m in there really well. I want this face paint off,
I can’t get onto the sink. I can’t do it myself. The face paint, stupid paint
stuff is making my face itch. I can’t even scratch it, I’ve got nowhere, I’ve got no chance. I just want to go to sleep,
I just want this thing off. My face washed, I just wanna go to sleep. I can’t press it. – [Moon] Doing Thomas? – Watching TV. – [Moon] Should we go up and sleep then? Try to get some sleep, it’s nice and cool in the bedroom as well. Yeah? – Uh hu. – [Moon] Come on then, we will
get you sorted for the night. – And wash my face. – [Moon] Yeah, I can wash it for you. – And again. – [Moon] Come on, let’s get you up. – Let’s go up to bed. – [Moon] That looks scary, Thomas. That looks like a horror
movie, make some sounds. – I’ve got a wedgie! – [Moon] Wait. – No, no! (Moon sneezing) Moon no, come on, wash my face! (Moon sneezing) – [Moon] Oh it comes off now. That is really great for kids. Is that one good? Oh god, that was my mirror. Will I turn the lights off then? – No please Moon. Uh! Moon! – [Moon] Look he’s wagging his tail. Look he’s wagging his tail! – Moon has just taken
Digby out for wee-wee. Oh, I’m so tired, I can’t get any sleep. I want to stretch my arms so bad, but I can’t. I really, it’s making me
panic, I don’t like it. Not being able to stretch my
arms makes me feel so close to folding, specially being
in this stupid bed sheets. It is so hot! I want out, I want out, I wanna get out! This little permanent
wedgie going on down there. Oh my wrists. My wrists. All cramped up. Stupid shoulder. Oh! Moon will you turn it off please? I’m done. Press stop. – [Moon] Oh what? – Will you stop it recording please? – [Moon] Thomas! Wakey wakey Thomas. Thomas, wake up. Come on, I’ll get you out. That’s it. – I’ve done it. – [Moon] Yeah, let’s get you out. Just be tough and I can undo it. – Argh! – [Moon] How was sleep? – Great. – [Moon] How was sleep? – Harmful, quick. Get it off. Ah, feels good, yes so good. Never again! – [Moon] What, you can
just quickly have a shower for half an hour and then you go back in. – I’m not going back in. – [Moon] I’ve got everything set up for the second channel. Quickly have a shower and
then I’ll get everything ready to go back in. – No, no Moon! (techno music)

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    Moons jokes for today:

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