all right so what is good everybody on YouTube this is of course your boy B bullet our state coming to you guys again with yet another man listen man you're you know what the Hulk is about that happened yurina what's going on you read the title and yes we're in for another huge huge sneaker and clothing haul now I got stuff from brands like Commonwealth sample industries Nike ACG Supreme Stone Island supreme in Nike what else we got calves empty I mean it's a lot of stuff in the stack and even got a couple pieces from fan mail now you already know how we start this alright know how I gotta do give me a second let me grab this stacks y'all can see what we're really working with and yes yes this is the stack we have a lot a lot of stuff to go through and I had the slight supreme bag on the bottom I'm trying not to drop everything in the stack so give me one second put on shit in the back and we go through a one by one now first things first we have to get into this new sample industries collection this is dropping on March 30th obviously inspired by a construction and kind of work where gear now we have two T's two hoodies and the multi pocket vest and like I said everything is dropping on March 30th you can follow at SPL IND and I will have a link down below if you want to check anything out so let's get into it first off the T now I'm actually wearing the black tee underneath the flannel right now you guys see a little logo right there so I can't show off the black tee but I do have these safety yellow tee right here first off I just want to dive into some of the details in this actual collection first of all let start with the tags this is some that you guys know we always do a simple we try to make every piece unique hints sample industries right you say notice sample employees only a plastic tag down here says do not remove this tag tag must be visible on product says quality check preshrunk an inspection date on January 1st 2019 this one has been one that we have had in the works for a little while and XL on the back now the t itself is true to size this one in particular is in that safety yellow color weight kind of hard to get the exact color weight through the actual camera on the front set sample industries employee and lacking read and then towards the back you got kinda like this construction sample industries and then we always kind of pay attention to the little details so you have the VA and GA office seventy five seven and four four represented in the back for me being in seven five seven Virginia Beach and then you have Tony over there in Georgia Atlanta area with the four four and the number is five five five 7-6 7-5 7-6 7-5 meaning SM pl yes the little details do matter now that was just the first T then we get into this multi pocket vest which is probably the most Union I don't want to say most unique but it was one of those pieces where it almost actually didn't go through because to make these things how we really worn them it was a bit expensive but we had to make sure we had it part of the collection and this is the vest and yes everything in the gray is a reflective material on the front you do have five different pockets you have one on the left top like the left chest want the left at the bottom on three on the right side a slit pocket at the bottom right of velcro in the middle and then a Velcro kind near the shoulder so that's why we call the multi pocket vest definitely a different and unique piece from this collection and once again sample industries on the back of this as well and remember even though all these definitely do go together you don't have to wear all the stuff together you know some people just gonna like the vest some people don't like to tee and I know people are gonna dig this hoodie now this hoodie man quality wise it blew me away it's an all over neoprene hoodie and you can go true to size and any of this stuff if you decide to grab it you have sample industries embroidered and white on the front and where you see like this safety ribbon that's actually embroidered in on the top so it's a whole nother layer added to the piece you have that around the elbows as well you have that safety orange on the drawstrings kind of an exaggerated hood on this one as well you have that same safety orange color at the cuffs to kind of mimic the gloves and then towards the back you have our other sample industries logo all over white all embroidered in and remember this hoodie comes in that safety yellow color way or the oliver black colorway so that is the new construction pack dropping on March 30th neoprene nice soft Cotton's kinda like a polyester or nylon mix on the vest it's just a lot of good shit really really proud of this collection like I said all links will be down below so we also got some stuff in the fan mail and this was actually a gag gift I'm assuming we do the gloves off podcast me and Tony from time to time I will leave that link down below we've been doing that for I would say over a year and a half maybe two years at this point we definitely are I definitely got to get back on it and we did a one of these live streams one of our podcast and we were making fun of the whole mystery box online thing and we were opening up a supreme LV box and we kept getting these socks so I guess somebody watched the podcast watch the live stream I actually bought a pair of socks and send it to me this was like the lowest tier thing in a supreme LV like mystery box on opening and I mean we opened up a good amount of box I say three or four and we got sucks every time definitely not worth it and on the box it says can you say in the bid Kimmy it says it's from windows Cheetos so shout-out to Windows Cheetos and shout-out to Kimmy for this little gag gift once again if you guys are fall in the pot cast it's the gloves off podcast once again links down below next up we actually got some more serious fan mail from the homie Breann over at loose threads I've been following that man for a very long time I know he prints all his own stuff so I definitely support him and what he's been doing like I said I've he known I guess we've been following the man for a very long time so he actually sent me some stuff out from his read therapy and living to death collections I'm gonna get into that now so first of all we have this white tee this is called the patient