How to make Shae (Handmaiden): A Simple Game of Thrones (GoT) costume/ cosplay

Want to look like you are from Westeros – but want to keep it simple? Why not try your hand at the hand maiden’s summer style? Then stay tuned for the run down! What you’ll need: A lightweight, non sheer fabric. You’ll need about 5.5 meters or yards depending on your height. Fabric scissors Tape measure Pins Ruler Tailor’s chalk Matching thread and needle About 80 – 100cm of fancy cord And a sewing machine The first thing you will need to do is get three measurements. The first is the nape of your neck to the floor, the second is the nape of your neck to your waist, and the third is the the back measurement of your waist. It’s a good idea to write these figures down. Next up, cut three lengths of fabric of your nape of your neck to the floor measurement. To do this, just measure out the length of fabric, mark it – and either cut along the line or if your material allows, rip it. For the fourth piece of fabric, measure about 50cm, and cut out a strip. Now grab the thin piece of fabric. Fold it in half and then half your back waist measurement and mark it from the fold on the top. On the bottom, mark out about double that. Then draw a line connecting them and cut it out. Whilst still on the fold, cut in a slight curve at the top. This is your modesty panel at the back. Now to do the back panels. Lay two of your large pieces down, right sides facing each other. Measure across from one side 25cm and mark it. Then measure down from that point your nape of neck to waist measurement and make a small mark – or put a pin in it. Then from the other side of the fabric, measure out about 80-85cm along the same nape of neck to waist measurement. Make a few marks. Then it’s time to get your guess-timation skills on. Cut down from the top and then into a curve from the top and then cut along the line to the other side. For the front panel, fold in half and cut down if necessary to 100cm wide. Then measure from the top in approximately 10cm and make a mark. Then from the side, measure down again your nape of neck to waist measurement. Draw the line and cut it along that line. Now onto hemming. For the modesty panel, hem the waist and the bottom side. For the back pieces, hem the top and down the sides. And for the front piece, hem the slanted sides and the top. For all my hems, I’m using a rolled hem. Next, take your two back pieces and pin the right sides facing each other. Remember the top is the 25cm part jutting out from the curved seam on both sides. Then sew it down with a 1.5cm allowance and give it a good press open with the iron. Now its time to create the cord channels. Fold inwards on the back panel up the top 4cm and pin. Then do the same for the front panel. Then sew it with a very small seam allowance. Next we start putting it all together. Firstly, lay your back panel right side facing down. On top of that, lay the modesty panel, right side also facing down. Pin the side of the modesty panel to the sides of the back panels. It may feel weird because it is so much fabric connecting to such a small piece of fabric with the modesty panel, but just roll with it. Sew those down with a 1cm seam allowance. Don’t iron these seams yet. Next up, lay your front panel right side facing up. Then lay your back panels, right side facing down. Your modest panel should be on the top. This is where it feels real awkward – like seeing Jaime and Cersei in that tower in the first episode. Pin the side seam you’ve just created to the side seam of the front piece just under the slant you cut. Pin all the way down, and sew it together with a 1.5cm allowance. At this point, give it a good iron. And feel free to use pinking shears to finish the seam on the side and the back. Don’t forget to hem around the bottom – I’m just doing another rolled hem. Okay, now it is time to secure this dress on you. Grab your cord and pay around with the length. I cut my cord a little over 80cm, but upon reflection, I should have cut it a little longer. Grab a safety pin if you have one on hand, stick it through the cord. Then thread it through the cord loop you’ve created at the top of the front and back panels. Using a needle and thread, sew through the two ends multiple times to make it secure. Then shimmy the ugly join of the cord around so it is hidden in the the material sections. And you’re done! And you’re done! I’m not going to lie, these dresses are super comfy – and if you like, you can add a belt to style it up a bit. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and if you’ve got any questions, feel free to fire them my way. If you want to see more content like this, don’t forget to subscribe on my YouTube channel and Facebook Page. See you next time and don’t forget – winter is coming!

3 thoughts on “How to make Shae (Handmaiden): A Simple Game of Thrones (GoT) costume/ cosplay

  1. I used your original written pattern to make a dress that my mother ended up wearing to a costume event our local opera was holding! It turned out beautiful!

    In the original written tutorial there are instructions for creating a front “feature panel?” What would be the steps to include a feature panel using this tutorial? (if there are any differences)

  2. I wish I was able to follow this ? I’m confused on which piece of fabric I’m supposed to be using during each moment ?

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