How To Sell Men's and Women's Clothes On Ebay And Make Money Today (Clothes Haul)

lots of guys Cody Hawk so today I'm gonna do a video that I didn't think I'd actually ever do I'm gonna do a video on clothing how you can sell clothing both men's and women's and make a tremendous income on ebay now most of you know that I'm not very big clothing seller I've talked about how I sell a bunch of jerseys I sell some varsity jackets some nice leather jackets high-end jackets I even sell some shoes but typically I'm not a clothing seller so about three months ago I took on a little side experiment that I haven't talked to anybody about because I wanted to see if I could jump into clothing and start making some money actually selling clothes now why did I do this I didn't really do this because I wanted to I did this to help people who have been asking me the same question over and over what does that question how do I start making money right now as a resaw how can i start making money and providing an income so I figured I'll look into electronics toys tools all the different categories I selling and I've dissected all of them and I make a tremendous money selling in all those categories but a lot of people need to start making an income right now and one way you could do that is with clothing so I'm gonna go over some of the stuff I picked up today this is today's clothing haul so there's some stuff I actually picked up today and I'll show you what I was able to do some of the clothes I bought and some of the clothes I've been making a tremendous amount of money on over the last couple of months but so why you can make a tremendous income off jerseys off jackets and off shoes those are going to be separate videos but in this video I'm going to show you a couple ways and some of the stuff I just picked up so the first thing I've been doing is I've been doing a lot with ties you can see this Tigger one here I've been bundling and lotting ties together on eBay and you can see some of these we need the Pooh got got Snoopy this is a golf Snoopy this one's really cool it's got all the NFL teams on it I did one recently I sold all the NBA teams on a coca-cola these branded ties what I'll do I typically don't sell ties less than 1495 so I try to get ones that are at least worth that if they're not worked at all bundle them together from 1495 up to 40 plus I've been able to sell a lot of these ties and some of them have been doing really really well so something to look into and it's a little side income you can do and you could sell repetitively and so far it's done pretty good for me now some of the items I've been buying basically I went on I started researching a lot of clothing brands which ones sell what types of clothing sell because I'm not the most fashionable guy I don't know everything about clothing I pretty much just you know wear whatever I'll go to the mall or the out the department store and pick up some stuff I like and there you go I mean that's kind of hot behind my clothes so I had to learn a lot about clothes and I've done that over the last several months to try to help out some people who are trying to make money right now because the thing with clothing most their stores the bulk of their floor space the square footage is filled with clothes you look at the electronics section the game section those are tiny little sections they have aisles and aisles of clothes and they have way more women's clothes than men's clothes that's what we're going to talk about both of them here and I actually brought my wife in with me on this little experiment the first one we're talking about is pearls now everyone knows pearl snaps so well I personally wear a lot of pearls snaps do well Wrangler is a brand if you can get this high-end nicer material Wrangler shirts I've been selling a lot of these for between eighteen and forty dollars so really well people buy them clothing is something that that does well another thing is nice material so these are actually some women's pants you can see the tag there Ralph Lauren so they're there Ralph Lauren pants women's pants and they're made out of wool so they're a nice dress pant from women made out of wool look for high-end material silk these ones being made out of wool things like that do really well here's a good example of a brand typically I don't buy and this is Hollister so you can see Hollister some of these high-end brands or alleged high-end brands like Nautica you know Tommy Hilfiger some of these brands do well solve them don't you really gotta start to learn what sells for you the reason i bought this Hollister sure is because it's new with ten so I buy a lot of clothes new attacks and here's my reasoning behind this I'm able to find a tremendous amount of clothes new tags and the reason I buy them is because there's a lot of people like me I've never worn used clothing in my life and it's not because I'm too good it's not because I'm special it's because I have a thing about wearing other people's clothes I don't like it I like you just go out buy my own clothes but newer tags seem to sell a lot better than used so something like this Hollister all get like maybe 15 bucks for but I'm into it a doll or a lot of these clothes everything I want to show you here I'm gonna show you two suits those I got for seven bucks apiece everything else is under five bucks some of it as low as a buck a piece and I think the cheapest item here is probably 18 bucks and I've been selling these brands over and over now so here's something to look out for it's actually a t-shirt I knew almost nothing in t-shirts however Sonics that's twofold one the sports stuff sells well like I said I saw a ton of jerseys that's probably the number one clothing item I get but Sports stuff sells well and then every Oh everyone knows the Sonics no longer exist so if you could find vintage stuff or stuff like this that is no longer exist obviously Gary Payton's on the shirt he's retired the Sonics no longer our team so starting to put some of these things together concert shirts they do very very well vintage shirts if it's a true vintage shirt so if you can get something like I don't know if you can get like an old shirt from a cartoon you used to watch from a kid or an old band or an old vintage you know concert shirt those things could go for hundreds of dollars sometimes but you got to find the right ones there's a lot of reproduction so you really got to watch fakes and that's the first thing I recommend you guys do is learn how to spot things you can Google information but you really want to start handling and feeling some of this material to start figuring out how to spot