100 thoughts on “How to Make Mortal Kombat Costumes! – Homemade How-to!

  1. i love the way they make the costumes there nice!!! i told my boyfriend if i could make a mk costume i will love to be kitana costume!!!! thanks mortal kombat!!!!

  2. This is how to make goros arms move.

    Get ur little brother/sister
    Have them sit on ur shoulders while in the upper body
    Get them to put their arms in the arms and move them

  3. Can you make Zorro's costume? I've tried to find some materials for making Zorro's costume but, its hard for me to make one😞

  4. My family doesn't really do diy things and I've been looking for a good scorpion kid costume could any body help and tell me where I could find one ? I all ready checked eBay

  5. I really wish I had like a legit PERFECT Scorpion/Sub-Zero costume as good as it was in the games. (MK2 or UMK3. Most likely UMK3) With no weird baggy-ness and weird looking stuff like I see so often like the masks being too big. The UMK3 ninja outfits were designed so perfectly design and fit wise. My cousin and I both dressed up as ninjas (bought costumes, not home-made) in like second or third grade. He was Sub-Zero and I was Scorpion. I kinda wished I was Sub-Zero as I always liked him the best, but Scorpion stood out more and was pretty cool either way.

  6. First, Congratulations on the Sub Zero and Scorpion cozzies However Goro looks off you did a great job on the head but the body lets it down it looks weird. saying that I can appreciate its a hard job getting it right. AM a Zub-Zero fan as well as scorpion could you make the others Reptile, Ermac, Smoke, Noob Saibot. Thankx There great

    PS can I buy them?

  7. 17 minutes of ben and bianca fun. Is this real life right now. Also no offense but i think the back of goros head could have ben fatter

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