HUGE $1,000 KOREA CLOTHING HAUL – clothes, skin care & accessories ??

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
I am here with brave for today’s video because we are visiting our other
college roommate and are you going to stay with me oh Korea hey guys welcome
back to my channel and this summer I had the opportunity to fly halfway across
the world to visit one of my best friends from college in Korea
yeah Korea is so different I had to fill my time there I have lots of videos for
you guys and of course right now like don’t even hesitate hit that subscribe
button if this is your first video you still have a lot more to learn about
Korea and sometimes we shop at places that
already exist in the state but we did that but it was kind of neat because we
did try to do like get in with the Korean influence and so we’re gonna show
you everything that we bought from clothes accessories and beauty so do you
wanna start the accessories truck through the tinier stuff so okay I did
we did rings but I’m gonna have to slap a picture here for you because we can’t
get the camera to focus but there were a really good price their dainty look the
ball trend that goes around with earrings and I’ll put a picture up here
for you guys but I know America tries to do it but these are like above beyond
then for accessories I got a pop socket I didn’t get a phone
case just because all of them were so decorative I kind of wanted a simple
Korean phone case to put this on so maybe we’ll see in the future I probably
just bought this for the sake of buying it but Bri had like a really cool
purchase right glasses so let’s just be fair there’s a lot of countries that are
more advanced than us and when it comes like healthcare vision care so it’s just
a great deal to get them in the States and it’s honestly just as good so these
are actually prescription lenses yes 42 dollars and you got an eye exam with
that came with it so of a pile of like dainty R fabrics I’ve been organizing
this now in Brisbane but I’m very very organized for this
haul so first I bought this and I love it it’s pretty much just all tulle I’d
say it’s a cream yeah but I feel like this is really neat I
don’t know what I put under it don’t look at the discount I paid a lot of
money for this but this is I feel like this is very work chic the only thing is
I do still now have to buy a top to go under it but this necktie is actually
pretty popular in Korea they will wear short shorts and they can
wear skimpy our clothing but they’re not really bearing anything on the chest
nothing’s going deep and then this one is color-blocked but if you could see
this in person you would think I got this from Nordstrom so we have this
really sophisticated collar and then this fabric that feels really soft but
it’s blocked off so soft so I’m gonna give you a little break we’re gonna go
to our beauty stuff all right first off these makeup wipes that I’ve
already tried because Haley uses these faithfully I love it then you want to
show off your discs all right we got some masks also pore care moisturizer
and a nice brightening mask I then I got this and this confused me because I was
thinking why would you be able to do this to a baby but apparently I think
that’s just the brand or just this is how mom’s advertising maybe I’m saying
it on me Oh getting like a baby’s Oh sometimes are very creative with their
marketing that it just goes over my head but I think it’s just it’s cool I bought
it I mean and then I got a lint mask I didn’t know which one to choose but I
figured like I just have such dry lips I had to try something like such bad dry
lips that we went into this makeup store and he really puts on this and this
lipstick looks so good it’s like this sparkly coral I go to put it on my lips
the lady doesn’t even bother asking me if I want to buy it went on so but my
lips were so dry it was like all chunked up were my dry skin was big I think she
got mad at me for just wasting it was bad and then you know face masks like
Haley has a bunch whatever then I found this woman
placenta but for all I know it’s like 1% placenta or generic placenta you know I
still bought it though and I’ve yet to try it oh my gosh okay so this was a
snail mask and apparently I’m noticed well okay so this is a snail mask and
there was somebody on the street handing these out three walks past the person
understanding a marketing disease one but he he has this to me goes free so
I’m like free oh my god snatch that I need it pretty brilliant Aubrey all
heard of course be like oh God and he’s like I’m like this is free and
so Bree hand like rock really takes one from the guy and he goes free if you
spend one minute in my store go to the store and then Bree had to tell me I
couldn’t talk to people then moving on to everyday I hear people in the
building okay so I have this this reminds me of a bowling alley this kind
of remind you a baseball right yeah and it’s something I’d wear with
leggings it fits a little bit big but not too much where my arms look too
skinny but I saw this not like I have to get this if I’m in Korea cuz look then I
find out this is Japanese but I still buy it then skirts are really popular
denim skirts didn’t look good on me during the shopping spree so I tried