fake from real because if you start selling a bunch of fake knockoff merchandise and get yourself into trouble here's another one newer tags liz claiborne this is a brand we've done good with recently the tag actually says fifty five dollars so the Terry – is fifty five dollars will get about thirty for it but thirty free shipping before fees you don't make a little over twenty but you can get something like this all day long weighs almost nothing you know we're into this like a buck and it's originally for the bon marché this is stuff people buy they're a lot more comfortable buying new attacks because they know that it hasn't typically been worn they'll take it home they'll wash it and they'll treat it as any other new item another thing classic woman this isn't a popular brand however this style of jacket and women's professional clothes we've had a lot of luck with women's professional clothes because there's a lot of professional women nowadays so something like this kind of a corduroy style suit jacket newett tags the tag says $78 we'll probably get thirty to forty dollars out of it we've done this over and over at this point here's another one this is not a popular brand it's Rustler so it's a another pearl snap pearl snaps are really well it's a Rustler however this specific brand we've done good new with tags new attacks with a $35 shirt we'll probably get between eighteen and twenty four dollars for it and we'll do that all day long because we're into this shirt for two bucks so keep your eyes out this is a very popular brand probably about 50 or 60 items from this brand this is Pendleton definitely look out for its Pendleton it's a pearl snap these flannel Pendleton pearl snaps all day long I've been getting between 25 to 40 dollars for pity upon the quality depending upon if it's new if it's new you can even get more but look for Pendleton it's an amazing brand also brands I've done good with Sean John that's been a very good brand here's another brand that I've recently been doing little if this is a suit its Burberry so you can see there's a Burberry tag in there nice embroidery and the inside it's a it's a Burberry suit I've gotten two or three of these recently sold one for a pretty nice sum I believe I was into a 12 it went for 90 so right 89 so right in that ballpark so Burberry is really good one here's another really good one that I found very often is Patagonia so Patagonia is a really good brand you can find all different shirts I mean this is just a Patagonia shirt I recently found a couple Patagonia jackets those do very well I've found I believe three over the last couple of months one of them I recently sold for over a hundred so to look for Patagonia another good brand and by local area and this is just a dance hall guys but in your local area you got to go to the rack so what I do is I just go through the racks I go up and down a couple of racks I block out certain sections which is you know I have a couple of clients who sell clothes like I said I'm not the biggest clothing seller but I teach them how to block out sections and that's what you need to do you need to block out and find the certain sections that are actually going to be the what I call the muddy sections and I've been able to kind of dissect this what I do whenever I sell on a category is I dissect that category that way I'm not spending very much time because you could take days going up and down all these outs you got to figure out what's gonna work for you brands like Patagonia brands like Tommy Bahama some of these Hawaiian shirt brands do really good and speaking of that here's one right here it's a pad Aloha so you can see that right here nice Hawaiian shirt pad Aloha it's not in with tags but it's in very good condition another one similar is Ryan Michael that's why I've sold recently I sold a couple of those actually they do really well but some of these Hawaiian shirts tommy bahama's another Hawaiian shirt bram Jennifer Lopez she's a celebrity that actually her clothing does well I talked about Sean John Jennifer Lopez another one this one's newer tags knew it was $64.99 will probably get between 30 and 40 dollars for this based on some of the stuff we've recently sold so I'm kind of giving you some figures we've recently sold and kind of bunch in on this and let you know here's one I've done really well with it's a two piece suit here's the pants here's the jacket I don't know if you can see that Hugo Boss so we've done a lot of stuff with Hugo Boss he's a very popular brand I've done a few suits with him suit jackets are really easy to get into a lot of fish stores have a whole bunch room especially this time of year so what I've been doing is I've been stocking up on suit jackets you can Google top brands on eBay and you can get a whole list for free just go go on Google Google top brands selling on eBay dissect that print it out and take it with you to the thrift for that's what I did and I've been able to find some amazing brands to be able to to be able to find a thrift store at this point I've pretty much memorized the list so I don't take it with me but what I did was I printed it out in a PDF I could put it on my phone or I could take an actual list and then when you have to or you just find those brands you can even find the tags online it's super simple I found that getting into clothing for a lot of people is overwhelming because there's so many different brands and there's a lot of brands you don't want to buy so brands like with things from Walmart things from Target some of these base model brands that new are 14 15 18 $12 you don't want to buy those brands because they're so mass-market if they're that cheap new they're gonna have virtually no value online especially not a value that you're gonna be looking to actually sell so here's another one this is another Pendleton but it's actually more of a button-up style jacket so and pick this up this was three dollars will flip it for 30 to 40 I mean these things all day long guys and the same thing with this my wife has really been getting into the women's professional clothing I will say if you're gonna do one thing in clothing look into professional women's clothing high-end jackets suit jackets pants these are Ann Taylor pants they still do have the tags however they are a little dirty so that's one thing I disclose I found some real nice clothing which I did kind of let the counter in the bag in a couple videos ago I was buying a whole bunch of clothing but you guys didn't know is that was just a couple of days haul I've been doing this repetitively over the last several months the reason I've been doing this is because