How To Wash Your Jacket In Winter

The best instructions for washing your winter
jacket ever written Cold weather means piling on extra layers
and it also means your laundry basket fills up a lot faster. Knowing the right way to wash winter clothes
can help keep your favorite Jacket looking new for next season, cut back on laundry time,
and even save money. During the winter, ice and snow, there’s
nothing more practical or more comfortable than a warm jacket. But to make it last longer, you need to properly
take care of it. One of the smartest things you can do is embrace
the chill and wash your clothes in cold water. Washing in cold water and line drying clothes
can save money on your electric bill while reducing your carbon emissions. Winter slush, sleet and salt can make any
Jacket or coat look dingy in no time. Whether it’s because your jacket simply needs
to be cleaned or you want to store it for the summer, here are some hints for how to
wash your winter jacket to keep it looking like new. Don’t QUIT found some great tips for washing
your winter jacket at home, so you don’t have to waste time taking it to the dry-cleaners. Keep watching for more laundry tips on how
to wash jacket and the rest of your family’s cold-weather gear. 1. Fasten the zipper and buttons before washing. If your coat has any inner faux fur lining
in it, remove it if at all possible. Then turn the jacket inside out. 2. Wash the jacket separately from all other
pieces of clothing. 3. Only use liquid detergent for washing delicate
fabrics. No powder should be used: it doesn’t rinse
out very well and can make parts of the lining stick together inside the coat. Also, do not add any fabric softeners as they
can leave stains. 4. Choose the most gentle mode for washing, and
wash at a low temperature. In fact, it’s best to wash your jacket in
cold water. You should also rinse it three to four times. 5. When washing your winter jacket, the main
thing you need to be careful about is preventing the internal lining from crumpling up. 6. Drying your jacket off properly after it’s
been in the wash is an important stage of the overall cleaning process. Once you’ve taken it out of the washing
machine, unzip it and turn it in again. It’s better to dry your jacket outdoors,
or in a well-ventilated area. Don’t dry it near any heating appliances. 7. Your jacket may take more than one day to
get completely dry. You can speed the process up a little if you
periodically shake it down from time to time. Remember this, As with down-filled jackets,
top-loading washing machines can damage a wool coat. If you don’t have access to a front-loading
machine, place it in a mesh laundry bag. Remove promptly when the wash cycle is complete. If you follow all of the tips mentioned above,
your winter jacket will look just as new after washing! And, If you find this video Interesting, just
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