How to make campfire jacket potatoes

Now, if you haven’t cooked
a baked potato in a campfire, you really should. It’s a beautiful thing to do and I’ve got a couple of little tips
to make it even easier for you. What you need to do is get yourself
a nice big bowl. I’ve got some salt. Just table salt. I’ve got a little bit of oregano
and a little bit of thyme. Just sort of break that up. And then go ahead and toss that.
Work it through your salt. Next what you need
is a nice big large piece of foil. Get yourself a little handful
of the salt. Take a nice big red potato and then you just go ahead,
wrap it up nice and firmly. Right, so once you’ve tightly packed
your foil around your potatoes, come over to your fire pit. Go ahead and just drop those in. Once you’ve got them in there,
grab a shovel and just… ..bury them somewhat. We’re going to leave them in there
for about 45 minutes, an hour, come back and I’m going to show you how to finish off
the perfect baked potato. Once your potatoes have been
in the hot coals for about an hour, you just go ahead, pull them out. Oh! Very, very good! What we do is we unwrap them,
pick it up and just brush any of those
excess herbs or salt off. What I do with this is
I like to cut it into a big cross straight across the top of the potato and then from the underneath,
you kinda pinch your way at it. Look at that. Get some sour cream. Nice big dollop of sour cream.
Look at that. I’ve got a little bit of cheese.
I’ve got some beans. Some chives.
You could put some peppers. I tell you what,
when you bite into one of these, with that beautiful char
on the bottom, it’s so, so good. And you’ll know that
there’s only really one place to do a good baked potato and that’s
in a little fire pit like that. Delicious. Makes you want to go camping,
really, doesn’t it? Mmm! Mm-mm-mm!

3 thoughts on “How to make campfire jacket potatoes

  1. What’s with the sour cream being the first addition? I prefer layering meltable ingredients like garlic butter onto the steaming potato before the hot mince and then the cheddar cheese to melt again. Add salt and pepper now. Finally the cold stuff .. simple coleslaw, sour cream and sprinkled chives

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