How to properly dress a horse for riding?

before you enter the stall prepare all your writing equipment before you come into the stall let the horse know that you're approaching it's best to call his name say hello to the horse have him in a friendly way and put a halter on his head make sure the lead rope is carefully fastened bring the horse out of the stall and tie him using cross ties so that he stands still if the horse has already been groomed you can begin saddling first place the saddle pat on the horses back then place a fir pad when the horses back is secured place the saddle remember try to do it as gently as possible so that the saddle bow leans on the withers be sure to attach all the straps from the saddle pad and the FIR to the saddle using billet straps then on the right side tie the cinch to the saddle using billets it's best to tie the cinch using the first and third billets tie the cinch on the left side make sure that it is fastened using the same billets as on the right side the properly tight cinch goes through the ring on the saddle at first only tighten the cinch enough to hold the saddle firmly in place before you get on the horse check if the cinch isn't too loose and always tighten it remove the halter hold the horse's head just above the nostrils with your right hand putting a bridle on a horse detach the horse from the cross ties and drape the reins over the horse's neck catch the bridle with your left hand and use your right hand to put the bit in the horse's mouth then hold the bridles crown up and slip it over the horse's ears make sure the brow band lies smoothly on the forehead place the nose band straps in the correct position and buckle them firmly it must fit snugly without being tight if the bridle straps are straight buckle the throat lash make sure that there is enough space to fit four fingers between the throat lash and the horse safety when saddling the horse for the most important thing is safety don't make sudden moves because you can frighten the horse the gear you use on your horse must always be in order and well fitting if the bridle straps or the bit are too high or too small you can harm the horse ask the trainer if you still don't know which bit to use you can always ask your instructor or coach don't worry if you encounter difficulties at first everyone went through this practice makes perfect good luck

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