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hi guys welcome back to my channel today we'll be doing a really big try on clothing haul so I recently purchased a lot of clothes online and then just half weekend I also went to Baltimore to visit my best friend and we went shopping so I got a lot of stuff there so I feel like I have a lot of clothes to show you so I'm gonna try everything on for you so I don't want to make this intro too long but I do just want to mention that I have a lot of fashion and luxury videos coming up that I'm so excited about so make sure to hit that subscribe button down below if you haven't already I would love to have you back and then also my best friend Abbi is a photographer so when I was visiting her we did do some photo shoots in her neighborhood her neighborhood is beautiful it looks like you're in Brooklyn Baltimore but I just am so excited for the photos we got so make sure to follow me on Instagram I'll have the name here somewhere and then also link it down below but I would love for you to follow me on Instagram cause I'm so excited okay so let's get right in this video I have all the clothes hanging up over there so I'm going to wheel my clothes back over here I'll go through each piece with you and try everything on okay so here I am I have all of the clothes right here so it's nice easy access I understand go ahead and start with the shirt I'm wearing and it is from Nordstrom and it is by BP I have many other t-shirts by that brand I just love their quality I love the way they feel but I just like this detail at the neck I am wearing my favorite Miranda Frye necklace I know that I talked about this necklace and that brand a lot but I genuinely really love it I did came up with her so I do have a discount code if you're interested in systeme mache you get 10% if you're interested but anyway I love wearing this necklace undershirts and I actually have the necklace go down in the shirt I love how that looks anyway this is the shirt and this is what it looks like and yeah I just love this thing around the neck I've been seeing that a lot lately but this is just a little bit different than what I've been seeing and I especially love it with the necklace okay so let's just move on to the same pier on the racks since I started with Nordstrom I guess I'll just keep going with Nordstrom so let's see here what was your most room so just first talk about this dress I obviously be trying this on so you have to see it better but it is this beautiful like mustardy yellow dress and what I loved about it most was actually the slit there's two with at the very front of it and they come up kind of high so when you walk in this that's when it's most flattering and it just really really hugs your waist very very well and then it kind of like flows out a little bit at the bottom with this list and it's just gorgeous and yeah so I think I'm just really flattering on me so it's going to be like a really really nice summery dress so the next shirt I got from Nordstrom is so nice you can tell the quality is amazing and the way like the hems of it everything but it does come in other colors I'm first drawn to in white I think it comes in like a yellowy mustard color that I was just mentioning and then this color which is kind of like a reddish maroon but it's kind of like a burnt color it's not really maroon but when I tried this color on and so flattering and I just love this style like there's like the bell sleeves I've been seeing that everywhere and I tried other shirts on but they just getting like flatter me well and maybe they just weren't cut right I'm not really sure but when I tried this one on you can tell it's just made really well and it's just a really good quality which most things form or strim are very good quality but I don't know I was just really happy with this one so hopefully like it when I try it on because I fell in love with when I tried it on shoes I need to mention these shoes before I move on to the rest of my clothing oh my goodness I got a pair of sandals and I'm telling you these I am so incredibly happy with these sandals and I already wear them so they're not in the box but they are my Tory Burch sandals so I'll link them down below and we'll everything will be linked down below but they I wore them all began when I was in Baltimore and seriously they're amazing they're like healed but yet they're like casual so it's like a mix between casual and dressy and you can stretch them up you can dress them down they're just I can tell they're going to be my go-to shoe for like literally the next six months because I just love how they're healed but yet they're so comfortable because they're like a block heel so you know definitely gives you a little bit of height but they're so easy to wear and they just go with like everything so like all of the clothes that I have picked out almost every single thing I'll be able to throw these Tory Burch sandals on and I feel like I will look really really put together so like I said I will link them down below they are new I think for this season this particular color is amazing I think it just does go with almost every so yeah I'm like so out of everything I have I feel like I'm most excited about these sandals I mean I really love the clothes too but these sandals I just feel like I'll be able to wear and get like the most use out of okay so this next piece I have here is also from Nordstrom and it's just a basic black bodysuit or leotard see as you can see down here I know it's nothing new but I feel like a lot of your body foods I've been trying on lately are kind of faggy and I wanted something that was very very form-fitting so that when I would wear jeans over top because you know this will automatically be tough and I could show off my belt really easily and it's just a nice basic black color that the quality is really great and I'm another reason why I'm excited for you guys to see my Instagram because over the weekend we took pictures with this and I wore my Louboutins belt with it and it just looked so good with that belt so anyway I'm really excited about this and again I know it's nothing crazy but it's just you know something really basic that I think a lot of people should have and I just love how easily it's just automatically tucked in okay the next things I have are from Express surprise surprise we all know that I love Express and this spring season they are definitely not disappointing me I'm so happy with the things that I got I actually did not try any of these things on in a store this was actually all from online and I was really happy that everything works so well so the first piece is this amazing floral shirt it's actually one of those shirts where my shoulder kind of like peeks out if you can see obviously I'm trying aren't so