How to tailor a suit jacket. Suit Jacket Alteration. Suit Jacket Buying Guide for Perfect Fit.

hi it’s Michael from men’s finest here and in this video I’m going to show you exactly what you need to pay attention to when you take you suit to a tailor so you’ve just bought it off the rack you want to take it to a tailor to make a few adjustments I’m going to show you what to pay attention to but before that happens make sure you click that subscribe button so those videos can come directly to you let’s get to it guys fit is the most important thing in a suit. it can be cheap, it can be expensive in can be ready to wear it can be made to measure but if this fit is not right you gonna struggle, you’re going to look like you’re trying too hard and all of your contemporaries all your mates going to look better because they know this and you don’t so you’re going to be talking suits now and this video is part of our making men look smarter video series click on the playlists over there to see all the videos in this playlist a man wearing a nice fitting suit will always look better but then any of this mates than just bought a brand that doesn’t fit them well so I want you to be that guy who looks the best therefore I create that video for you you could be a casual suit wearer everyday wearer it could be or just going to the weddings and funerals kind of suit but you have to pay attention that you need to know the rules make sure you watch that video till the end because at the very end I’m going to summarize that in three very simple steps go and buy something ready to wear and then get it altered when little o fact that most quality stores actually sell alteration services and you just have to ask about it because maybe they don’t advertise it properly but if you buy suit let’s say Ted Baker or you know some reputable sources TM Lewin they will actually alter that for you maybe for little cost that’s fine but as long as they know what to alter and how to alter it you’re going to look amazing make sure you understand that it makes you remember that you buy a suit you take it to alteration you don’t even take it and try it on at home just take it to alteration place straight away. pretty much everything can be altered in this suit except the shoulders obviously the jacket cannot be lengthened but the sleeves can be lengthened or shorted the waist taken in or let out both trousers and jacket the crotch taken in or taken it out and the travelers leg can be lengthened or shortened you cannot do anything with your shoulders and that’s the first thing to remember when buying a suit when you try ready-to-wear suit look at the back of your neck as well in the mirror you will see if you’ll see this gap it means then that the suit doesn’t fit you well because there is too much material too much slack going on on the other hand if it pulls and sort of creases that doesn’t look good either and you have to just feel comfortable in it but if there is a slack like that that suit jacket is too big for you equally the shoulder of the jacket should end when you shoulder ends so it shouldn’t actually go out too much or be too sure there because then again that’s a very easy sign and then that’s basically a wrong type of suit for you wrong size don’t forget what we said before these cannot be altered you cannot alter your collar and you cannot alter your shoulder length get your neck and your shoulder right for the first time and you’re going to avoid any expensive alterations if any alterations are possible at all so get these right first then when you look at the trousers because of course we consist of a jacket and trousers and trousers they are relatively simple older than the jacket all you need to remember is whether it fits you around the waist so the waist is fine don’t really worry about your trousers length because that could be lengthened or shortened as long as they fit you around the waist we good to go so if you are in tailless what do you have to do well first of all you’re going to try to alter the waist so you’ve got a ten around ten 15 centimetres difference between your shoulder and your waist you want to show that v-shape so you first going to ask you tailor to alter to waist so you’re in make the waist look smaller so there is that v-shape coming off like on this jacket I’ve got my shoulders and then a tree shape going down to show my ex and waist and lastly let’s talk about sleeves this is probably the biggest sin that guys make suits are jelly manufacturer with longer arms than the average because few men notice their sleeves are too long go out there and have a look how this sleeves of normal gentlemen look like in a jacket you got a laugh because they’re probably too long you know you’d have been they notice that they’re too short but if they are you know too big long gives a crap is it is it worth having them altered well it is is it doesn’t end at the right point your suit jacket sleep should end more or less and your wrist bone so if you put your hand down it should more less finish at your wrist then what happens on top of that and I showed you that in the previous video of pocket square you should have the same as TV fold one or two fingers sticking out of a pocket square you should have one or two fingers of your cuff showing as well from your shirt so they should be long enough but short enough so you can actually still show the shirt it should sticks you also have enough slack not to write up when your arms are extended guys very often forget about that so to sum up you want to make sure shoulders and neck fits you well that’s number one number two if you take you suit jacket to tailor you and them to create that v-shape of course the matter of personal preference or you want to have that v-shape from your shoulders to your waist noticeable number three when you bind your trousers or you look at a trouser space suit make sure it fits you around the waist because then the trousers length could be altered quite easily you know this is how a suit ready to wear should be altered it’s unlikely that the cost of operation going to exceed the price of a suit by more than 10 percent I guarantee you that try it see if it works for you

17 thoughts on “How to tailor a suit jacket. Suit Jacket Alteration. Suit Jacket Buying Guide for Perfect Fit.

  1. a good video would be about shoulder padding or soft shoulder padding?keep in mind that nobody has done a video for this

  2. "Everything can be altered in a suit except the shoulders"!

    The shoulders too can be altered, mate! A well-trained tailor can do it, by chipping them for about 3/4 inches. Also, shoulder pads can be added or taken out!

  3. Unlikely that cost of alteration exceed more than 10 % of the price of the suit. Damn Swedish tailors must be expensive….

  4. I know this is not the place to say this but you're absolutely gorgeous! Great British accent and excellent outfit. Well done!

  5. Everyone says the shoulder has to fit properly. Such utter BS, they always look to big for the shoulders. Yours stick out over your shoulders. This advice is utter crap.

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