one t-shirt as you can see kind of like all over the place but some scattered graphics on the front says red therapy session spring/summer ss-19 with the yellow happy face on it and once again you can definitely go true to size everything does fit over size for sure but if you like the oversize fit just get your true size on the site and you should be good to go this one black blue yellow and white I definitely dignity and as always shout out to the homie and thank you so I'll toss that one over here and then we have one more thing that is coming from that red therapy side now this is the the end hoody and I really have to say that from the last thing that I got even though I enjoyed that hoodie I really liked the heavier cotton fleece on this one it's definitely very very cozy and I think this is a sample of what the actual he looks like but it's gonna look exact same weight if you decide to grab one it's all over black love the fit once again does feel a little bit oversized but just very very cozy the end on the front with the horses and this all-over blue bring out I don't know what it is about horses but I don't know man you must love horses so I'm because that's on a lot of your pieces or at least the hoodies and different things like that so the end hoodie this does not have drawstrings compromising more of a shawl hoodie but listen nonetheless definitely definitely dig this one and last up I had this living to death tee right here really really big graphics really eye-catching graphic on the front living to death got the skull the skeleton hands and on the bottom if I can read this really quick it says learn from all the mistakes the losses the regret this is another chance at life oh such a beautiful thing be as much as you can with your time on earth so definitely some messages represented in this T as well and the same thing goes for sizing dust fit oversized got my regular XL and they definitely fit wider but I like oversize fist so once again shouts out to homie bring on and shouts lots of loose thread now this hoodie right here is from the Brandt commons lanes if you guys have been watching for a while you know the homie actually sent me something else over and it's the same exact goodie but was in black with the gold chains at the neck now this one isn't an all-over white you have the Commons link on pedestrian walking all over white stitching white embroidery on the front and then you have that silver chain that kind of like little axe a little bit makes it little unique thing on the hoodie and you can clip these together if you want and like I mentioned before bright if you've been watching for a while you know the brain you've seen one of these hoodies before but this is kind of like a reverse colorway of it so once again shouts out to the homie and always links down below if you want to grab one now up next I actually had a couple quick pickups from the homies over at Commonwealth you guys know I shop there all the time to actually have a new location in town center by Pembroke mall for anyone who is coming or going or stays in Virginia Beach a town center that's where they I think it's four or five eight two or four five to eight Main Street right across from Anthropologie they just actually opened their brand new store I was there they had kind of like a soft opening party went to the after party and just hung out and I went back the second day to actually cop a few things now this first hat is an ebb it's field like collab between them I mean it is the peace and Anarchy hats and all over really really nice wool it's a soft bill but I actually really like the fit and this is actually a fitted cap I'm trying to add some more fitted Cavs back into my rotation of a million snapback strat backs and zip back hats that I have but I'm really really dig this I love the color and I like that kind of like Chanel or flight detail up here on the front little combo tag on the side now that was the Hat and actually copped two tees obviously you guys know me from VA from the beach so I always cop stuff if it says Virginia on it I definitely definitely want it and these were two of the like handshake tees from Commonwealth now the one I have in the b-roll is this purple one but I will just go ahead and talk about the black one on the screen right now just so guys can see the difference now on the back they actually do say Commonwealth for the greater good Virginia Beach VA which is of course why I love to take stuff like this on trip just to let people know where I'm from and all not just a super super comfy t-shirt got mine in the XL and they fit true to size extremely extremely comfy tees so if you're ever in Virginia if some of y'all coming down for something in the water I still need to figure that out myself hey check out the homies that Commonwealth – new tees and a hat and I hope you guys enjoy a little bit that footage that I had from the grand opening event now up next I know I mentioned to you guys I picked up a couple things from bodega on a really really good sell now first off I have these cab em socks I don't really need to get into them they just say cab empty black and like there's really really bright orange kind of colorway there's just some new socks all over black from cab in now unfortunately I ordered these two things I swear I ordered these pants and a size large they are the adidas Calabasas pants kind that more video : it just drops on but in that more geo colorway they came in an extra small check my order and for I don't know how I added an extra small but I got an extra Mon accident so I'll probably be throwing these up on the bodega they are brand new and they are almost $40 below retail brand new Calabasas pants if I can sell these not play cop my size large now also cop this right here this is a Nike lab ACG vest is is like a running hydration vest I just kind of liked how it looked it just is a bit small it's a lot smaller than I thought it's a size large to XL but it's a very very small vest in my opinion overall I do like how this looks it has a really dope ACG New Age ACG look to it but I don't know if I'm gonna end up keeping this or not it may end up on the bodega but it is a running like race vest but that's not how I was planning on actually like wearing and style and I was gonna actually plan on wearing it as if it was a regular like a CG