38 thoughts on “How to Use Adobe Illustrator to Create Sewing Patterns – Basic Tools

  1. Wow! Thank you SO MUCH for this! I design bag patterns and am just now trying to learn how to digitize them or, better yet, design them completely on the computer! This clear walk-through of the anchor points and creating curves from anchors was just what I needed! I'll definitely be signing up for the full course in the near future! And I didn't find it difficult or complicated at all (in response to an earlier rude comment about how "there must be an easier way"). No shortcuts when it comes to gaining knowledge and expertise! Practice, practice, practice!

  2. I have a question about making these patterns. Would it be best to get the measurements of the body so you can use it as a reference while making the pattern? I can see how to make the bodice, but do you have any pointers in making the sleeves and the pants?

  3. Hello Melly! Thanks a lot for a useful video. I would like to make the patterns for the handsewed felt toys/animals. Can I also use Adobe Illustrator for it?

  4. I like making my patterns on paper. I would like to learn how to digitize them to create PDF patterns. Do you offer tutorials aimed at learning how to digitize patterns?

  5. Thank you Melly! I took a class on Illustrator for fashion design several years ago, but I'm just now starting to design some commercial patterns and I needed a good refresher. This was exactly the information I was looking for.

  6. I wish I had found this tutorial 2 years ago when I had to design my outfit for my sons wedding. I was so overweight because of steroids nothing in the stores fit me and I had to figure it out having never done this before. I'm looking forward to designing more for myself but I needed your tutorial to help me build my confidence. This is just what I needed and so are you. Bless you.

  7. Thanks thanks and thanks this is exactly what I was looking for to learn.
    Great video!, Now I am going to watch the hole course

  8. Hi Melly!
    Really good video! Do you have a specific video about measuring curves? I'm finding hard to measure it or a section of it. And I cannot find a way of measuring the centre of a "free" curve path. Any tips?

  9. Wow, this was a really GREAT video! Will you be continuing this series, I would really love to see further instruction in how to scan in and digitize a hand-drafted pattern, how to size the pattern to inches/cms, how to grade a pattern in AI. Wonderful lesson, especially for those unfamiliar with using AI!

  10. This is great! I design and create leather armor, masks etc and I've been been looking for an AI tutorial like this for a while. Never thought about searching sewing patterns, duh. You've already made my life easier =). Your presentation is clear and easy to follow. Just wanted to say Thanks. Vince

  11. I have often wondered about how to use these tools and would not because I was afraid I'd destroy my laptop. Thats a shame, but thanks to you , I have a little more courage and confidence that I can do some od this designing thing at least for my self if no one else. Thanks again Melissa, I love your tutorials on pinterest also.

  12. Thanks for the demo. How do you draft to correct measurement on illustrator and print exact size as indicated? Now that I have learned (from you) how to use illustrator to draw the pattern, I need to make sure that it prints the pattern just like those I purchase on Burdastyle or pdf patterns where I can just cut and join. Is there any kind of measuring tool in illustrator that can draw and print to scale? Printing multiple sheets just to check the size would waste a lot of paper (and money). Thanks.

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