How to style a capsule wardrobe for the pear body type.

Hi everyone,
nice to see you again, here on my channel. Last time
we reviewed some outfit examples that create beautiful proportions
for the pear body type. Now I would like to show you
a capsule wardrobe example for this beautiful body type. I think I want to create
something romantic, flirty, but still easy
and comfortable to wear. Now I have to decide how many outfits I need to create and how many items I’ll have to find. For this I’ll go back to my
Wonder Wardrobe Planner to choose the structure
for this particular capsule. I think today I’ll create
ten interchangeable outfits using five tops
and three bottoms. Let’s also add one dress, one outerwear piece and two pairs of shoes that will go well with everything else. As for proportions I will make sure that
all the tops I choose help visually widen the shoulders and all the bottoms visually
narrow the hip line. Now I will play a little bit with colours to create a colour palette for this capsule. The Wonder Wardrobe Planner includes a special template for this too and this is how it looks like. The first row is for accent colours. They are used to draw attention
to some element of the outfit or to add some extra contrast. The second row is for the main colours
of the capsule. These are colours
that you wear most often, because they are usually selected
for your statement pieces. And the last row is for neutral colours. Neutral colours give balance
and harmony to any outfit and also easily match with
any other colours. There are lots of different colours In the Wonder Planner. I usually cut it out and I have these little
cute colourful squares. I can play around
and create my colour palette. I need a little bit of time to understand what kind of colours
I would like to see in this capsule. And I’ll come back to you later when my colour palette is ready. Here are the colours that
I would like to use for this capsule. The main colours are cream, medium blue and warm bordeaux. For neutrals I chose white, light brown, navy and black. And for the accent I thought I would use some gold colour,
maybe for accessories, we’ll see. When you find the colours you would like to see
in your future wardrobe you should definitely
put them together and play with them a little bit to see how they look
next to each other. I am pretty happy
with my colour palette. I know it will help me a lot when I’ll start looking for clothes. Because I can search
almost every online shop by selecting some particular colours. And that’s exactly what I will do now. So, here is the capsule wardrobe
I’ve just created. As you can see the jeans and pants
have a straight cut, the skirt and the dress are flared. The tops are quite different, some of them
have a straight cut, some are slightly slim, there is an oversized sweater
in here as well. But with the help of colour, prints and other elements we will visually widen the shoulders and bring more attention
to the upper body. And when you put these tops
together with the bottoms they will visually make the difference between shoulders
and hips less obvious. This capsule also matches
the colour palette I’ve made earlier. And remember I told you
that I would like to add some gold accessories? So, I found this cute gold pj style shirt. I just love this outfit, it’s so funky, I would totally wear it. This capsule wardrobe
doesn’t look too girly which is usually expected from a romantic style, but it’s still elegant,
feminine and modern. There are fancy outfits
like these ones, there are more basic ones. I think it’s very versatile wardrobe, where you can find an outfit
for any occasion. That’s it. I hope you found this video helpful. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please share with me
in the comments below. I always enjoy chatting with you. If you liked this video and would like
to watch it again later, press like and, please, don’t forget to subscribe
to my channel. Thank you for watching
and I’ll see you next time!

47 thoughts on “How to style a capsule wardrobe for the pear body type.

  1. Great video! Thank you for these lovely ideas, Daria 🙂
    It would be great to see another exemple of the capsule wardrobe (for pear body type if possible) for new spring summer season as well!

  2. Дарья, Вы проводите курсы для людей, которые хотят работать стилистами и персональными шоперами?

  3. Смотрела несколько видео на такую тематику) у вас самое понятное)))

  4. очень класная именно методика, со всеми этими табличками. и квадратики с цветами это милота, я думаю именно этот способ мне очень подойдет, спасибо!

  5. и мне очень понравилась золотая рубашка, как будто атлас/шелк, очень красиво, очень люблю такие вещи и хочу купить себе)

  6. А есть ли видео про капсульный гардероб для фигуры перевернутый треугольник? Или есть ли в планах сделать такое видео? Еще было бы интересно посмотреть видео про определение цветотипа.

  7. Дарья, подскажите пожалуйста. У меня смешаный тип фигуры: ноги полные, как у "груши", узкая талия и грудная клетка, но большая грудь и пропорциональные плечи. На какой тип фигуры лучше ориентироваться при выборе модели одежды, на "грушу" или "песочные часы"?