Nike vest I just really liked the colors the makeup how it looks design but unfortunately it is a bit small right now now the last two pickups were also from CAD Vint I just pulled this t-shirt out because you guys know I cop this I think back when I was in LA or coming back from New York or something I think I copped this one from kids this is a cab imp design t-shirt and the only reason I bring this up is because I actually caught this right here this is the cab imp design world kind of crewneck sweatshirt now the retail is hefty on this the retail on this is 284 but with the Salem bodega I got this for like $100 off which in my opinion is a still for a cabin piece like this I love the embroidery on the front the whole thing has like this over dyed vintage look to it and the material the cotton is nice nice and heavy the quality on this thing and quality on most if not all cabin stuff that I've copped is always always on point you got the rubber patch on the Left sleep with the cabin it may look like it's dirty but that's just because this is an over dyed piece and they probably stitch this on before they did that over time press s to turn the white on the cab vent in the logo into the blue but all in all I just love this thing man it's a wider boxy or fit it's super super comfy and I mean cek vent it's kind of one of those brands where you know if you know you know and I like the kind of low key flecks of what this is so cabin design world crewneck really really love this really really diggin it and I was pretty stoked to actually get this one on sale I didn't think I'll be able to get it on sale but a people slept so I went ahead and took full advantage and this also is something a little bit out of my comfort zone or what I would usually wearing but this is the turtleneck long-sleeved and it is a turtleneck long sleep because it is a turtleneck it's a turtleneck law sleeve this is it's not the only turtleneck that I actually own but on body I actually really like how this looks once again it is cabinet it is oversized it's a wider Bossier fit but the materials the cotton is very very similar to that cabin design world sweatshirt it is a little bit lighter it's not as heavy it feels like and I just love this over dyed purple color um that's one of things I love about cabin man I know the quality is gonna be there every time I love the way that they pigment i over dye their stuff and once again camp is just that subtle flecks of that tag on the side if you know you know and I went ahead and cop this as well now the retail on this one is 220 it is hefty I got this one for about 175 I believe and cabin for sale for me I mean I'll take it bro especially if I'm really really diggin the piece everything made in Japan you're in know the deal so that was the last figure from bodega and now we got two more things to get into the last two things that you guys see right here one is from Supreme and Nike you already know what that is and another supreme bag from the supreme and stone island collab you guys know I've been really really picky with supreme and when I pick up but that's a prima stole island collab is fire I know the supreme and North Face stuff is coming out tomorrow I'm honestly not a big fan of the big supreme arc logo on it I usually think just the supreme North Face on the side and everything is great and it works so if you just wanna know my ideas or my fins against that new North Face supreme collab it's not the best one but it's not horrible by any means but this is actually the big like rucksack bag and this thing is huge it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be this is that all over coral camo and I really really want to get the vest the vest is fire if I could get the vest and the pants I think I'd be good to go I know the jacket was also fire but all in all I was definitely digging the stone on collab more than this new North Face clap but the bag is huge love that coral camo color and stone on a supreme flex on the bag is always it's always a nice little touch to it and then last up we have the Nike and supreme tailwind for now these retailed at 190 and you want to know something I actually woke up late I woke up at about 11:15 11:20 I was like fuck bro I really wanted that black pair I know they're sold out I get on my computer they were available full sizes I cop with no problem I was not mad at all no resellers no nothing straight retail I took them got my supreme air maxes and here they are and I got the black colorway just because the white and red was cool for my favorite thing about this black colorway is this copper kind of strip all around it when the sunlight hits you're right it shines and it's just a nice little effect a less little detail on this particular shoe as far as sizing goes because I did go ahead and try one of these on they do fit pretty snug you can't go true to size like I did but they will fit snug on your foot maybe after a couple wears their ease up a little bit but if I could've got a twelve and a half that's exactly what I would have gotten and I may be doing more than likely doing a full review on this shoe hopefully very very soon for you guys for anyone that wants to cop them I was kind of surprised at where the price went I thought we kind of like stagnate and kind of dropped but um it doesn't leave seem like it's dropping it's not anywhere too crazy on a resale market but if you could have got him a retelling you slept and now you got to pay the extra you shouldn't have slept brother trust me this pair right here definitely definitely digging these and I'm looking forward to maybe one of the og pairs of Tailwind colorways that's gonna be dropping but that was it man much love to all the fam followers and of course supporters you guys can find me on Instagram Twitter SoundCloud snapchat the snapchat is bold I see by the way here they're blessed bought of course horn I got them right here so bullet RC and I'm gonna see on next video supreme Thank You stone Island sample cap imps I mean what more Commonwealth what more do you want from me bro one more that's it man y'all be easy drop a black on this bit by the way peace I really wanted he doesn't they did you play for cookies today don't let God finished easier servant ugly turn today's breaking Tennessee comes free


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