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Hi Everyone! Welcome back to BlueprintDIY. Angelina here to give you a quick tutorial
on how I made patches for my Afro Alien bomber jacket. And these patches are cool because they were
made from old denim and fabric scraps. So, I thrifted this jacket in my last thrift
haul for twenty five cents, yes I said twenty five cents. So, If you want more details about my super
inexpensive thrift finds definitely check out that video at the link above. So, I ordered two sets of random patches from
a site on Ali Express and I was very pleased to find some alien and space theme patches
in the mix. I also have some patches and pins from my
husband and I have collected over the years. I also need to give a quick shoutout to Jamie
(Hi Jamie) from the channel APG Jamie. She made this awesome pin for me from mixed
media art. She has a tutorial for it on her channel that
I’ve linked in the description box so you can definitely check that out if you like. So, here I’m just pinning down my patches
where I want them, so that they don’t move around while I’m ironing, but let’s make the
NASA patch first. To make this patch I’m going to use pins,
scissors, and exacto knife, a piece of denim, thcik interfacing or felt, and a print out
of lettering that I made in my word processing program. I’ll also use fabric glue, heat n bond, and
an iron a little later. I’ll add a link to the font in the description. So first I’ll cut the paper a little closer
to the lettering so that it’s easier to work with. Now, I’ll pin it to the denim and cut out
the lettering. Once it’s all cut out I can add fabric glue
to the back and press the letters down on a piece of interfacing or felt. Now, you can cut the interfacing out a little
bit away from the denim lettering to get the true patch effect. Now, we’ll use our heat n bond to make it
iron-on to the jacket. So, I cut a piece of the heat n bond paper
out a little bigger than the patch. Then, put the shiny side of the heat n bond
paper to the back of the patch and lay both down so that the dull side of the paper is
facing up. Now, lay an extra piece of fabric on top of
that and iron on high for two seconds with no steam. This will cause the glue to attach itself
to the patch. Now let it cool. Once cool, you can cut away the excess paper. Once all excess is cut away, you can peel
the paper backing off to reveal the iron glue. Now you can iron it down to almost any fabric
you like. When, ironing I always iron mine from the
inside of the garment for about 8 seconds at a time until the patch is fully affixed
to the garment. Pay special attention to any corners because
those are normally the first to start peeling up. Ok, now I have all my front patches ironed
on, so let’s make this afro alien girl patch for the back of the jacket. For this one I’m going to use denim, a random
piece of green scrap fabric, scissors, and my afro alien girl printout. I made this myself by combining a couple images
and I’ve linked the image for you below. Ok, let’s cut out the stencil and pin it down
to the denim. Now I’ll cut out the denim to match the stencil. Once that’s done, I can remove the pins and
cut the face away from the rest of the stencil. With heat n bond already ironed to the back
of my green fabric, I’ll pin the face stencil down and cut it out. Once it’s all cut out, I can peel the paper
backing and iron it down on top of the denim. Now, I’m not even going to try and lie and
tell you that I have any type of method on how I did the lips. I first tried to use the stencil as a guide,
but that didn’t really work, so I ended up just using the needle and red thread to freehand
some lips. So, they’re not perfect, but it works. So, now I’m going to ruff up this afro a bit
by distressing the denim. I frayed the edges with my fingers and decided
at the last minute to use my seam ripper to really add some distressing. At any rate, once you’re done, just apply
the heat bond to the back just like before and iron it to your jacket. So there you have it, my creation of something
super quirky just like me. So, if you were to customize a jacket, what
would be the theme? Please let me know in the comments below. And if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe
for many more tutorials to come and I’ll see you very soon. Bye!

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