hopefully can get the gist of it but it's just really pretty baby blue neutral but you know floral design and I love it florals definitely in for the season along with neutrals and I know you know this definitely is like a blue color but it still have a very strong a neutral vibe to it so I love this for spring and summer and it just fits very very well so I'm really excited about this shirt and it also is some Express it's very very similar it's just this strap shirt and it also does show off your shoulders with this really really nice ruffling detail on it it's gorgeous nude pink color I love this color and it's just very very cool for the summer but yeah if you're still like you know kind of dressed up it just kind of like puts you together so I am loving loving this shirt and the West I have from Express is this gorgeous gorgeous direct it's like so incredibly easy for summer but it's just really pretty like Orly color and I guess I'm kind of into that right now because it kind of reminds me of this but it's so different but it's just this really flattering dress and I tried it on I was so happy and I love the way it's cut it's kind of like oval at the bottom and it looks so good with those Tory Burch sandals that I mentioned oh my gosh it's just like the perfect easy spring summer outfit you just throw on and go and you look dressy but yet you kind of look casual it's just I love it so I'm really really happy with this one okay so I got two things from ASOS and both I'm kind of like worried is a Webster of the sizing for these two items but when they arrive everything it looks so good like I'm so excited they're they're like kind of like different things too so the first thing is actually pair of shorts but they are paper bag shorts which I didn't really know that was a thing maybe I don't know probably should know that that's what they're called so here they are they are high waisted shorts and they are kind of like plea at the top and then you just tie this little band here and they just look so not even like so chic and so I don't know I just really really really liked it so this is a size zero actually so that's kind of why I was scared I wasn't sure if it would be the right size sometimes in the zero sometimes them achoo I probably put a bond with it too as well I think it's a little bit flexible it does zip along the side and then you just go ahead and tie it right here and I love this with heels I love it with my sandals I just I'm just really happy with these and then I also got this rocker which I feel like robbers are so difficult arch I didn't really realize until I started trying them on but when I saw this line so actually have the tag on it this also is a size zero and it's like this olive green and you just tie it here and then it's obviously shorts right here so I love how it looks kind of like a dress but then when you walk you can definitely tell it's short so it's so easy to wear because I feel like when I bend over I'm sitting down like I really don't have to be like as cautious as when you're wearing a so that's what I really love about it but I really think it's flattering I think I don't know I'm just very very happy with it all of these things I ordered I normally I feel like I get things and there's certain things that don't work but with everything here it's worked really well except for one shirt which I probably will show you it's from hmm it doesn't look horrible but I'm not like loving it either so I'll show you that at the end but everything else seems to work really well so I definitely really like this from ASOS and yeah I love it yeah happy happy okay so the last three things I have three more things I think and then the last one is the shirt that I don't really like from H&M so this is something from Zara and they are these like kind of like boho me jeans they're like skinny and they just fit so well so as you can see there's like this embroidering detail at the bottom and I put them on they just looked so nice I don't know if I'll be able to find them online because I feel like there's website is a little bit like weird and I don't feel like they have everything online I'll try to find it though but these are definitely kind of like a boho II Jean I'm not exactly sure like what shirt I'll wear with it I'm sure I'll be a bigger it out but but still I just love them so much I did decide to get them and then I also got this shirt from Zara which I I don't know I guess I didn't really think this was like my style either but when I tried it on I was really happy with it it just has like this lace up detail here and it is you know pretty form-fitting and I don't know I think for summer it's just going to be you know a cool shirt to wear I'll be able with sorze and jeans it comes to a good length it's not like a crop top or anything it definitely covers my stomach but I just think you know it'll be a good summer shirt and I really like this color I really don't have that much of this particular color so I think that is actually it for everything that I love and that I bought but the shirt from H&M that I'm not really staying up I mean I don't mind it it's only $12.99 so it's not like the end of the world and I might go return it but I just want to show it to you guys this is this really basic you know stripes blue and white shirt and just seems like a little bit boxy on me I don't know I feel like I could wear it and I might keep it goes only $12.99 um I was thinking maybe I could wear it with maybe like my Valentino shoes and kind of wet it tuck it in so I don't know if maybe I do like it I just I I guess I want it to be a little bit more like form-fitting but it does seem just a little bit boxy which necess might not be like a bad thing either but this is what it is so I feel like the deep colors like light blues are really in right now so that's kind of what I did want to pick this up it's you know very basic kind of with a classic shirt and I don't only have anything like it when I saw it I did at its my cart so we'll see maybe when I try it on for you know the camera and everything we'll see how it looks I'm not really sure okay so I'm doing like an overall scanned and patient and I got everything I think I got everything okay so hopefully you guys liked everything I will link everything down below like I mentioned and be sure to check out my Instagram I follow me on there so that you can see all the different ways I styled this thing because I'm so excited I'm also doing another photo shoot I think next Saturday as well so I'll incorporate some other pieces that I didn't get to incorporate last weekend so anyway again I hope you enjoyed this video I have a lot of awesome videos coming up so make sure to subscribe if you haven't already thank you so much for watching and I'll see you very soon bye [Applause] you

