Hugelkultur Raised Beds, Malaysian Style

Good afternoon Today, we are going outside to find woods for our raised beds They’re widening the road over here, so a lot of the shops are to be demolished So, there are few woods that we reuse. We already got some in here Yesterday we took some Today we gonna have some more Few trips because we got a small car We gonna get some more and fill the car Whatever we can get So, we got free woods for the raised beds We got some pellets here. Still good. But the car too small We have to leave it here Good morning everybody! Today, I gonna do “Hugenkultur” raised beds. in which we going to put the raised beds with some woods or dead trees, dead wood, leaves, way at the bottom. and then we put soil on top of it So, this is my first try Hopefully it will work out [good] Let see how I do it And if you think you got better suggestions Any kind of suggestions, please comment below OK. Thank you very much Some worms OK. Now I got this two ready. I put in the dry leaves I put in the dry leaves because .. The sun is very strong And the soil, top of the soil become dry very quickly I need to put some kind of cover on top of the soil. the dry leaves. Hopefully it will help reduce the heat and the water loss on top of the soil also this one [covered too] I will wait for few days and then start planting

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