How To Make Suiza-Style Chicken Patties By Rachael

We’re gonna make chicken suiza patties. We’re gonna start out with two pounds of chicken. I like a mix of light and dark meat, not all breast. All breast is too wet for me so I mix up light and dark. About three fat cloves of garlic went in there. A little cilantro goes in there. Salt and pepper of course. A palmful of cumin. My favorite part, ground tortilla chips. I moisten them with a little bit of milk. I know. It’s really good. And an egg to make everybody get along. And some olive oil to make everybody brown up in the oven then you gotta get paws deep in this, okay? So take your rings off before you get on in there and I don’t crowd these guys. I make really big patties like a good, I don’t know, seven, eight inches across. So you need to split them up between two trays, okay? Get your paws in there and give it a whirl. So we’re gonna use the chicken patties as the base and we’re gonna top this with a tomatillo sauce. It’s basically salsa verde. So working in the oven already, charring under the broiler, are tomatillos, poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers and garlic in their jackets still. I’m gonna get those out and cool them so we can make the sauce that goes on top and then we’re gonna melt cheese all over. It’s gonna look like a Mexican pizza. It’ll make you so happy. This is the size you’re going for. You really want it to fill the center of your dinner plates. That’s why I make them super large and put them on half sheet pans with parchment lining so they don’t stick. These are the patties. They’re almost fully cooked. I had a 500 degree oven. They’re only in there until they just start to lightly brown then you pull them out ’cause we have to top them. For the salsa, you take two large or four small poblano peppers, one large white onion, leave the root end attached so it stays together for ya, several tomatillos. I have one, two, three, four, five, six, six or seven tomatillos. Take their papery skins off and oh, five or six cloves of garlic that I roasted up in the jackets then I pull off the jackets from the garlic and one large jalapeno pepper. I peel off all of the skin from the poblanos and jalapenos. I throw in the tomatillos all charred, all the onions and garlic. We add the juice of a lime. This is great just with chips obviously but we’re gonna use it as the sauce on our chicken patties. A little Mexican oregano, a little sprinkle. Salt of course. Cumin. A small handful of cilantro and a little bit of light in color, light in flavor honey or agave. This is acacia honey. The lighter in color, the lighter in flavor. So a little squirt of sweetness in there. Zap this together. This is just lime juice, salt and pepper on red onions. I did that over the break. Now we’re gonna take Mexican crema or sour cream and top your patties. Come here. You’re too far away. Spread that around a little with our spat then we’re gonna top that with our salsa. Spread that around so you have this green, creamy goodness then we’re gonna top that with our easy melting cheese, Jack and/or Swiss and some spicy pepper Jack. Yeah. And then you put this back in the oven until it’s brown and bubbly. These chicken patties suiza-style are really big so I would suggest get the plate as close as possible to the patty so it doesn’t flip over ’cause then the cheese falls off and you cry so, and then we’re gonna finish it with our pickled red onion and some pickled jalapeno peppers. Yes. (applause)

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