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Hi guys, this is Rashmi from team MissMalini. Welcome to our new fashion series Style FAQs Decoded, where we are going to answer all your style queries with the help of an expert. On today’s episode, we are focusing on blazers. If you’re like me, you probably already own one or two blazers in your closet and they are lying there idly. Because we don’t put them to their best possible use. So to solve this particular problem, today we have with us Megan Concessio, who is a celebrity stylist for fresh faces of Bollywood like Tara Sutaria and Amyra Dastur. And also for Masaba Gupta Khushi Kapoor Shanaya Kapoor and Lisa Mishra. You know what Meagan, looking at your work profile and your own style aesthetics, I feel like you have such a keen understanding on styling a blazer. And that’s the reason why we have called you in today to answer this style query; How do we style a blazer like a celebrity? Blazers are a wardrobe staple, and earlier they used to just be worn to work but now there are really lots of things you can do with it. And I’m really excited to show you how many ways we can style it in. Perfect! So lets get started. So, I’ve picked this single-breasted white blazer for Rashmi. It’s from the high street, it’s really affordable, and I’m going to show you guys 4 ways in which you can style it. So here’s the first look. What I’ve done is I’ve taken a simple white t-shirt and jeans and I’ve thrown the white blazer over it. It just makes the look more chic and elevates the look fully. I’ve added a pair of New Balance kicks and some silver, giant hoops, which just make the look more fun! Look number 2 is the boardroom look. What I’ve done is I’ve ditched a crisp, white shirt and instead, paired this blazer with a soft blouse. It just makes the whole look feminine. Now we have beige, flared trousers. I think this is a wardrobe staple and they just lift this look up and make it more exciting than wearing a black trouser to work. And a pair of nude pumps, and you can use them with your white blazer in (a) number of different ways. And lastly, we have the accessories. So, here there’s a beautiful shell and pearl earring. For hair for this look, I thought we could do a really chic, low ponytail. Okay. We’ve added a pearl clip in there, so it just makes the look more feminine and chic overall. Okay, so in this look, we have changed the trousers for a sea green, satin-finished skirt. It just makes it more feminine. And we’ve added some amazing accessories. So these are just some silver pieces to make this look a little more fun and blingy. We’ve also changed the shoes from pumps, which are closed for the office to these open pair of silver strappy with square toes. And we’ve also just opened up the hair and made it more easy for the night. So we’ve ditched the low pony again for this open, straight hair look. Okay, so this is the fourth and final look. It’s the monochrome look. So I’ve styled the blazer here with a textured crop top and white formal trousers. So the benefits of a monochrome look is it just makes you look taller and slimmer. I’ve paired the look here with white pumps, but you can always swap it with white boots and make it a little more edgy. So I have also done a white pantsuit look with Tara Sutaria. With her, I had paired the blazer and pants with a pearl crop top. Here, I’ve paired with a similar textured top. I think the texture just makes the look a little more interesting. But Meagan, I also remember you doing an all-white look with Masaba, right? So, with Masaba, I had done a blazer, which was an open blazer with a skirt. You can still do that as well with a look like this. You can not wear a top inside and just go with a plain blazer look. But a look like that is not for the faint-hearted. So if you’re brave, go for it! That’s it for today guys! If you have any other style queries, do send them to us and we’ll get back them answered by experts like Meagan here. And if you like this video, you know what to do! Like, share and subscribe to MissMalini Until next time, bye. Bye!

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