How to Paint Leather Jackets : How to Transfer Leather Jacket Painting Stencils

Next, we’re going to transfer the stencil.
You want to get your jacket. Again, if you have a practice jacket, that’s always great
to try out first. Especially, if this the first time you’ve done it. Even if you’ve
done it before, it’s always great because it’s just hard to clean it up after you’ve
messed it than to just get it right and then do it the first time. I’m going to do it on
a practice jacket here. I’m going to use a white charcoal pencil. You can get these at
any art store as well. You want to go over on the reverse side of your stencil and you’re
going to color it in just like this. I’m just going to do a really small bit here. It’s
not going to be exact. You’re going to sort of finalize your lines while you’re painting.
This is just like a rough draft or a rough sort of sketch. Now you have your stencil
sketched in like this and you’re going to make sure that your jacket is nice and flat,
there’s nothing underneath it. Press it down on the leather, make sure it’s not going to
move, and then just rub it off with your finger. Your nail is best actually. Make sure you
get every little part of the stencil. If you just go over it really generally, you’re probably
going to miss some spots. You really want to make sure your rub all of that chalk off.
That should be good. Then you take it off and you’ve got your little design. Very easy.
That’s pretty much it. You’re ready to paint.

32 thoughts on “How to Paint Leather Jackets : How to Transfer Leather Jacket Painting Stencils

  1. I have used transfer paper before but never a white charcoal pencil thanks for the idea. I'm inspired to paint a jacket now.

  2. holly shit thats how you do it…. =/ i feel stupid now. Id just go basics with hands and bottles of paint and like guess how to draw it

  3. hi, I wanted to paint a high quality dainese leather motorcycle jacket. I want to put a number on the back, I see what you did hear but dont you need to take off the paint first with acetone , then stencil? and then repaint??

  4. A skull? Like a misfits skull? I had a misfits skull on one sleeve, the field club logo on the other sleeve and a huge rib cage with misfits written above it on the back

  5. hey, just curious to know, what are the advantages to using the chalk transfer vs just straight up painting over a cut out stencil? Ive always been worried that painting over chalk would affect the durability with the one's i do, but just curious.

  6. Please someone……Get this beautiful all knowing Princess her own TV show so we can watch her every day ( and learn too ha ha)

  7. Princess, can I paint over the amount of chalk as you show in the "o" example?
    Will the application of my paint be impeded by the chalk which is lying on the surface of the jacket? I mean the chalk is actually between the surface of the jacket and my paint yes? Please explain Princess ( and leave your digits in your response )

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