this one on and it looked really nice it was a little tight where I have to make
it high-waisted but I think I could still write this on my hips too if I
wanted it to be more conservative then bringing I got matching shirts look
now look and then there was a white one we wanted Haley to get but I felt like
Haley was just encouraging us to buy stuff yeah yeah she yeah how about that
yeah I know she lives here but these are some good deals yeah there was a third
one she was supposed to get it I know this one though is ventilated no sleeves
so let’s say a breeze rolls in BAM you put it on or this shows up as someone’s
birthday present also works it might be yours do you want to buy this off me
No so let’s see wow this one is work professional this one I could have sworn
was black when I bought it it turned into navy I don’t know how that how
these are pants these kind of flared pants where you have a little bit more
exposure in the ankles there’s a typical bell-bottom Jean but they have what’s I
call this tuft little Tufts ruffled okay that sounds better
but I also like I think I think it’s tuft both adjectives are right okay and
then speaking of please I got this which is a skirt and this it’s kind of heavy
but I figured this would be good during the fall where you know you it would
look ridiculous wearing a long sorry like it’s thick but it doesn’t have the
trucks or the ruffs be ready for this do Nenana no no no no no no no no oh yeah so here it is and it is what’s
it is it soul and rock okay yeah jumpsuit it’s a jumpsuit and I’m trying
to find a way because there’s spaghetti straps of how I could wear this in a
workplace environment what’s a jacket okay yeah I Jernigan I
run so sweaty and hot so easily is test the AC don’t do this to a job interview
and already I’d say a piece for fall or winter because the color yeah the color
and it’s actually really thick but being yeah fellow being velvet it’s just
that’s a lot of weight to it like it’s actually really heavy that I got this
with only a couple items and they double bagged it I really like what we got
first thing a cropped sweatshirt with patches on the side I want to buy that
and then just a pair of jeans simple ripped jeans but the bottoms frayed and
they’re a bit overly linked yeah they’re cropped so it means they fit me right
yes and there were really good she looked she was like Kylie Jenner in them
with how they fit her curves so sensual oh we’re so good Oh BAM now these I just
felt like I don’t know they just remind me so much in Victoria’s Secret I went
shopping again so I just wanted to show you a few more things that I got so I
got the purple sweater version of those sweats I know I’m bad I couldn’t help it
none of them are even on sale but it just felt so Victoria’s Secret I did it
okay I did it and then I got these socks they’re
pretty simple they had a few that had all these chains hanging from it but
honestly that’s just not gonna last in the wash so I got these but I figured I
kind of wanted to bling out maybe my just basic white and black striped
patinas maybe something the sort we’ll see what direction that goes in and then
I bought a sleeping mask I don’t really like sleepy mass but this one felt so
soft and doesn’t seem too tight of elastic that I think maybe I’ll be able
to not feel like I’m wearing a mask I don’t know that’s just what always
bothers me is I feel the mask on my face and then this last thing I can’t really
explain to everyone and make them understand but I got a shopping cart but
look at it like it rolls wait there’s so many cords here it rolls like a shopping
cart and we’re back again where I bought more stuff so before I continue with
this I’m gonna let put right down here my venmo if you need me if you want help
pay off my credit card bill that could be you I’ll give you a shout out naked
naked okay so I got these socks why get one pair when you can get two pairs and
I thought these just looks kind of schoolgirl chic and then I got this top
I just thought was nice that I could wear in a professional setting it’s very
soft and it’s and so professionally I’d probably put
these together but with other outfits I can mix and match then I got this top
which I think is going to be kind of something like Country Club chic /
Sailor Moon / naughty scroll school girl outfit and then the mannequin showed it
with this sexy straddle girl skirt I’m sweaty okay so here it is I really like
that yeah so we’ll see but you can’t always try things on in every store so I
think I bought things that may not fit me that I can’t return I also bought
this phone case I have no idea what it says but I just figured this is
something you know yeah you kind of see marble designs and those graphic designs
but I have never seen this before in my life
and as you can see I started taking off my overalls and remembered this and then
we went to the big Tower a Seoul sky Seoul sky keep seeing Sewell like a sin
like Cecil it’s also Seoul sky and I got a postcard and focusing it so you guys
can just pretend like you see it thanks again for watching like comment I know
it’s kind of just comment something I don’t care and hit that subscribe if you
want to enjoy the fam BAM thanks for watching love you mean it bye guys

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