100 thoughts on “I Made A 1940s Evening Gown Instead Of Having Breakfast

  1. This is like when I was a kid and would swaddle throw blankets around myself and/or my sister to simulate an evening gown, except that this looks amazing.

  2. "It's a little bit to short, but you know – life is short" ❤ My new motto haha

  3. Karolina just love your 1940s Evening gown glad you missed breakfast looks very classy well done Donna

  4. Currently planning to make a prom dress (no particular era or anything like that) not because I WANT to, but my fashion teacher low key hates me and everything I do so I'm doing it out of spite

  5. Im 13 years old and i love history and the old fashion dresses sorry idk what else to call it and i love your videos 👍🏻😂💗 your so funny aswell xx

  6. I don't think Mr Don Loper himself could have done any better when he was dressing Lucille Ball for the fashion show- WOW what a great gown!!

  7. Go for a quickie fruit smoothie next time and where did that "Ain't gonna rain no more" song come from? Cheers sweet lady 🙂

  8. Karolina, I love your channel. I don’t sew and I’m amazed at the things you make! This dress was hot!!

  9. Instead of having breakfast 😁😁. There's just something so silly about how that sounds.

  10. They didn't wear that in 1940's Poland… But it does look like something they might have worn in Hollywood — which I guess was the look you were going for.

  11. I know it's not the completely right time age but your hair and makeup reminds me so much on Lidia/Alba from Cable Girls and it's sooo stunning, love it.

  12. I watched this instead of having breakfast! If I'm ever invited to the golden globes I know exactly what to do!
    Any way, I am for sure interested in a more detailed tutorial if you ever get to it – I am in a desperate search for a lowkey wedding dress

  13. I watched a video about making a 1940s evening gown instead of having breakfast instead of having breakfast

  14. Karolina: Misses breakfast
    Also Karolina: Handsews a gorgeous evening gown in an hour, dons it, and looks like Veronica Lake on the red carpet. By accident.

  15. I love the front…but the back might need some more love 😉
    But still better than anything I could make….especially first thing in the morning 😅

  16. can you give any advice on pricing vintage clothing to sell? I have a 1960s cocktail dress where the outer fabric is a gold metal mesh, with a fabulous draped open back that needs a new woman.

  17. 0:09 no, not just you… 😅
    0:53 it's a good thing in this case… also very Vionnet 😜
    Good job!!! 👍
    Consider trying it again, maybe after coffee, and maybe in something soft and draping, and using the brooch to close the dress on the neck instead of the front (or maybe adding a plastron in the front)

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