27 thoughts on “HUGE Winter Collective Haul! ♡ {Necessary Clothing, VS Pink, Gifts, etc.} ♡ | xlivelaughbeautyx

  1. Love the haul but more in love with your shirt your wearing and was wondering where you got the top @Adyel | xlivelaughbeautyx

  2. Hey Adyel I just wanna say I'm proud of you for coming this far I watch your videos since day one I seriously can't say how funny gorgeous and nice you are and BTW your eye brows on fleek girl congrats😘

  3. Oh my god! I love you. Your videos are perfect You are super youtuber ever. You are my favorite youtuber. Sometimes I don't know, what you say, because I'm from Czech Republic, but you talk more slowly, than other English/American  Youtubers and it's super for beginners. 
    Perfect video Adyel :)))

  4. Loved this video!

    Hey everyone! My videos are so well edited and I put so much effort into them! Can you guys please go check out my channel and subscribe??

  5. EYEBROWS SLAYIN SISTA !!!!!! <3333 loved the video everything you got was supppaa cute omgg & VS PINK yasss lmao literal bae af they keep suckin us in with their A1 deals ! xD

  6. Hey i wanted to say that YOU are amazing and YOU are beautiful!!have glorious day no-matter what!! 😘💋😄

  7. You have such a great style and I LOVE the quality and harm work you put into your videos #YouTubeGoals 🙌🙌😍

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