I wanted to be able to talk to people about how to get making money right now and clothing is a good option now there's a lot of people like myself who don't feel the most comfortable with use clothing however things like hats I sell a ton of hats shoes you can sell you know you start looking at some of these high-end shoe brands Ralph Lauren makes some good shoes Sonoma makes some good shoes Nike sell a lot of Jordans LeBrons I sold some Iverson's a lot of the the professional NBA players that have huge followings make shoes now contrary to that Shaq's checks are worth almost nothing so it does pay to actually know what you're doing because Shaq is a superstar but his shoes sold at Walmart are worth almost nothing milah Jordan shoes could be worth several hundred Allen Iverson shoes there are some models that are worthless and some models that are worth a lot so it does pay to actually do your research I talk a lot about research and I know that a lot of people will say oh Cody you know all this research you're always talking about but that's why I'm able to go into this for this little haul right here took me about 90 minutes at two different stores that's it and this isn't all I bought so that 90 minutes the encompasses I bought a ton of electronics like I always do some a couple of board games a bunch of toys about some tools I also did pick up some shoes and some other items so this is just the clothing section so these clothes plus all the other stuff in my Hall took me about 90 minutes two different stores and I was able to come up with these clothing and I can do this day in day out and I'll do it a few days a week and then we'll list this stuff and we'll sell it and this is based off similar brands that we've sold so what I did in the beginning is I made a lot of mistakes I made a lot of mistakes and that's why I've waited so long to make this video and I'm gonna make some more videos I'm actually gonna have my wife making a couple videos with me real soon about women's clothing and kind of dig deep I kind of see there's a gap in the market of women's clothing there's not a lot of people really diving into that and I'll tell you we do a whole lot better with women's clothing than we do men's we probably make three times the money on women's clothing than we do with men's one one one channel to check out I know most you already know there's obviously rankin profit he's very knowledgeable on clothing he saw he's a channel that I've watched quite a few of his videos he's got some stuff that's really valuable on clothing and that's what I would recommend of course like I said many of you know this but if you don't check out Rick and profit great channel but getting into clothing really isn't that hard but while it isn't the hardest thing in the world to do it is something that pays to do a little research and learn about clothing because if you don't actually learn about clothing you're gonna have a significant time and you're gonna have a significant amount of money wasted because it really is easy to say hey I've heard of that brand it must be popular and there is a lot of popular brands out there brands who you've heard of that don't sell for a tremendous amount money this shirt this shirt is I believe Kenneth Cole now Kenneth Cole I got this shirt it like Cole's I believe this shirt new I think I spent like 25 bucks on it's not because this brand is so saturating the market this shirt is ultimately worthless I wouldn't sell this shirt online I would just you know I wear it 5 10 15 times I'll donate it to Goodwill or something like that you know but to resell it online it's not gonna have a lot of value because it's a 25 dollar shirt new specifically so really learning these brands but that's a brand you probably heard of so learning the brands that actually sell is valuable and once you do that in my personal opinion you could start making clothes a tremendous portion of your income on ebay very very fast I'll tell you what I mean I did research for about a week before I started buying stuff I kind of do it on the side as you guys know I have a million projects going on but I wanted to be able to give these people an answer this is a question I get all the time what category on ebay could I get going with right now if you're looking to make money as a reseller and make money right now not build a big giant business not you know really get things going not trying to make six figures but make money right now eBay obviously you're gonna be able to make money a little quicker now if it does have a 21-day hold why do you know about my video series that is getting ready to kick off this next week and you guys are going to see all the pitfalls to give you start I've been doing eBay for five years and and right now doing it brand new I mean that's a lot of pitfalls and this video series is gonna be very interesting both clothing in my opinion is the quickest way because there's a huge abundance of clothing and even though the surfers do markup some of these you know proper profitable brands did a lot of this stuff I'll get like at a goodwill on you know pink tag day or blue tag or whatever tag day they're having Ralph Lauren I mean I've really been doing good of a lot of Ralph Lauren shirts there's a lot of really high-end Ralph Lauren for you to find purple label that's very valuable but he makes a lot of really nice shirts there's so many brands guys these these are just a couple that like I said I just found on my little sourcing haul but there's so many brands you guys can do amazing things with so get out there start looking at clothing if it's something you're interested in doing like I said it wasn't my forte wasn't something I was interested in I'm basically doing this project I'm gonna make multiple videos in this series of videos so like I said my wife's really gonna get involved in this and she's gonna talk to guys about women's clothing and I'm gonna go more that direction because we've made three times the money with women's clothing we have mints but don't discount men's because Patagonia Hugo Boss Pendleton some of these brands do very very well I've been able to sell over and over Wrangler some of these pearl snap shirts Levi's some of the pearl snap like Jean Levi's shirts recently had one go for over sixty bucks and I got it for four so things to think about in clothing but hopefully this helped you guys out like I said this is kind of the intro to some more clothing videos we're gonna make go ed and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it rate comment subscribe like share tell your friends donate some clothing and I will see you guys in the next video