  8. Хорошего времени суток.🙂Подскажите пожалуйста, где купить или скачать ваш чудный Wander Wardrobe planner ?

  9. У вас самые лучшие видео на эту тему)
    А будет ли когда-нибудь для прямоугольников?((

  10. Just found your channel and I'm so so in love with your work!! I'm going to tell everyone about you because you're pretty darn awesome (and deserve at least 10x the followers you have!!)! Big kisses from Portugal and keep on being awesome and making awesome content!

  11. Great ideas! I would love to see outfit ideas (especially for pear shaped) for different periods of the year. For example for me is pretty difficult to choose my outfit when it's raining and in Romania could rain a lot during autumn and spring (I would bet you were from Romania, at least your name seems to be 🙂 )

  12. Hi Daria!
    I'm in love with your channel ❤️

    I've always been interested in capsule wardrobes but they seem so difficult. You make it look so easy – I'm surely going to try one out this year. 🙂

  13. You are one of the gems on Youtube, the videos are super helpful and inspirational, I've created a color palette for myself and will practice more as you teach. No longer be so scared to pair any vibrant color and stop impulse shopping online, I believe your videos makes the world prettier.

  14. Late comment but I just wanted to say I'm so happy I clicked! This is not my body type but those were the colors I chose for my fall/winter capsule. I always find all of your videos so useful!

  15. I can see you added this video long time ago but I've just found it and I'm absolutely happy!
    I always thought capsule for pear has to be boring, formal, with dark bottom – on Pinterest I could find only examples like this, as if people creating the capsules used: copy-past. I like that you showed many new ideas for pears.
    Btw, I like your channel even more because my boyfriend is from the same country as you are 😁 Greetings for Poland.

  16. I have the pear body type and there are a lot of no-nos in your presentation. If the skirt is lighter than the top it visually draws the attention to hips, regardless of a sweater trying to compensate. Long boxy shirt is doing nothing to tone down hip area, it makes all the upper body look big and the whole person much bigger. And also – pear bodies often come with thick thighs – the slimfit jean is not an option! What happened to your underlying crocquee? Yours seems to be a rectangle, I would love to see the wider hip/belly/thigh recognized in the way how the clothing is arranged. Now the crocquee just seems shoulder-heavy. All that said I would love to see a capsule for summer, something for the creative style, taking the real pear body with its limitations into account.

  17. I noticed that you mixed print tops with printed bottoms, do you have any tips on how you can do this while still maintaining harmony in the wardrobe?

  18. Самый шикарный канал про капсульный гардероб ❤️ Жаль не на русском )))

  19. Hi! I absolutely love these pieces you picked! Could you share the links where you bought them?
    (I'm new to your channel, so if they're already somewhere, sorry I don't know! )

  20. I love your videos so much Daria! Your attitude towards fashion, your fun style and not to mention your gorgeous accent… love love love! Would appreciate more videos on the pear body type. You mentioned a "last time" video at the beginning of this one that dealt with outfit examples, but I can't find it. Can you send the title?

  21. Hi there, if it comes to choose the desired shade online it's hard to recognize on the screen if for e.g. the mid blue is warm or cool toned. Same for gray or beige. How is your experience?

  22. You seem so sincere and kind—thank you for the advice and for the smile you put in my face❤️.

  23. Though this video was made in 2017 — i totally have learned something new from you. That colour-pallet idea was amazing! Thank you so much! 😊😊😊

  24. Good Lord !!! I subscribed to your channel 10 mins ago and this is the second video I'm watching. I think I have found my Holy Grail YouTube Channel. I am in love with you already. You are very smart, very knowledgeable, very articulate and also very cute. I have learned so much in the last 10 mins than in my entire life. I think for the first time I'm beginning to understand the principle of styling outfits. I swear, if I were a celebrity I would have hired you as a personal stylist and keep you forever 🙂

  25. i love your approach to putting a wardrobe together. this year long skirts are making  a come back, but not many youtubers include them in their capsule wardrobes. i would LOVE to see your take on a fall/winter 2019 long skirt capsule wardrobe for pear body types!!!! what a tall order, right?? ha ha

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