43 thoughts on “HUGE TRY-ON CLOTHING & SHOE HAUL | Nordstrom, Tory Burch, ASOS, Express & Zara! | Shea Whitney

  1. Such cute clothes and I love the Tory Burch sandals! You have amazing style ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ I am so into bodysuits right now with a cute belt. My husband calls them my "onesies" ๐Ÿ˜‚ I just ordered the shirt you are wearing in this video- 40% off! I got lucky!

  2. The Bell Sleeve blouse is so so so Gorgeous, I seen it on your IG…loved it. Your body honey, I am so jealous. TFS&I xox

  3. Love that pink shirt and those TB heels! This video is also making me want some nice white jeans too

  4. Hello came across your channel and right away I noticed your pretty necklace.
    I know their a few models around. Was wondering if your gets somewhat tangled up and if it's quite dedicated? Thank you.

  5. If you kept the last shirt, you could undo the bottom couple of buttons and do a front tie with the shirt tails for a more fitted look!

  6. Love all the clothes. I think the last shirt from H&M would like Good on you with a thin belt at the waste:)

  7. I love the pink ruffle shirt from express and the coral dress. What sizes did you get? Do they run true to size?

  8. Totally wear the striped blouse tied at the waist, and you will love it! The color looks great on you!

  9. I am so not into high waisted shorts but those look so good on you!! Loving the sandals. Great haul. Where are your white Jeans from?

  10. Hi Shea, stunning as always. My favourites were the shorts, romper and I must say I did like the shirt from H& M. For $12.99 you could have it altered to make it more shapely and it will be gorgeous! Over here in Australia, you would never get such a good quality shirt for only $12.99. And I am loving your hair at the moment, and I think the last time I was a size 0, I was in the womb. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Stunning ๐Ÿ˜˜

  11. Love your lipstick color! Is Queen B the right color though? That color in the link doesn't look like the color you have in in the video…

  12. Nice but too shame they are very expensive to worldwide shiping…maybe you can do look book from other online shops?more in a budget?

  13. If you get the blue striped shirt altered I think you'll love it! Great haul! Inspired me to do some online shopping.

  14. Ahh, how do you look more and more gorgeous with each passing video?! Mauve is totally your colour – that t-shirt and lipstick are beyond flattering on you, you look so great. Also, what a lucky duck that your best friend is a photographer! I am so jealous – I've been trying to train my fiancรฉ to help me out with photos/videos of outfits and he's gotten way better than he used to be but he still has some stuff to learn! hehe <3 xo

  15. I LOVED the baby blue floral top from Express, but when you said, "Florals are totally in this spring!" Haha, my brain quoted The Devil Wears Prada! "Florals?.. for spring?.. ground breaking." ๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. The striped top could be so cute with a light blouse under and the striped top opened up like a topper or cardigan! I think it's only the pulling around the chest area that makes it look a little off but it's a really cute top!

  17. The second you tried on the yellow dress I had to thumbs up this video!! Soooo beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Thank you for sharing – will hit Zara. As for the shirt you can cuff the sleeves & wear a white Tshirt & it becomes like a jacket/shirt.

  19. Isn't it amazing how things come back? I remember wearing body suits back in the 1980s and they were great. So comfortable and practical. I was very sorry when they disappeared. And now they're back! How exciting. I love the paper bag shorts too. I have a British movie from the 1940s in which Patricia Roc wears a very similar pair, with block heels, which are also back, and she looked stunning. Enjoy them!

  20. I'm a Store Manager for EXPRESS and I looooove that top! I've already sold out and I literally got it in a week ago.

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