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  2. Fantastic tips!  It's great to step outside your comfort zone.  I've done a little with clothes, but I wasn't sure what to buy.  🙂  Thanks!

  3. did the math and these are mostly all good brands for part time and hobby…couple are $5 brands.. your goig to be working 70 hours a week with most of these ..patagonia…if you can find the supply.. 40 hours,,,anyways just my math

  4. Thanks for the info! You mentioned clothing that are new with tags. Do you get items from thrift stores that are new with tags? And where do you get neckties?

  5. Hey Cody what's the deal with getting a tax ID to sell on Amazon?  Do I need to have a business license to open a small store on Amazon? I've sold on Ebay many times, but I just tried to open a sellers account on Amazon and its asking for tax ID.  What can you tell us about that and why its needed and how hard and costly is it to get a tax id.  thx

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  9. hey cody i got a question i am over on amazon trying to sign up for fba and my question is what do i put in the spot for tax id number can you use your social security. thank you for any info you can provide i appreciate it very much .i have all other systems in place and have inventory waiting to be labled and shipped its been a long road for me to get this far thanks again

  10. Hey Cody… great video series.  I'm brand new to FBA… just signed up actually. I'm so brand new that I haven't even purchased any items yet. I haven't watched all of your videos, but I just saw one where you were starting with $50 and signing up for FBA under a new LLC and were going to try to make $12,000.  I was just wondering if you could do a video about your monetary progress so far, showing your sales so far on the Amazon website.  Thanks!

  11. I would appreciate more tips on womens clothing brands. I've been thinking Raiken was going to get into it but he hasn't yet. Maybe you will give HIM a few tips

  12. I WISH you put out this video two days ago.  Yesterday I was at Goodwill getting stuff in what I am concentrating on and I saw a Nautica shirt for $4 (it caught my eye – it was pink with black stripes – in a Large).  I JUST looked it up and it goes for $24 (and that was in a Small) with shipping.  That would be  a quick $10/12 profit!

  13. Good stuff thanks! For people starting out a good way to get people to your store is to auction off some Xbox Games (find them at garage sales) Popular DVD's and Kid's Toys I have found this generates a lot of traffic. Although you won't get rich selling these item it will bring people into your store and possible create an upsale.

  14. Crazy, I've never seen anyone talk about Rustler. Check my latest video if you want to see the new with tags one I got the other day. Wasn't sure what to list it for.

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