How To Wear A Graduation Gown from Newcastle University

It’s graduation day and time to walk on
stage in King’s Hall, collect your parchment and revel in the culmination of all your hard
work at Newcastle University. You’ve picked up your gown and hood from
the Students’ Union and then it hits you – you haven’t got a clue how to wear this
thing. A quick YouTube search and you find this video
and all is good in the world. Let me put your mind at ease with four simple steps for wearing
your graduation gear like a boss. Although there’s no dress code for graduation ceremonies, if you wear a light coloured shirt
or blouse with dark trousers or a skirt like these guys, you’re off to a good start.
If you absolutely have to wear something without buttons on the top, you best pack some safety
pins. You’ll see why soon. This parts easy just put that on like you would a jacket, one sleeve at a time then leave it open at the front. This is the tricky bit. Hold the hood in front of you with the loop facing downwards then
place it neatly over your shoulders. Get the loop and hook it around one of your
shirt or blouse buttons See why having a buttoned top was a good idea
now? If you’ve not got buttons, this is where the safety pin comes in to play.
With the hood in place, it’s time to show your colours. Turn the bottom half of the
hood outwards so the coloured lining is on display Unless you’ve got extra arms and
eyes in the back of your head, you might need a bit of help with this part to get it looking
just right. And you’re dressed Now strike a pose and get your pictures in At Newcastle University our graduations are
hooding ceremonies so you’ll need to enter King’s Hall with your hood folded over your
right arm. Don’t worry, there’ll be someone there to help you at this point.
You’ll then be hooded on stage as part of the ceremony as the crowds cheer and you wipe
a tear from your eye – your first tears as a graduate. [CROWD APPLAUDING] And that’s how you wear your gown like a boss for graduation. Well done for graduating
and welcome to the Newcastle University alumni family

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